Fatty Porridge (肥佬田雞粥) @ Overseas Union Garden, Jalan Klang Lama

I find my taste bud evolved over the years as I begin to enjoy porridge now as I’ve always regarded it as food for the sick in the past. Today, we drove ourselves all the way to Overseas Union Garden (OUG) to try this porridge as we noticed it’s always packed whenever we passed by. Really that good? Review later. Order 1st!

Mr.Chin (a.k.a 肥佬) showing off his skills after noticing that I was taking photographs of him. Nice and chatty fella and I think he’s not that “FAT” as his signboard suggests!

The aroma from his cooking filled the air and you can even smell it from across the road. Tempting! 

Blanched Choy Sim in Oyster Sauce (爐蠔油菜心) @ RM 6.00 ~ Fresh and crunchy! 

Claypot Fish Porridge (煲仔魚粥) @ RM 7.00 (single serving) ~ Generous grouper slices (石斑) made the porridge sweet.  The result was hearty! A sprinkle of chopped scallion and some droplets of sesame seed oil helped in bringing out the flavor. 

Claypot White Porridge (煲仔白粥) @ RM 2.00 ~ My pot of porridge came separately from the Kung Po paddy frog. Porridge was fine and smooth. Not lumpy and gluey at all! 

Claypot Gong Bao Paddy Frog (煲仔宮保田雞粥in Dark Sauce @ RM 20.00 (Medium) ~ My favorite dish was finally here after a short wait! The paddy frog was well cooked. The meatiness of it was good and not too heavily fleshed as it can be tough if that’s the case. Just nice. Every bite of it makes you ask for more. Super spicy though! Amazing! 

The gravy and the paddy frog (田雞) mixed well with the fine and smooth porridge! I can hear my tummy growling as I’m posting this! 

We have to take our seat at the corridor of the shops which was stuffy and hot as it was drizzling then but the tasty porridge definitely worth the sweat that’ve dripped off of me! It’s wiser to sit by the road as its so much cooler! If you are looking for a very clean place for a nice bowl of porridge, then this is certainly not for you. As for me, I’ll just concentrate on my food and ignore the surrounding coz the food certainly justifies it! Besides, they do have other different flavour of porridge like scallop, mussels, chicken and prawn. 

  • Fatty Porridge ((肥佬田雞粥) @ Overseas Union Garden
  • Restoran Double Nine Kopitiam
  • No. 24, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2
  • Taman Overseas Union
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Business Hour – 1700-0000
  • Closed – Mondays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 04.452 E101′ 40.350

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