Chee Xiang Roast (吉祥烧腊) (@ 11th Miles, Cheras

11th Miles, Cheras… Now, how often do I venture to this part of the town? Hardly I would say. It so happened that I had some chores to attend, to which brought me here. As I was driving pass this busy little village, I saw an unassuming shack with a drive of people sitting beneath it eating away. Since it was lunch hour, I decided to check out the place. Who knows, I might be lucky to unearth some good stuff? After a few turns, I finally managed to get a parking across the stall. Parking here is rather nasty, so be warned!

Camera 360I was greeted by a stall hanging with all sorts of salivating meat ranging from roast chicken, roast duck, poached chicken, roast pork and strips of tasty looking char siew. Without further delay I took my seat and ordered away.

Camera 360Poached Chicken Rice @ RM 4.50 ~ E’s chicken rice came and honestly, I wasn’t too impress by the looks. It screams bland and tasteless. True enough, that was the case. The sauce didn’t help much either except lending some saltish flavor to the pieces of chicken. The only compliment will be the fluffy rice. 

Camera 360Roast Duck Rice @ RM 4.80 ~ I went for the duck breast part and it was pretty ok even though it looked more like braised pork to me. The meat was succulent and full of the ducky aroma. My only gripe is the overly dark skin which wasn’t crispy and lacked of flavor. The accompanying sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking. 

Camera 360Roast Chicken Rice @ RM 4.00 ~ Of three, this looked the most promising. The chicken skins were enticing, giving you that “come and eat me” look. It was yet another let down. It tastes almost like the poached chicken, if not the same except it came with a darker complexion (the roasted skin).

Camera 360Char Siew @ RM 17.00 ~ This looks good from rack of the stall to which I ordered 2 strips. The frist strip from the left was less caramalised but attribute a good mixture of lean and fats while the other strip was less enjoyable. Burnt parts were bitter and the missing fat parts made it tough. Seriously nothing much to shout about.

Disappointingly, the roast items here faltered to impress in whichever manner imaginable. I must admit I was tricked by the overwhelming crowd to this stall, but it wasn’t all that bad. For the kinda price, I am happy to get some meat to fill the gap in my stomach for lunch. You don’t always hit the jackpot when it comes to food do you?

  • Restoran Chee Xiang (吉祥烧腊)
  • 205, Main Road Kanan
  • Jalan Kampung Baru, Cheras
  • 43200 Kajang, Selangor.
  • Mobile – 012-614 5119
  • Business hours –
  • Closed
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°02.867  E101°46.492
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Peter’s Curry Fish Head (咖喱鱼头) @ Setapak

I have been eyeing the fish head curry here for the longest time. Just didn’t have the right quorum of people to attack one huge fish head, but since I have some errands to run around this area and with Cat, the fish head lover accompanying me, I finally have my chance to pay Peter’s a visit.

IMG_2655As a matter of fact, most, if not all Curry Fish Head aficionados out there would have certainly heard of this fish head powerhouse that has spanned over a period of two decades. You can’t be around for that long without a good reason.

IMG_2653The setup here is simple – a few tables and a standard menu. Stocky guy with the back facing us is Philip, the son of the founder of this curry house, Peter.

The lunch crowd here is immense, forever forming a bee line especially during the peak lunch hours, so, don’t be misled by the picture. It was taken at the time we were leaving, which was… closing time!

IMG_2651You can have your fish head curry dish in four diferent sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. And, for seafood lovers, add-ons like prawns and squid are available with additional price, all displayed clearly on this striking yellow board by the wall.

IMG_2640Nam Yue Fried Chicken Wings @ RM 8.00 ~ Side-kick to the Curry Fish Head was the NYFCW. Even though everyone goes for the fish head curry at this shop but I noticed the fried chicken wings were equally good. I devoured it with fervour since I’m especially fond of fried chicken wings – juicy, crispy and full of flavor. The dipping chili sauce was left untouched as the wings were good on its own! We went on to order a second plate. It was that good!

IMG_2643Seafood Bean curd @ RM 8.00 ~ Lightly fried on the outside, silky smooth on the inside. It wasn’t entirely “tofu” because they mixed with some fish paste as well to give it a little bounce to the texture. The fried tofu was good enough to be eaten on its own but if you prefer to dip it into some mayo that came along with it, then go ahead and indulge.

IMG_2645Curry Fish Head + Prawn @ RM 51.00 (L) ~ Ceremoniously brought out in a enormous metal pot, the fish head and prawns were bathed in a fiery looking gravy with okras, eggplants, long beans and tofu puffs. Garnished with mint leaves, the curry was mild with the aroma of the spices being totally subdued by the overwhelming coconut milk. If you don’t like  the empowering aroma of the coconut milk in your dish like me, you’ll definitely find this a complete letdown. 

