Ah Yat Abalone Forum (阿一鮑魚 富臨酒家) @ Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13 Petaling Jaya

I’ve been to many upper end Chinese restaurants and Ah Yat is certainly one of my favorite that serves a good repertoire of fine cuisines, especially their signature braised abalone. So, In conjunction with moms unceremonious birthday  we chose this restaurant as the venue for a simple sit down meal.

Arriving at little past twelve, the place was not full and parking was aplenty.  Our order was taken and food arrived in a short span of time.  

IMG_2377The restaurant was refurbished recently which features a cosy ambience and is ideal for family and friends to gather for a special occasion.

IMG_2305Braised Four Treasure Shark’s Fin Soup/红烧四宝翅 ~ “Four Treasures of Cantonese Cuisine” — dried abalone, sea cucumber, shark’s fin and fish maw, raised to mythic status within Cantonese fine cooking ~ The broth itself is double-boiled for long hours with chicken carcass, pork bone, Chinese ham and the remaining 3 treasures until the shark’s fin separates into needles of cartilage that look like clear noodles. The fin itself has no taste, but it absorbs the flavor of the soup broth it is cooked in. This was marvelous!

IMG_2307Some pickled chilies and a few splash of vinegar. This is how I like my shark’s fin soup.

IMG_2313BBQ Whole Suckling Pig/大鸿片皮乳猪全体(六位用半体) ~ We were delighted by the sight of the piglet which was perfectly roasted to a happy golden color, and the sound of the crunchiness from the crispy skin yielded to each bite was like music to the ears.  – the crispy skin was evenly balanced with the fragrant layer of fats.  Dipped in Hoisin sauce and wrapped in a small steamed pancake, Suckling Pig served the traditional way.  Top marks go to the roasted sucking pig. Easily the best I had.

IMG_2314 You could eat with the crispy suckling pig skin wrap in them or by itself alone.  Both ways are equally enjoyable.

IMG_2317Stewed Whole Abalone with Japanese Mushroom & Vegetable/原只鲜鲍天白菇时蔬 ~ For the highlight of the day, we’re served the Stewed Abalone. The abalone simmered in a rich abalone sauce were tender, cut through easily, firm and juicy with a very distinctive taste while the Japanese mushrooms  and the baby bok choy were soft without being yellow. Delectable and well-infused with the flavour of the abalone sauce. Absolutely divine in taste. Simply an uncannily tasty experience to remember.

IMG_2320Steamed Sea Garoupa Hong Kong Style/清蒸海石斑 ~ This fish came steamed in what we might know as Hong Kong style. The doneness of the fish was just right, and the flesh was tender and not at all flaky. The soya sauce was at a right level, very tasty in fact and does not overwhelm such a fresh tasting fish. If you love the light and clean flavour of Sea Perch, this is a dish you ought to try.

IMG_2325Deep-fried Live Prawn Typhoon Shelter Style/避风塘生中虾 ~ Typhoon Styled is a dish that looks messy  but beneath all the messiness from the bed of  garlic/chilli lies the crispy deep fried prawns. The style of cooking has a two fold effect. The flavours are imbued into the prawns which are juicy and the garlic/chilli mixtures are so flavourful on its own and yet did not to destroy the taste buds while retaining the sweetness of the prawns. 

IMG_2330Poached Fish Maw with Mushroom in Superior Stock/上汤浸双菇鱼鳔 ~ This dish provided yet another dimension of taste that is typical of Chinese cuisine. Soft, smooth, and certainly not lacking in taste, the mushrooms and the bok choy certainly adds a bit of character to the otherwise plain fish maw.

IMG_2334Longevity Noodle/长寿面 ~ As we were celebrating moms birthday, the must eat dish was Longevity Noodles. The long strands of noodle signify longevity, and you’re supposed to not break it into smaller strands when having this for such occasions. The dish comes with abundance of flavorful minced meat, sliced carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts and some chives at the side.  Very simple and yet rather delicious albeit being a tad salty.

IMG_2345Red Bean with Lotus Seed and Longevity Bun/莲子红豆沙 ~ We ended the meal with an adorable miniature longevity bun that had been coloured in red. Sporting a chewy and firm dumpling skin, the bun is stuffed with green bean paste.  The dessert had a faint citrusy flavour of tangerine peel that helped to somewhat temper the sweetness of the bean paste. Though I am not big on desserts, I enjoyed the dumpling immensely. This is worth a try if you like desserts.

IMG_2398Personally, the food was great and was lovely through and through, save for some misses but those were tiny in comparison to the masterpieces they conjured from the kitchen today.  I felt that Ah Yat definitely deserve the accolades they’ve been getting – For RM 850.00 inclusive of tax and all, Ah Yat isn’t the cheapest places to dine at, but if you are looking for quality abalone and seafood you can’t go wrong at this place.  

  • Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (阿一鮑魚 富臨酒家)
  • Lot 9B, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13,
  • 46200 Petaling Jaya.
  • Tel: 603-7960 4988/7960 4288
  • Business hours – 1130-1430 (Lunch)/1800-2230 (Dinner)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°06.886  E101°38.527


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13 Responses to Ah Yat Abalone Forum (阿一鮑魚 富臨酒家) @ Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13 Petaling Jaya

  1. Sing Wah says:

    Heard so much of this place but never got a chance to go. Too expensive for me. Must buy 4d tomorrow! Your mom is so lucky and so is your tummy! Nice blog and great pics. Keep it up!

  2. June says:

    Typhoon shelter prawns.. phew.. damn hungry now!! Didn’t try the peking duck? That is pretty famous here too. When can you celebrate my b’day here?

  3. Sam says:

    Tried the fish maw soup and didn’t like it a bit. Very fishy! The abalone is heaven as well as the suckling pig!

  4. Suzanna says:

    Abalone oh… can’t stop salivating. The fish is yelling “eat me”! “eat me”! nice pics bro! You mom is so lucky. Wish her happy b’day for me!

  5. Kenneth says:

    Every dish is my favorite and my b’day is coming.

  6. alec says:

    went to reataurant last nite, foods & services wasn’t the same like before, they already under management Unique seafoods.

  7. I agree with your post on Ah Yat’s food, it’s delicious and nice. Feel free view another blog post at http://malaysiafood.org/ah-yat-abalone-forum-restaurant/

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