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Yuen Kee Hong Kong Style Roast (源记/文明记港式烧臘面饭店) @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

I was in Setia Alam today for a Therapeutic therapy which Cat insisted I should try. Anyway, I won’t be touching on that coz I don’t know how effective it will be. I might, someday blog about it when I … Continue reading

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Dragon Star Inn Hai Nam Chicken Rice (龙门星店 SUKI 正宗海南鸡饭) @ Taman Supreme, Cheras

I’ve heard of this chicken rice stall for like…. God knows how long. From relatives to friends, all of them swore by it and told me that die die I must try and assured me that I’ll never visit other chicken … Continue reading

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Goh Thew Chik Chicken Rice @ Chulia Street, Penang

Today is our last day in Penang so we wanted our kids to fill up their tummies before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. After we failed to locate Lam Hong Thai Hainanese Chicken Rice, we settled for this restaurant which … Continue reading

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Yut Sun Restoran Hainanese Food @ Jalan Pasar, Taiping

After checking in at Flemington Hotel at around 2.30pm, it’s high time we refill our tummies. Wifey wanted to try some Hainanese food. So, what is Hainanese good at besides their famous chicken rice?? Well, chicken chop Hainanese style of … Continue reading

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Hoe Kee Hainan Chicken Rice Ball (和记鸡饭)@ Jonker Street, Malacca

Malacca is quite a nice historical place with many great food to boast. One of them being the popular “chicken rice ball”. There are a few particular restaurants that command a good crowd, notably Chung Wah.(中华茶室) As the crowd was … Continue reading

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