IMG_2650The fish head was reasonably fresh….actually very fresh. The meat of the grouper was tender and smooth, the fish bones fell off as I ate it. There was a slight taste of fishiness on the gelatinous parts on the cheeks, giving a good balance between meat and supple fish oil. Definitely a dish to slowly relish with many bowls of hot white rice.. if not for that overwhelming “coconut milk” curry! Pity!

IMG_2648Apart from the fish head, we ordered addition prawns (RM 15.00) to this pot of piping hot curry fish head. The mid-sized prawns were again a letdown. It was slightly overcooked and wasn’t as fresh compared to the fish head. It would have been be great if it was otherwise.

Overall, the meal was ok albeit being far from my high expectation after hearing all the praises and recommendations from friends and curry fish head lovers out there. For those who are curious, you’ll probably want to find out if this ordinary dining, out of style in a non-pretentious coffee shop is worthy a drive. Nevertheless, I was lucky that there was at least a tasty dish which left an impression during this visit, the chicken wings. I look forward to another round of it and maybe, maybe giving the famous Curry Fish Head yet another shot but I’ll make sure to remind them to watch the usage of coconut milk in their “signature dish”.
  • Kedai Makanan & Minuman Peter Kari Kepala Ikan (咖喱鱼头) 
  • No. 12, Jalan Angsana
  • Taman P.Ramlee
  • Setapak
  • 53000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-4021 5809
  • Business hours – 11.00-1430 (Mon-Sun)
  • Closed – Tuesdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°11.449  E101°42.494

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Lek Lek Restaurant (亚烈家乡小食档) @ Seri Kembangan

Any adventurous foodie must have at least ventured into Seri Kembangan once or twice in search of some scrumptious food item – be it the famous Pan Mee or Yong Tau Foo. So we did just that. Armed with our wallets and hungry stomachs we ventured into this Chinese dominant village and sought out the famed Restoran Lek Lek. 

A word of caution though. Do not take this for Lek Lek at Pusat Perdagangan, which operates in a beautiful multi-storey building with air-condition. On the contrary, this is a typical home turned restaurant with zinc roof, plastic tables and chairs, the place where it all started, the “original” and the “birthplace” of  Restoran Lek Lek.

IMG_2417This place was nothing extravagant. No a/c whatsoever. I doubt it has been re-decorated since the 70′s and the wait staffs weren’t there to give you a warm welcome nor service. The food was the main attraction, so don’t let their abrupt nature put you off. What the restaurant did have besides good food was the hum of people chatting and enjoying their food. There was often laughter and beer bottle clinking in the air. This is definitely a venue to enjoy with a group.  

IMG_2420Signature Deep Fried Threadfin/化骨龙/酿鱼 @ RM 36.00 ~ The following dish is somewhat an interesting one and being Lek Lek’s creation, the pioneer of this signature dish, it was certainly impressive. The Ma Yao fish was served whole, deboned and reconstructed with fish paste being stuffed back again together with the skin intact. It was then deep fried and doused with simple soy sauce and scallions.  Every bite is aromatic and full of flavor. One fish would barely be enough.

IMG_2445The fish paste was suprisingly tasty with a bouncy texture

IMG_2423Stir-fry Potato Leaves/清炒番薯叶 @ RM 8.00 ~ For our greens, we had a plate of Potato Leaves to complete our fibre intake of the day. Simple vegetable dish was comfort food and had a nice crunch to it.

IMG_2430Poached Village Chicken/白斩菜园鸡 @ RM 38.00/½ bird ~  Fresh yellow skinned village chicken was gelatinous with its succulent and juicy meat falling off the bone. Done well and was exceptionally yummy. The homemade dipping sauce was also zingers. We were lucky as we managed to get 1/2 of the last bird so, my word of advise is to order beforehand as they prepare only a few for the day. 

IMG_2435Claypot Salted Fish and Pork Belly/咸鱼花腩煲 @ RM 12.00 ~ This was not as fragrant as I expected and was an epic fail. The dried chili didn’t seem to serve any purpose, neither did the raw onions and the abundance of ginger slices.  The salted fish was barely present. It was almost like eating pork slices mixed with dark soya sauce. I guess this dish wasn’t their forte.

IMG_2447Deep fried bean curd/海鲜豆腐 @ RM 8.00 ~ We did not order this but was mistakenly delivered to our table. We happily walloped everything without hesitation as it looked yummy. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this was served with chili sauce and mayonnaise dipping. 

