Aroy Nae Non Thai Restaurant @ The Scott Garden, Jalan Klang Lama

Mother’s Day was just a day away and we decided to bring mom to Aroy Nae Non Restaurant in Scott garden for the celebration. She likes Thai and having heard multiple reviews, I was pretty stoked to finally be trying it out.

Aroy is pretty hidden on the 2nd floor of Scott’s Garden and I feel it’s so off the radar that I doubt it’s a place people would purposely drop by for some Thai food unless by sheer determination and word of mouth.

Despite its obscure location, the place was pretty packed when our party arrived. We were greeted by friendly Thai staffs and a local Chinese lady who took our orders. The menu was rather extensive, but I was slightly disappointed when I learnt that they don’t serve beef and dessert in this restaurant. I love beef! Aren’t beef one of the staple food for Thais? Instead, there were plenty of fried items on the menu, something of which I’m not particularly fond.  

IMG_6589Mixed Mushroom @ RM 16.00 ~ We started off with the mixed mushroom which was  on the menu. It tasted pretty good, full of wok-hei. 

IMG_6592Deep Fried Tofu w/3 Flavored Sauce @ RM 13.00 ~ 3 Flavour tofu was a vague name, but I think these beancurd were flash fried, coated in an indulgent Thai sweet chili sauce and garnished with some parsley. I must admit that this was pretty appetizing.

IMG_6594Spicy Vegetable Som Tum Thai @ RM 13.00 ~  The somtam or Mango salad arrived and was faultless. The shredded mangoes was crunchy and had the right balance of sweet, sour and spicy. You also have the option of adding shrimps, crab or squid to it but we preferred ours plain. This had a bit of a spicy kick but overall quite refreshing.

IMG_6595Stir-Fried Omelette w/ Pork @ RM 16.00 ~ This is nice too but a tad oily.

IMG_6598Mushroom Salad Prawn @ RM 20.00 ~ This is a refreshing and zesty way to enjoy a plate of salad. Each bite allowed a different flavour to shine through; the tanginess of the lime, the crunch from the prawns, the sweetness of the sugar, the heat from the chilli sauce, and the refreshing kick of fresh herbs. 

IMG_6600Deep Fried Flossy Prawn @ RM 30.00 ~ These Deep Fried Shrimp Spring Rolls were nice in terms of crisps, but apart from that, I can hardly taste the presence of any shrimps!!! Not very worthy for that price. Came c/w green mango salad as side dipping.

IMG_6601Clear Seafood Tom yum  @ RM 35.00 ~ The tom yum was one of the dish I enjoyed most of the lot. The soup was clear with hues of red and with loads of seafood (prawns, fish, squid, tomatoes and mushrooms).  Devilishly spicy and addictive, this is the soup to slurp down when you have sinuses needing clearing. We went on to order a second serving.

IMG_6614The interior and tables are always clean so that’s a thumbs up in my book! No greasy or sticky smudges anywhere.

All in all, the bill came to about RM 220.00/RM31/pax inclusive of steam rice @ RM3/pax, hot Chinese tea @ RM3/pax. I would say that the price is pretty reasonable but I  cannot foresee myself coming back again to give this restaurant another try, simply because they don’t have beef on their menu. To a beef lover like me, that’s a NO! 

  • Aroy Nae Non
  • 2-47-48, The Scott Garden
  • 289, Jalan Klang Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-7980 1533
  • Mobile – 017-227 9035 (Delivery)
  • Business hours – 1100-0600
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03º05.704 E101º40.522
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