SK Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan

Recently Living Social had a deal for SK Seafood – a restaurant that could be summarized as no-frills dining grade for chu char/seafood based on their pricing and service. A lot who have dined here only have all the good things to say about this place.

We purchased a RM 68.00 (actual value – RM178)  for a 5-6pax set meal voucher. The savings is like some 62% which we thought was a good bargain. What is  better than taking advantage of this offer  to try out this much praised restaurant??

IMG_1219If you know where South City Plaza is, then finding SKS is no big issue. This restaurant is is right across the road directly facing the plaza’s main entrance. Parking is aplenty reserved solely for dine-in customers. 

IMG_1218SK seafood has this clean and spacious ambiance, fully tiled and air-conditioned.

IMG_1215The back section housed tanks of live seafood and a karaoke stage. The locals enjoy belting a song or two after or even before dinner starts, some after a few drinks. For me, I find it disturbing, especially when I’m having my meal. 

IMG_1231 Ginger Fish Fillet/姜葱生鱼片 ~ First up was the haruan fish filet which was succulent and flaky. Stir-fried using shallots, ginger and scallions, it creates this pleasant sweetness to the dish. I think this  was the best way to enjoy the natural flavor of the fish to the fullest.

IMG_1233Sweet & Sour Pork /咕嚕肉 ~ It seems like just a mere two minutes before the first dish arrives. The Sweet & Sour Pork followed in quick succession. This dish of deep-fried pork, often stir-fried with pineapple and bell peppers then covered in a brightly coloured sauce, is certainly another one of the appetizing food on the table today.

IMG_1238Salted Pepper Brinjal/椒盐茄子 ~ Of all the dishes, I like this the most. I munch the deep fried brinjals and the bits of dried shrips and fried garlic to my delight. The brinjals were fried with a light flour batter, then sprinkled with salt & pepper as the name goes. The dish is a bit salty and again, it’s recommended that you have it with rice. Trust me, this dish is nice. Really appetizing.

IMG_1242Mongolia Spare Ribs /蒙古排骨 ~ The Mongolia Spare Ribs  are just what our ravenous stomach requires and this is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine. At its best it’s sweet, spicy and a little bit sticky. The deep-fried battered pork ribs should be crunchy and succulent, coated with the dark red sauce  and black pepper. 

IMG_1245Salted Egg Prawn/咸蛋蝦~ And hey, look, more deep-fried food! Now this is one cholesterol-bumping orgy. If you haven’t eaten salted egg yolk, you must amend this soon. The curls of prawn are enrobed in a batter that is rich and salty from a crumble of salted egg yolks and curry leaves. It’s addictive, and we manage scramble for the last remaining pieces.

IMG_1250Bean curd with Shark’s Fin Soup /豆腐魚翅羹 ~ SKS’s double-boiled sharksfin soup c/w strands of artificial sharksfin with a thick wedge of beaten egg flowers in a milky sharks-bone consomme, sounded pretty lavish but turned out to be pretty average for an individual portion. Skip this soup here!

Working our stomachs to 6 dishes were good enough for the 6 of us who are relatively small eaters. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the location of the restaurant, the good customer service and most of the dishes we ordered. You guessed it. The only letdown we had was the bean curd shark’s fin soup.  I do like this place though for lunch or dinner. All in all a very enjoyable meal featuring some simple yet mouth watering dishes at an affordable price!

  • Restoran SK Seafood
  • Lot LMS A200, Jalan Persiaran Serdang Perdana
  • 43300 Seri Kembangan
  • Selangor.
  • Business hours – 1200-0000
  • Mobile – 013-388 3138 (Yamaha Yap) / 012-388 6113 (Suzuki Yap)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°01.816  E101°42.670
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