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Yi Jia House (億家海鲜) @ Bandar Seri Petaling

Seri Petaling has become a very popular food destination as you may find almost all kind of food in this estate. Apart from the food, this place is also known for its notorious traffic. Parking is hell and nightmarish! It’s akin … Continue reading

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Krathong Thai Restaurant @ Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling

Patrons of Krathong Thai will rejoice at the news that the Thai restaurant has reopened after relocating from Maju Junction to Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling. Not only can you look forward to tasting the most popular items from its former … Continue reading

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Hawker Fare @ Restoran Swee Hing (瑞兴茶餐室), Bandar Seri Petaling

Most people if not all have heard of Restoran Swee Hing in Overseas Union Garden. The name is synonymous with the famous wanton noodle which sells like hot cake on a normal day. However, good days never last as RSH was … Continue reading

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Wing Hiong Bah Kut Teh @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Ceased Operation)

Having tasted many Bak Kut Teh before this, I can conclusively categorize this dish into two groups. One is the original Klang version which features thick broth and strong scent of herbs and spices. The other type is a bit … Continue reading

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Siew Ming Restaurant (小明海鲜饭店) @ Bandar Seri Petaling

Bandar Seri Petaling (大城堡) is famous for being a haven of food and as like any other neighbourhood, finding a parking space is a nightmare but that does not deter many from coming to this residential for good and reasonably priced … Continue reading

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Ah Keen Steamed Fish Head (阿健蒸魚頭) @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Ceased Operation)

I drove by a big, noticeable banner displaying “steamed fish head” starting business on the 16th Sept and  thought today is a good day to give it a try. Ah Keen Steamed Fish Head (阿健蒸魚頭) is a branch from its Salak South … Continue reading

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Tanjung Tua Lang Fish Head Restaurant (督亚冷淡水鱼头饭店) @ Bandar Seri Petaling

Tanjung Tualang has always been famed for one thing, its prawns, hence earned the name “Freshwater Prawn Town”. We came across this restaurant with the similar name but promoting fish head instead. It’s seafood anyhow, no harm trying. Non air-conditioned … Continue reading

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Padi House @ Bandar Seri Petaling

Padi house is chain of restaurants with three outlets in Cyberjaya and one in in Jalan P.Ramlee and Equine Park respectively. Their latest addition is at Bandar Seri Petaling, a residential hub famously known for its vast variety of food … Continue reading

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Mei Mei Fish Head Noodle & Pan Mee Stall @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Relocated to Jalan Lazat 1, Happy Garden)

Pan Mee (flat flour noodle) can be found anywhere nowadays with some operating in proper premises, some very popular but with “seriously” bad attitudes and even some just by sidewalks. I would say that some stalls at the roadside prepares … Continue reading

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Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh (啊星肉骨茶) @ Bandar Seri Petaling

BKT to many is an acquired taste. They are easily available at any corner of the street, especially where the Chinese community are. BKT franchises are mushrooming rapidly as well, with better presentation, promotions and lots of other gimmicks to … Continue reading

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