Yong & Chia Kitchen (夫妻摊私房菜) @ Puncak Jalil, Seri Kembangan

A short drive out of the vicinity in search for some good food on a lazy weekend is always welcomed. I’ve wanted to try Yong & Chia Kitchen/夫妻摊私房菜 @ Puncak Jalil for awhile and since it is not very far from where I’m staying, the location was set.

IMG_7177Arriving a little past 6, this coffee shop liked eating place is already packed to the brim with mostly all the tables waiting for their food. It’s a worrying sight coz the wait could be like forever! Let hope it’s not…

After a short wait for about 10 minutes or less, our dishes started waltzing to our table. I must say the efficiency and speed of the chefs are pretty impressive, despite the large crowd. 

Stir-fry Yao Mak/ 清炒油麥 @ RM 11.00 (M/中) ~ 1st up was the vege. Well, this dish can’t go wrong no matter how wrong you want it to be. Straight forward dish simply fried with garlic, tasted good with well controlled taste.

IMG_7160Kampong Poached Chicken/白切鸡 @ RM 28.00 ~ The chicken came and I wasn’t convince it was a Kampong Chicken. The color and the texture just didn’t fit the bill, therefore, we summoned the lady boss and double check with her. She insists it was. Honestly, it wasn’t! Either she short-changed us or she was short-changed by their chicken supplier.

The chicken is served on a bed of soy sauce, together with two plates of ginger dipping.  Poached Farm Chicken, especially when paired with the aromatic ginger sauce is always nice to devour. “If” only Kampung chicken is used in this dish, it’ll make it more enjoyable to savour. Too bad it wasn’t. The meat was soft and the skin does not have the crunchiness on it. And for that price.. totally unjustifiable!

IMG_7165Sweet & Sour Pork/咕噜肉 @ RM 17.00 (M/中) ~  The  pork pieces were not fatty nor plastered with thick batter but yet they remained crispy even after cooking in the sweet and sour sauce. Was ok, but certainly not the best I’ve had. 

IMG_7168Steamed Pork/蒸肉饼 @ RM 7.00 ~ When it arrived, I was like thinking aloud “Aiseh, I too can cook this dish, easy peasy, simple and most probably tastier than this. I was right! The version here was pretty tasteless. Perhaps it wasn’t salty enough for me,  not even for E. If this is just an “ok la” only from him, that tells all coz this is his fav!

IMG_7169Fried Egg with Onion/洋葱煎蛋 @ RM 11.00 ~  The version here contained generous amount of onions and which gave it a very fragrant flavour. What I liked is the omelette is fluffy and crispy on the sides and most importantly, not soaking in oil.

IMG_7173Hakka Braised Pork with Black Fungus/客家炸肉 @ RM 7.00 ~ The braised pork failed to impress; the flavour is one-dimensional, the meat is tough and seems like they’ve pre-prepared them in bulk. 

IMG_7179Claypot Curry Fish Head/瓦煲咖喱鱼头 @ RM 28.00 (M/中) ~ The  Claypot Curry Fish Head is the star of the whole nite. The fish head is fresh, tender and meaty, well infused with flavours from the curry. The curry is thick, robust and highly addictive and not overly spicy; it is served in a claypot, still bubbling away when it reaches the table. I was so tempted to drink it like soup. Okay, I actually did!

IMG_7181On breezy evenings, the roadside dining area is perfect for a relaxing meal.

Our meal came to RM 123 which is about RM 15.00 a person including rice and a pot of Chinese tea which was an absolute bargain of a dinner. I will be back again for that heart attack inducing Claypot Curry Fish Head or other dishes which their extensive menu has to offer apart from those we tried today. 

  • Restoran Yong & Chia Kitchen (夫妻摊私房菜)
  • No.1 Jalan PUJ 3/3
  • Taman Puncak Jalil
  • 43300 Seri Kembangan
  • Business hours – 1600-0200
  • Mobile – 012-989 6984 (Yen Yen)
  • Closed – 
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03º01.261 E101º40.525


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