The total bill came to be RM 114.00 (steamed rice & a pot Chinese tea included), pretty reasonable for 4a/2c. Besides what we’ve ordered, they also have many other specialties and one being the famous Curry Fish Head/咖喱鱼头 which we’ll certainly come back to savour. So, If you’re willing to drive all the way to Seri Kembangan, Lek Lek certainly won’t leave you disappointed. This place is popular on most days of the week with locals. Weekends are even worse, so book ahead! 

  • Restoran Lek Lek (亚烈家乡小食档)
  • No. 97, Jalan Sekolah SK 3/10
  • 43300 Seri Kembangan
  • Selangor Darul Ehsan
  • Mobile – 016-312 9789/061-246 8858
  • Business hours – 1700-2330
  • Closed – Every Wednesday fortnight
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°01.527  E101°42.080
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Ah Yat Abalone Forum (阿一鮑魚 富臨酒家) @ Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13 Petaling Jaya

I’ve been to many upper end Chinese restaurants and Ah Yat is certainly one of my favorite that serves a good repertoire of fine cuisines, especially their signature braised abalone. So, In conjunction with moms unceremonious birthday  we chose this restaurant as the venue for a simple sit down meal.

Arriving at little past twelve, the place was not full and parking was aplenty.  Our order was taken and food arrived in a short span of time.  

IMG_2377The restaurant was refurbished recently which features a cosy ambience and is ideal for family and friends to gather for a special occasion.

IMG_2305Braised Four Treasure Shark’s Fin Soup/红烧四宝翅 ~ “Four Treasures of Cantonese Cuisine” — dried abalone, sea cucumber, shark’s fin and fish maw, raised to mythic status within Cantonese fine cooking ~ The broth itself is double-boiled for long hours with chicken carcass, pork bone, Chinese ham and the remaining 3 treasures until the shark’s fin separates into needles of cartilage that look like clear noodles. The fin itself has no taste, but it absorbs the flavor of the soup broth it is cooked in. This was marvelous!

IMG_2307Some pickled chilies and a few splash of vinegar. This is how I like my shark’s fin soup.

IMG_2313BBQ Whole Suckling Pig/大鸿片皮乳猪全体(六位用半体) ~ We were delighted by the sight of the piglet which was perfectly roasted to a happy golden color, and the sound of the crunchiness from the crispy skin yielded to each bite was like music to the ears.  – the crispy skin was evenly balanced with the fragrant layer of fats.  Dipped in Hoisin sauce and wrapped in a small steamed pancake, Suckling Pig served the traditional way.  Top marks go to the roasted sucking pig. Easily the best I had.

IMG_2314 You could eat with the crispy suckling pig skin wrap in them or by itself alone.  Both ways are equally enjoyable.

IMG_2317Stewed Whole Abalone with Japanese Mushroom & Vegetable/原只鲜鲍天白菇时蔬 ~ For the highlight of the day, we’re served the Stewed Abalone. The abalone simmered in a rich abalone sauce were tender, cut through easily, firm and juicy with a very distinctive taste while the Japanese mushrooms  and the baby bok choy were soft without being yellow. Delectable and well-infused with the flavour of the abalone sauce. Absolutely divine in taste. Simply an uncannily tasty experience to remember.

IMG_2320Steamed Sea Garoupa Hong Kong Style/清蒸海石斑 ~ This fish came steamed in what we might know as Hong Kong style. The doneness of the fish was just right, and the flesh was tender and not at all flaky. The soya sauce was at a right level, very tasty in fact and does not overwhelm such a fresh tasting fish. If you love the light and clean flavour of Sea Perch, this is a dish you ought to try.

IMG_2325Deep-fried Live Prawn Typhoon Shelter Style/避风塘生中虾 ~ Typhoon Styled is a dish that looks messy  but beneath all the messiness from the bed of  garlic/chilli lies the crispy deep fried prawns. The style of cooking has a two fold effect. The flavours are imbued into the prawns which are juicy and the garlic/chilli mixtures are so flavourful on its own and yet did not to destroy the taste buds while retaining the sweetness of the prawns. 

IMG_2330Poached Fish Maw with Mushroom in Superior Stock/上汤浸双菇鱼鳔 ~ This dish provided yet another dimension of taste that is typical of Chinese cuisine. Soft, smooth, and certainly not lacking in taste, the mushrooms and the bok choy certainly adds a bit of character to the otherwise plain fish maw.

IMG_2334Longevity Noodle/长寿面 ~ As we were celebrating moms birthday, the must eat dish was Longevity Noodles. The long strands of noodle signify longevity, and you’re supposed to not break it into smaller strands when having this for such occasions. The dish comes with abundance of flavorful minced meat, sliced carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts and some chives at the side.  Very simple and yet rather delicious albeit being a tad salty.

