Yi Jia House (億家海鲜) @ Bandar Seri Petaling

Seri Petaling has become a very popular food destination as you may find almost all kind of food in this estate. Apart from the food, this place is also known for its notorious traffic. Parking is hell and nightmarish! It’s akin to hitting a jackpot if you find one empty spot during the peak hours! It’s that bad!

Amidst all that, more eateries are mushrooming by the day. Thanks, but no thanks to the newly built shop lots!

One of the new players to open its doors in this new area is Yi Jia House. Many might not have heard of them, me included. YJH has been dishing out fine Cantonese cuisine to its regular customers which include businessmen, casino members, as well as families in Johor. This restaurant strongly emphasis on seafood, especially their signature crab dishes.

YJH is the kind of place where you go for a smart yet casual luncheon with your business associates, or with friends during a gathering, or to celebrate your family member’s birthday, or maybe your own, just like me celebrating mine today!

IMG_5483Occupying a corner lot with a HUGE crab and painted in red, YJH is almost impossible to miss. 

IMG_5488Ground floor was fully occupied and we were ushered to the 1st floor which offers a spacious main dining area and a few private dining rooms which are available for any occasion. 

Be warned though that tables which are away from the a/c units can be quite warm and stuffy, so if you hate sweating while dining like what we experienced tonight, find a table below the a/c unit. (witnessed one selfish customer kept requesting the manager to increase the level of the a/c while others like us were sweating mad!)

IMG_5489Braised Peanuts/卤花生@ RM 5.00 ~ Very pricey for its portion if you ask me..

IMG_5510Bean curd with Salted Vegetable Soup/咸菜豆腐汤 @ RM 24.00 (L) ~ A delightful, clear, yummy-licious comfort soup with salted vegetable as the main ingredient, alongside tofu, tomatoes, carrots and very fresh fish fillets. I prefer mine more sourish and pepperish, so I added chili padi to my bowl for extra uumph! It was really pleasing to the palate.

IMG_5495Braised Bean curd with Four Treasure/四宝豆腐 @ RM 32.00 (L) ~ The beancurd was very smooth, the crunchy broccoli, water chestnut, sliced carrots, succulent prawns, button and abalone mushrooms all bathed in the lovely yummy egg gravy. 

IMG_5501Stir-fry French Bean/四季豆 @ RM 18.00 (M) ~ The crisp texture  of the dried shrimps with the minced pork and some sliced shiitake mushrooms certainly yielded a smoky and appetizing flavor from the normally bland but crunchy french bean. 

IMG_5503Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion/姜葱鱼片 @ RM 32.00 (L) ~ To me, this was the star of the night. The chunky sliced fillet of the snakehead (haruan) was stir-fried to perfection, with tons of wok hei imparted to it. This small plate of goodness wasn’t enough for us and it was wiped clean in a short span of time. 

IMG_5506Fried Pork Steak with BBQ Sauce/排骨王烧汁 @ RM 22.00 (M) ~  Well executed with juicy and succulent meat, tender and well-marinated with the flavourful bbq sauce. The combination was almost divine. Every bite was filled with satiation.

IMG_5507YI JIA Crispy Chicken/招牌扁扁鸡@ RM 20.00 (M) ~ This was mediocre and disappointing as this was highly recommended by the steward . Somewhat resembled the suckling pig in a bed of sticky, thick sweet sauce which tasted queer and the skins were far from crispy!  There was little sense of satisfaction.   

IMG_5494After waiting for more than 20 minutes (from our last dish) for the crabs and prawns, we decided to cancel them and asked for me birthday cake instead. It sucks when there’s an interval during meals. You just lose the steam! The manager kept telling us the dishes were coming, coming, coming, coming (yawn) but never did. The wait staffs were at a loss for answers when diners from other tables started to ask for their food when they became impatient after waiting for a period of time. The dinner crowd that came in droves only worsen the situation. I pity the workers. We have no qualms as I believe they’ll improve as they move along. I must admit that their prompt service and attentiveness is commendable and made up for all the minor errors. 

IMG_5522Red Drops @ RM 78.00 – Birthday w/o a cake is incomplete, so we (brought along) this beautiful, sexy vanilla chiffon cake with raspberry filling and cheese mousse from Free Mori. I can’t give my two cents worth as I’m not a dessert lover but, it was captivating, even by just looking at it! 

The meal came to RM 203.50, including rice and Chinese tea (普洱茶). Quite reasonable, I might add, despite the disappointing crispy chicken.

Prices are certainly not cheap, only “IF” you go for the crustacean and it is not a place for every day dining. However, for times when you are celebrating an important occasion with your family, YJH is worth the treat.


  • Restoran Yi Jia House (億家海鲜)
  • G-42 & 1-42 Zone J6,
  • Jalan Radin Bagus 3,
  • Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile –
  • Business hours –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03º 04.202 E101º 41.508



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