Yuen Kee Hong Kong Style Roast (源记/文明记港式烧臘面饭店) @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

I was in Setia Alam today for a Therapeutic therapy which Cat insisted I should try. Anyway, I won’t be touching on that coz I don’t know how effective it will be. I might, someday blog about it when I find that it worked on me.

We reached SA around 2pm and were looking for a place to have lunch and wanted something very quick as our appointment was just 30 minutes away. Also, as we were already hungry, we wasted no time and just went into this restaurant that has this huge signboard selling Hong Kong Style Roast items which was just a few doors away. We stepped in as the friendly owner greeted us with a smile and ushered us to our table.

IMG_3432Dry Wanton Noodle/干捞云吞面 @ RM 4.00 ~ Mom ordered the dry version of wtm which came with a few mini wantons in a bowl of soup. Mee was ok, springy and bathed with the normal dark caramel sauce. Wantons on the other hand were forgettable.

IMG_3428Hainan Kampung Chicken/菜园白切鸡 @ RM 12.00/2pax ~ Chicken was chopped into very small pieces which I absolutely detest. Meat were stale and even the minced ginger did not help a bit. 

IMG_3431Roasted Duck/烧鸭 @ RM 6.00 ~ Soggy rice with 7 pieces of roast duck and again was a letdown! I could only taste 5 spice powder and nothing else. 

IMG_3435BBQ Pork/叉燒 @ RM 12.00/2pax ~ Char siew was dry and a tad salty.  It did not even qualify to pass the standard quality of any hawkers. When we enquired why the dish was so salty, the owner gave us a surprised look and dipped his pinky into the sauce right in front of our eyes to justify our claim. We were like..WHAT?? His reason was, the sauce was prepared by his worker (foreigner) as those done by him had ran out. Both his method of tasting the sauce and the lame reason was really appalling! He didn’t even feel any bad over his way below par dishes!

IMG_3440Bill came to RM 35.00. Price is agreeable but sadly, everything we ordered was a disaster. The food in general was either too salty, tasteless or seriously lacking good flavours.  I doubt I’ll ever visit this restaurant again.

  • Restoran Yuen Kee (源记/文明记港式烧臘面饭店)
  • No. 15, Jalan Setia Prima KU13/K
  • Setia Alam
  • 40170 Shah Alam
  • Selangor.
  • Tel –
  • Business hours –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°05.884  E101°26.721
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8 Responses to Yuen Kee Hong Kong Style Roast (源记/文明记港式烧臘面饭店) @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

  1. Roy says:

    Judging from your pics, the foods spells trouble! Really KNS this kinda eatery!

  2. Sunny says:

    Pity you la bro..how dare they serve you this kinda food eh?

  3. Mel C says:

    What? He dipped his finger into the gravy? How disgusting! I’ll scream at him for doing that! Did you?

  4. SK Tan says:

    Aiyo, this kinda kung fu also dare to open shop ka? The roast duck doesn’t look a bit like it. Really good luck to the owner.

  5. Sumptuous® says:

    SK ~ Yes, good luck to the owner!

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