IMG_2345Red Bean with Lotus Seed and Longevity Bun/莲子红豆沙 ~ We ended the meal with an adorable miniature longevity bun that had been coloured in red. Sporting a chewy and firm dumpling skin, the bun is stuffed with green bean paste.  The dessert had a faint citrusy flavour of tangerine peel that helped to somewhat temper the sweetness of the bean paste. Though I am not big on desserts, I enjoyed the dumpling immensely. This is worth a try if you like desserts.

IMG_2398Personally, the food was great and was lovely through and through, save for some misses but those were tiny in comparison to the masterpieces they conjured from the kitchen today.  I felt that Ah Yat definitely deserve the accolades they’ve been getting – For RM 850.00 inclusive of tax and all, Ah Yat isn’t the cheapest places to dine at, but if you are looking for quality abalone and seafood you can’t go wrong at this place.  

  • Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (阿一鮑魚 富臨酒家)
  • Lot 9B, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13,
  • 46200 Petaling Jaya.
  • Tel: 603-7960 4988/7960 4288
  • Business hours – 1130-1430 (Lunch)/1800-2230 (Dinner)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°06.886  E101°38.527


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aunty Nat @ Mid valley Boulevard

The very last time I set foot into aunty Nat was like some 10 years ago. They were operating at Lorong Yap Kwan Seng then, their maiden outlet if my memory served me correctly. I loved the deco at the old bungalow. It was comfortable that I felt so much at home that I became a regular until they moved out. I knew they relocated and where the new place was but I just did not bother to drag myself into the new outlet. Not that their food was forgettable but I just didn’t know why..?? beyond explanation.. It happens! Anyway, when Cat suggested this place for dinner last weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to revisit old haunts. So, here we are, back after a long hiatus…

IMG_2301Located at the Mid Valley Boulevard, accessing this restaurant can be tricky. One needed to get the security personnel to unlock the glass door (at the side entrance of Beyond Beauty) where a lift will send you to 1st floor where aunty Nat was. 

IMG_2299aunty Nat catered to almost all the dialect groups found in Malaysia. Peranakan cuisine combined Chinese, Malay and other influences into a unique blend. From Kiam Hu Curry and Steamed Chicken in Chinese Herbs and Wine to Fried Kuey Teow with Gravy and Spicy Petai Fried Rice, one may enjoy a variety of favourite dishes at this cosy restaurant.

IMG_2261The smoking section (non air-condition) gave an impression of a high class restaurant with its expensive vintage interior decoration. Old-fashioned photos adorned the walls, exquisite wooden furniture, old rare antiques (from ceiling fans to pendant lamps and even the mosaics on the floor). A lot of thought must have been put into designing such an interesting concept that has a combination of both traditional and contemporary style.

IMG_2277Jiu Hu Char/申光炒吊片 @ RM 15.00 ~ We started our meal with this cute sounding dish called Jiu Hu Char. The flavours are down-to-earth and uncomplicated. It is good food down to the simplest elements with very little seasoning added, allowing the natural sweetness of the yambean/bangkuang used to shine through. And of course, the most important element in this dish, the shredded dried cuttlefish which lends much of its umami goodness, making this dish an all time favorite. Traditionally enjoyed with Chinese lettuce as a wrap accompanied by sambal belacan. 

IMG_2275Kangkong Belacan/马来风光 @ RM 12.00 ~  Taste was ok but a little too wet for my liking.

IMG_2279Sambal Belacan ~ Spicy, full of belacan flavor and yet not being too overwhelming. Just nice and seriously addictive! Best of all, it’s free!

IMG_2280Sambal Petai Sotong/苏冬三峇臭豆 @ RM 18.00 ~ This  is always our must-order-dish. The squids were perfectly cooked while the petai retained its crunchiness. The sambal had a consistent flavor with the level of spiciness nicely concentrated and absorbed into the chopped onions and squids.

IMG_2284Tender Beef Brisket and Tendon/五香焖牛肉 @ RM 20.00 ~ Succulent beef brisket, beef tendon, carrots and daikons braised to perfection, drawing in all the flavours from the condiments and spices added.  Nothing out of this world I must say but good enough to hook up with a bowl of rice.

IMG_2288 Nyonya Assam Prawn/娘惹亞參虾 @ RM 50.00 ~ The taste was good and not overly sour or spicy but the prawns, being the main ingredient were simply not fresh.  The soggy flesh and the many detached prawn heads were apparent. It just did not have the sweet seafood taste you would have expected. And with that price tag, it gave me a heartache.

