Foon Lock Restaurant ( 欢乐美食饭店) @ Kampung Bukit Tiinggi

Today I have to be in Genting Highlands for a field trip and instead of going to Gohtong Jaya for food again, I decided to detour and drive a little further to Kampung Bukit Tinggi to check out Restoran Foon Lock which is famously known for its tasty Steamed Paddy Frog (tin gai) with rice vermicelli in superior broth using their famous Bentong ginger. Apparently the taste differs a lot if you use other ginger besides the Bentong grown ones. I’ve checked out their branch Garden View situated at  the same village, just further down the road previously  and found their food to be pretty ok, as well as the pricing.  I’m curious to find out if this one is as good.

Restoran Foon Lock is situated at the far end of the main road in Kampung Bukit Tinggi, the same road that leads to the police station. Ample parking is available at the back of the restaurant. Food stalls are aplenty but one must check out the price properly before buying as a friend of mine was “slaughtered” nice and proper by one of the unscrupulous vendor there! Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Place is simple, clean and airy  à la coffee shop style. Not much crowd as it was still early then. 

Claypot Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish (咸鱼花腩煲) @ RM 12.00 ~ Meat is tender but lacked of aroma to warrant a thumbs up. Salted fish is hardly noticeable too! Scallion is obviously missing again and I came to realized  that chefs at this area omits them. 

Claypot Beancurd with Loofah (絲瓜豆腐) @ RM 10.00 ~ Again, the preparation of this dish is different from what I normally had in KL. Prawns, wood ear and carrot is included. Bukit Tinggi style I guess but I still prefer the KL way. 

Steamed Silver Catfish (清蒸白蘇公) @ RM 32.00 (9oz) ~ Looked fresh but somewhat it smells fishy. My fellow diners agreed to it too. Meat was a little tough due to  over steaming. 

The bill came to RM 57.00 inclusive of (rice + tea @ RM 3.00) which is absolutely a steal, but too bad the food was below standard. I didn’t have the chance to sample the paddy frog dish as the stock wasn’t in yet due to the rainy season. Guess I came with high expectations after hearing so many good reviews on this outlet. Well, as the saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison. Will I return? Not likely. 126 down the road is certainly a better bet! 

  • Restoran Foon Lock  (欢乐美食饭店)
  • 84, Kg. Bukit Tinggi
  • 28750 Bentong
  • Pahang.
  • Tel – 609-233 0170
  • Mobile – 6012-955 3832
  • Business Hour – 1000-2200
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 20.992  E101′ 49.281

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