Krathong Thai Restaurant @ Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling

Patrons of Krathong Thai will rejoice at the news that the Thai restaurant has reopened after relocating from Maju Junction to Glass City, Bandar Seri Petaling. Not only can you look forward to tasting the most popular items from its former venue, the restaurant has also rolled out an array of authentic Thai creations by its team of Thai chefs.

I’m having a lunch appointment with JT and since no venue has been set, what is better than checking out this place after hearing so much of it right?

 IMG_1595We stepped into an empty woody deco outlet, clean and spacious just about quarter to two. The premise is spacious with tables spilling out into the corridor upon the sides of the entrance. At the indoor seating area, the high attap ceiling lends a clean and airy feel but on a hot sunny day like today, the attap roofing certainly does not bode well. The fans did not help much either on this freaking hot day. Just so you know, this place is open air and air-condition-less, so be prepared to sweat it out guys! 

IMG_1599The simplistic and vintage style, no effort spared in putting in attention to every detail raw décor with lamps hanging from exposed piping and taps on a bare timber wall is quite endearing.  Furniture is kept to very basic and clean lines… plain wooden tables and simple chairs.

IMG_1606Tom Yam Seafood (Tom Yam Tale) @ RM 9.00/single order ~ To start off my meal with a real kick,  I had the Tom Yam Seafood, which was served piping hot. It has all the right flavours balanced out very well.  Yes, I’d say there’s a shiok factor to the soup and it didn’t disappoint. The thick slices of fresh mushrooms complemented the fresh fish fillets, squids and prawns really well. I must say I was impressed. Hot – checked. Sour – checked. Spicy – definitely! Tom Yum Soup, pass!

IMG_1603Kang Kong fried with Chili Belacan (Phak Bung Pad Kapi) @ RM 8.00 (s) ~ The vegetable dish of the day was stir-fried kangkong belacan. The hollow stalks were crunchy. I’m glad to note that only the young shoots were used.  While cooked just right, the seasoning is somewhat leaning to the bland side. As a matter of fact, I just couldn’t taste the belacan. The chef could really afford to be bolder in his flavouring. I have had several renditions of this popular vegetable dish at various places, and this  definitely doesn’t stand out.

IMG_1608Beef with hot Basil (Nuer Bai Krapow) @ RM 14.00 (s) ~ The sliced beef with basil leaves provides mouthful after mouthful of intense flavour but was ruined by the  over-cooked meat. Perhaps I came expecting more since this is one of a more common Thai dish. 

IMG_1613Krathong Thai Steamed Fish (Plar Krathong) @ RM 42.00 ~ Since we wanted a live fish, we chose the Tilapia over the frozen Siakap. The fish was fresh and delicate but the sauce seriously lacked oomph! It fell short in terms of flavours.  The gravy was rather bland and diluted as obviously there was not enough lime or chillies in it and for the price, I can get much better ones elsewhere.

IMG_1601Lime Juice @ RM 4.00 ~ There is no better way to end the spicy meal than with a glass of cool lime juice. Good option I must say. Great for a hot day like today! 

IMG_1615Krathong Thai is a good place to have a quick fix of decent Thai meal within the  neighbourhood as the nearest Thai restaurant is miles away from this housing estate. Service is friendly and courteous but delivery of food is super, super, super slow (40mins), amidst the fact that we were the only customer at that time.  Parking is easy as the location is away from the crowded popular eateries of Seri Petaling. It’s best to call up and make reservations as I heard they are pretty busy during dinner hours.

  • Restoran Thai Krathong
  • D1 & D2, Glass City
  • Jalan Rading Tengah
  • Bandar Seri Petaling
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 011-1176 5202
  • Business hours – 1100-0000
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.705  E101°41.653


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