IMG_2291Turmeric Fried Chicken/黄姜炸鸡 @ RM 18.00/4pcs ~  The fried chicken was perfectly fried, well marinated and like you’re having it straight out of the fryer, steamy hot, tender, juicy and definitely very delicious. The skin was crispy and wrapped with flavor from the different types of spices used in the marinating process.

The 1st round wasn’t enough for us so we re-ordered the same dish. Unlike the previous serving, the fried chicken came a little raw with blood oozing out as we sank our teeth onto it. Even the cuts of the chicken were not in my favor as it differed from the previous ones. I noticed one piece being extremely small and for the price of RM 4.50, I felt shortchanged! 

IMG_2294Nice touch.. Wonder if they still work?

IMG_2296Non-smoking section (air-conditioned)

IMG_2297This 50+ year priceless green beast which is still working  greets you at the entrance to aunty Nat..

The meal for five came to RM183.60 inclusive of drinks, rice and svc charge. (cincau @ 3.50/chinese tea @ 1.50/plain water @ 0.40/rice 1.50/ svc chrg 15.85 )

 Most of the dishes come in 2 sizes; Regualr and Large. Our orders were regular but it was sufficient for the five of us. 

All in all, a place that I will not hesitate to recommend (even though some of the dishes fell short of expectation), but I honestly feel that there’s plenty of room for improvement.  So, if you’re feeling hungry after a good day shopping and hankering for a a fusion restaurant filled with nostalgia and not minding paying a little extra,  aunty Nat is the place!


  • aunty Nat
  • No. 5-1, Mid Valley Boulevard
  • 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-2284 5339
  • Business hours – 1100-1500/lunch – 1700-2200/dinner
  • Closed – Sundays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°06.977  E101°40.524
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Hau Yi Restaurant (好意海鲜饭店) @ Taman Chi Liung, Klang

We (Cat & gang) were in Klang and the destination of the day was Hau Yi Restaurant, a smallish air-conditioned restaurant that has a reasonably good menu and plenty of customers. 

We came here some time back and have been longing to revisit ever since. We ordered the Signature Tong Fun (yes, again) as everyone just couldn’t have enough of it. The price remained the same as our last visit.

IMG_2233Finding a parking space was a snap of fingers, but getting a table was a different story altogether. Come during dinner hours without prior reservation and you’ll be in line of a long queue. Luckily we did our homework and pre-booked earlier. 

IMG_2238Signature Tong Fun/招牌冬粉 @ RM 15.00 (L/大) ~ The most anticipated dish; and was the star of the meal. No mixed feelings on the translucent-looking vermicelli. Each and every strand was infused with the flavours of the wok. I vouch for its refreshing taste.

IMG_2239Stew Chicken Soup/炖鸡汤 @ RM 48.00 ~  Covered with plenty of fish maw, we dug in and found the chicken hidden within. The meat was lean with most of the chicken  flavour immersed into the sweet soup. Using a few types of Chinese herbs, the aromatic soup was stewed for many hours resulting with a herbalicious and soothing concoction.

IMG_2241 IMG_2242

IMG_2245Marmite Chicken/妈蜜鸡@ RM 21.00 (L/大) ~ This dish was a cross-cultural celebration, mixing marmite with honey to create a sticky finger-licking muddle of caramelized chicken goodness.

IMG_2246Stir-fry Mixed Vegetables/清炒杂菜 @ RM 30.00 ~  Sweet peas mildly stir-fried with pork, cuttlefish, broccoli, cauliflower and some carrots –pleasing to the eyes and the palate as well.

IMG_2250Big Prawn Fried Small Prawn/大虾炒小虾 @ RM 48.00/ ½kg ~ The prawns were deep-fried in their shells so they became edibly crisp, heightened by the rubble of crispy dried shrimps. You will taste the sweetness of the prawn, all enveloped in the satisfying crunch that comes with deep-fried happiness. Kids or adults, I guarantee that you will go ga-ga over this one. 

IMG_2256Homemade Bean curd/自制海鲜豆腐 (L/大) @ RM 15.00 ~ Each golden block of the tofu was served piping hot, crisps and crunchy at four edges. I’m not too fond of the seafood stuffings though, as I find it a little fishy for my liking. 

In general, the atmosphere was good, paradoxically because there really wasn’t one. Well, if you’re in search for good food at reasonable prices around this area, this could be it.

As for us? No complaints whatsoever. Pleasant.. all the way home!!

  • Restoran Hau Yi (好意海鲜饭店)
  • N0. 53, Jalan Batu Unjur
  • Taman Chi Liung
  • 42000 Klang, Selangor.
  • Tel – 603-3324 9151
  • Mobile – 016-616 4888 (Alex/Soe Chee How)
  • Business hours – 1100-1500/1500-2230
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°00.942  E101°25.649
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Han Kee Seafood & Noodle Restaurant (焓记海鲜鱼头屋) @ Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

We received an invitation to attend the Methodist Boys School (MBS) charity event where my nephew was part of the literary play providing music on the saxophone. We decided to leave home earlier and have dinner before the event. Our choices were either Sang Kee (生记酒家) or Han Kee (焓记), both of which were walking distance.  Since we’ve already tried SK a few times, we opted for Han Kee, another chu char place which comes with an extensive menu ranging from fried noodles to seafood and meat dishes. 

Han Kee is located along Jalan Sultan where the cluster of pre-war shop houses were. It actually shared the same owner/shop lot with the famous Kam Kee Hainanese chicken rice. (鸡荣海南鸡饭茶餐室)

IMG_1638 This coffee shop may look just like any other kopitiam when you pass by during daytime, but come later hours of the day, you will bear witness to the growing crowd enjoying their fixes of  chu char  by the roadside in an  old school alfresco style.

Once you get a seat, service is more often than not snappy, and piping hot food delivered to your table in a jiffy.

IMG_1666Wat Tan Hor (滑蛋河) @ RM 16.00 (M/中) ~  The wat tan hor was a sunshiny yellow, evidently a result of the generous number of eggs used in the gravy in which the Hor Fun and the crispy vermicelli swam. Prawns and pork added flavour to the base. My only gripe was that the sauce was thinner than what I’ve preferred it to be.  Nevertheless, it was still highly, for want of a better word, egg-y, and should satisfy many out there.

IMG_1667Fried Rice (炒饭) @ RM 16.00 (M/中) ~  Fried rice was nothing great – just fried rice with some shrimps and char siew meat thrown in, not anything you can’t get at your neighbourhood chu char stall. The sambal served along side with the fried rice was pretty appetizing though.

IMG_1672Fried Hokkien Mee (炒福建面) @ RM 16.00 (M/中) ~ The thick and sticky fried Hokkien Mee has sufficient “wok hei” and plenty of fried pork lards thrown in. The oiliest and bestest — at least according to most of the gwei lo’s  who is enjoying this dish with much gusto. However, I discovered there were a lot of small pieces of prawn shells in the noodle. Nevertheless, the whopping two pounds of greasy goodness made everybody happy.

When it comes to traditional Chinese food in KL, one has little doubt that Petaling Street, or Chinatown, is the best place to be. Amidst the walking,  you will be spoiled for choice with a wide variety of classic Chinese food that has withstood the test of time. 

  • Restoran Han Kee
  • N0. 42, Jalan Sultan
  • 5000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 017-207 4448
  • Business hours – 1700-0100
  • Closed – Every Tuesday Fortnight
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 08.586  N101′ 41.905
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Krathong Thai Restaurant @ Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling

Patrons of Krathong Thai will rejoice at the news that the Thai restaurant has reopened after relocating from Maju Junction to Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling. Not only can you look forward to tasting the most popular items from its former venue, the restaurant has also rolled out an array of authentic Thai creations by its team of Thai chefs.

I’m having a lunch appointment with JT and since no venue has been set, what is better than checking out this place after hearing so much of it right?

 IMG_1595We stepped into an empty woody deco outlet, clean and spacious just about quarter to two. The premise is spacious with tables spilling out into the corridor upon the sides of the entrance. At the indoor seating area, the high attap ceiling lends a clean and airy feel but on a hot sunny day like today, the attap roofing certainly does not bode well. The fans did not help much either on this freaking hot day. Just so you know, this place is open air and air-condition-less, so be prepared to sweat it out guys! 

IMG_1599The simplistic and vintage style, no effort spared in putting in attention to every detail raw décor with lamps hanging from exposed piping and taps on a bare timber wall is quite endearing.  Furniture is kept to very basic and clean lines… plain wooden tables and simple chairs.

IMG_1606Tom Yam Seafood (Tom Yam Tale) @ RM 9.00/single order ~ To start off my meal with a real kick,  I had the Tom Yam Seafood, which was served piping hot. It has all the right flavours balanced out very well.  Yes, I’d say there’s a shiok factor to the soup and it didn’t disappoint. The thick slices of fresh mushrooms complemented the fresh fish fillets, squids and prawns really well. I must say I was impressed. Hot – checked. Sour – checked. Spicy – definitely! Tom Yum Soup, pass!

IMG_1603Kang Kong fried with Chili Belacan (Phak Bung Pad Kapi) @ RM 8.00 (s) ~ The vegetable dish of the day was stir-fried kangkong belacan. The hollow stalks were crunchy. I’m glad to note that only the young shoots were used.  While cooked just right, the seasoning is somewhat leaning to the bland side. As a matter of fact, I just couldn’t taste the belacan. The chef could really afford to be bolder in his flavouring. I have had several renditions of this popular vegetable dish at various places, and this  definitely doesn’t stand out.

IMG_1608Beef with hot Basil (Nuer Bai Krapow) @ RM 14.00 (s) ~ The sliced beef with basil leaves provides mouthful after mouthful of intense flavour but was ruined by the  over-cooked meat. Perhaps I came expecting more since this is one of a more common Thai dish. 

IMG_1613Krathong Thai Steamed Fish (Plar Krathong) @ RM 42.00 ~ Since we wanted a live fish, we chose the Tilapia over the frozen Siakap. The fish was fresh and delicate but the sauce seriously lacked oomph! It fell short in terms of flavours.  The gravy was rather bland and diluted as obviously there was not enough lime or chillies in it and for the price, I can get much better ones elsewhere.

IMG_1601Lime Juice @ RM 4.00 ~ There is no better way to end the spicy meal than with a glass of cool lime juice. Good option I must say. Great for a hot day like today! 

IMG_1615Krathong Thai is a good place to have a quick fix of decent Thai meal within the  neighbourhood as the nearest Thai restaurant is miles away from this housing estate. Service is friendly and courteous but delivery of food is super, super, super slow (40mins), amidst the fact that we were the only customer at that time.  Parking is easy as the location is away from the crowded popular eateries of Seri Petaling. It’s best to call up and make reservations as I heard they are pretty busy during dinner hours.

  • Restoran Thai Krathong
  • D1 & D2, Glass City
  • Jalan Rading Tengah
  • Bandar Seri Petaling
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 011-1176 5202
  • Business hours – 1100-0000
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.705  E101°41.653


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SK Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan

Recently Living Social had a deal for SK Seafood – a restaurant that could be summarized as no-frills dining grade for chu char/seafood based on their pricing and service. A lot who have dined here only have all the good things to say about this place.

We purchased a RM 68.00 (actual value – RM178)  for a 5-6pax set meal voucher. The savings is like some 62% which we thought was a good bargain. What is  better than taking advantage of this offer  to try out this much praised restaurant??

IMG_1219If you know where South City Plaza is, then finding SKS is no big issue. This restaurant is is right across the road directly facing the plaza’s main entrance. Parking is aplenty reserved solely for dine-in customers. 

IMG_1218SK seafood has this clean and spacious ambiance, fully tiled and air-conditioned.

IMG_1215The back section housed tanks of live seafood and a karaoke stage. The locals enjoy belting a song or two after or even before dinner starts, some after a few drinks. For me, I find it disturbing, especially when I’m having my meal. 

IMG_1231 Ginger Fish Fillet/姜葱生鱼片 ~ First up was the haruan fish filet which was succulent and flaky. Stir-fried using shallots, ginger and scallions, it creates this pleasant sweetness to the dish. I think this  was the best way to enjoy the natural flavor of the fish to the fullest.

IMG_1233Sweet & Sour Pork /咕嚕肉 ~ It seems like just a mere two minutes before the first dish arrives. The Sweet & Sour Pork followed in quick succession. This dish of deep-fried pork, often stir-fried with pineapple and bell peppers then covered in a brightly coloured sauce, is certainly another one of the appetizing food on the table today.

IMG_1238Salted Pepper Brinjal/椒盐茄子 ~ Of all the dishes, I like this the most. I munch the deep fried brinjals and the bits of dried shrips and fried garlic to my delight. The brinjals were fried with a light flour batter, then sprinkled with salt & pepper as the name goes. The dish is a bit salty and again, it’s recommended that you have it with rice. Trust me, this dish is nice. Really appetizing.

IMG_1242Mongolia Spare Ribs /蒙古排骨 ~ The Mongolia Spare Ribs  are just what our ravenous stomach requires and this is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine. At its best it’s sweet, spicy and a little bit sticky. The deep-fried battered pork ribs should be crunchy and succulent, coated with the dark red sauce  and black pepper. 

IMG_1245Salted Egg Prawn/咸蛋蝦~ And hey, look, more deep-fried food! Now this is one cholesterol-bumping orgy. If you haven’t eaten salted egg yolk, you must amend this soon. The curls of prawn are enrobed in a batter that is rich and salty from a crumble of salted egg yolks and curry leaves. It’s addictive, and we manage scramble for the last remaining pieces.

IMG_1250Bean curd with Shark’s Fin Soup /豆腐魚翅羹 ~ SKS’s double-boiled sharksfin soup c/w strands of artificial sharksfin with a thick wedge of beaten egg flowers in a milky sharks-bone consomme, sounded pretty lavish but turned out to be pretty average for an individual portion. Skip this soup here!

Working our stomachs to 6 dishes were good enough for the 6 of us who are relatively small eaters. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the location of the restaurant, the good customer service and most of the dishes we ordered. You guessed it. The only letdown we had was the bean curd shark’s fin soup.  I do like this place though for lunch or dinner. All in all a very enjoyable meal featuring some simple yet mouth watering dishes at an affordable price!

  • Restoran SK Seafood
  • Lot LMS A200, Jalan Persiaran Serdang Perdana
  • 43300 Seri Kembangan
  • Selangor.
  • Business hours – 1200-0000
  • Mobile – 013-388 3138 (Yamaha Yap) / 012-388 6113 (Suzuki Yap)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°01.816  E101°42.670
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Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball @ Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca

Our rumbling tummies were screaming for food again while driving from Port Dickson to Malacca and since nyonya food was synonymous with this historical town, we agreed on Donald and Lily’s, an outlet many claimed to serve the best nyonya food in Malacca.

Arriving at a little past 2pm, we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the shop. (Btw, D&L moved to their new shop at Kota Laksama from that little old shack – GPS Coordinates as follows :- N02′ 11.614 E102′ 14.538 ) The place was packed and most of the tables were obviously waiting for their food. We didn’t wanna starve further and changed our plan from nyonya to chicken rice, another specialty in Malacca. 

IMG_1170As Hoe Kee’s queue was super long and Chung Wah closed for the day, we had no choice but to settle for Famosa, a place which have attracted more bad reviews than good ones.  Ignoring them and giving them a benefit of a doubt, we joined the queue which was a relatively short one. The imposing facade of the shop was eye-catching, the numbers inside made up by mostly tourist.

IMG_1153While waiting, orders were taken at the entrance and this was where the disappointment starts. The waitress shoved a menu to me and starred at me while waiting for my order. She was lifeless and impassive. Yawn…

IMG_1071When it was finally our turn, the fat guy in the pic came and “ordered” us in, also without any smile, in a less appreciative manner and this is no exaggeration ok! I received the same treatment from the lady in the pic when paying. No  smiles and not even a word of thanks! Service? Duh!

IMG_1148I honestly felt that this eatery did well in terms of attracting diners with the decoration, publicity and advertising. With an air-conditioned setting and celebrities to publicize, including Hong Kong’s famous gourmet, Choi Lam, it certainly bode well for their business.

IMG_1117Fragrant Rice @ RM 1.50 ~ We opted for this version instead of the rice ball (0.30/ball) which I’ve tried and found nothing special to it. The rice is a little dry but the fragrance made up to it. 

IMG_1111Steamed Chicken (½ bird) @ RM 18.00 ~ Chicken meat was way too soft and tasteless as I could discern the stale taste. It just did not make the cut!

IMG_1105 Roasted Pork @ RM 9.00 (s) ~ The meat underneath the layer of  crispy skin and fats was no where near tender and lacked succulence. The cut was rather thin too. 

IMG_1085Accompanying chili sauce was very much watered down and definitely tourist friendly in terms of the level of hotness. It was a complete letdown and parred miserably in terms of local standard. I always believe a good plate of chili sauce is an essential complement to a perfect meal of poached chicken rice. 

IMG_1121IMG_1131The only saving grace for this place was the deco. It evoked a traditional Chinese restaurant atmosphere. Everything was decked out in bright Chinese red and gold, with old-style wooden chairs and tables. A case of over-commercialization maybe? 

In fact, I think the entire restaurant was overrated. The chicken wasn’t even good and neither was the siew yuk.

Service??? Non-existent! I would have been happier serving myself!

Only tourists are keeping this place alive for the locals will never go near this chicken rice ball restaurant. Like the idiom goes, “Do not judge a book by its cover” is all so true. 

We made a big mistake coming here. (Of course, the “laziness” from not wanting to join the extended queue at the famed eatery meant we were “rewarded” with less satisfaction). After coming here, you can understand why people were queuing at the other two more reputable chicken rice ball restaurants on the same street, and this one wasn’t full.

I don’t think I’ll come back again for this kinda food and service even none of the other eateries in Malacca wants to sell me food! 

  • Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
  • 21, Jalan Hang Jebat
  • 75200 Melaka.
  • Tel – 06-286 0120
  • Business hours – 0800-2100 (Mon-Thurs)/0800-2200 Fri-Sun)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N02°11.780  E102°14.932

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