Mamak Bistro @ Port Dickson

After about 25 minutes of aimless driving around the 8th – 9th mile of PD looking for a decent place to have breakfast, the impatient look on the faces had begun to show  as the hungry tummies were screaming for food. Well, it was way past brekkie time! 

As we were about to give up looking around that area, a Chinese coffee shop with a large group seated at the patio loomed into sight, along with a Mamak Bistro next to it. We parked our car and walked into the coffee shop expecting some hot soupy noodles or maybe chicken rice? Nothing of that sort to be seen but instead, they offer economy rice, chee cheong fun and curry laksa. Nothing seemed appetizing, so we walked over to the Mamak Bistro which seemed much cleaner, friendlier and a more accommodating eatery compared to the former. There were more customers inside comparing to the Chinese coffee shop next door. 

IMG_1058Roti Telur @ RM 2.00 ~ I ordered roti canai for wifey at first but I quickly made a change to roti telur as the last few pieces of roti canai looked like they have seen better days. For me, the cardinal rule is that the roti canai/telur must be crispy, fresh and hot from the flat round steel plate. If it meets all these simple rules, I will eat it with gusto. Here, the roti telur met my expectation. The fish curry wasn’t bad either. At least it was served piping hot. 

IMG_1059Maggi Mee Goreng @ RM 3.50 ~ I ordered this for E and emphasized “no chilli” but the moment I saw it I knew they did not use any chilli but instead, the curry powder that came in the pack of instant noodle. The curry powder means spicy, is it not? As E can’t take any spicy stuff, he exchanged this for wifey’s roti telur. Thank you Mr. Aneh!( %^!#)

The Maggi mee goreng wasn’t as scrumptious as we had wanted it to be, but this is Port Dickson and not KL  where high standards are taken for granted. 

IMG_1062Maggi Mee Goreng Pedas @ RM 3.50 ~ The difference between this and E’s Maggi Mee Goreng is that 2 pieces of bird’s eye chilli! Now I wanna laugh! 

IMG_1063Fried Chicken @ RM 3.00 ~ Marinated in some special spice, the chicken is succulent with crispy skin but it was not hot as I wanted it to be otherwise, it’ll definitely taste much better.

IMG_1066Mee Goreng @ RM 3.50 ~ Fried using yellow noodles, cabbage and cuts of tofu, this was not that bad. In fact it was hot and robust. Just give the lime a squeeze to add a citrusy zest to the dish and it can taste so much better! 

IMG_1067Teh Ais @ Teh Tarik @ RM 1.50/RM 1.20 ~  Teh tarik is a tad too sweet. Malaysian Indian restaurants are often very generous with sugar. They seem to think everybody is out of energy! 

 IMG_1069I suspect  this outlet hasn’t been around that long. The yellow plastic chairs looked fairly new, even the yellow paint on the walls looked fresh and the place is rather empty amidst the fact that it’s b’fast hours. 

Even though it wasn’t packed, I suppose that business would pick up towards the evening when students from Politeknik PD across the road has more leisure time to have a glass of teh tarik and a plate of roti canai with friends at Mamak Bistro.

  • Mamak Bistro
  • Jalan Politeknik 4
  • Taman Politeknik
  • 71050 Port Dickson
  • Negeri Sembilan.
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N02°26.397  E101°51.837
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6 Responses to Mamak Bistro @ Port Dickson

  1. Jessie says:

    There’s not much desired food in PD. I totally understand why you end up at a mamak restaurant. I liked the way you compare the two plates of maggi mee goreng! lol

  2. Beatrice says:

    Fried chicken looks good! I’m salivating! Nice shots!

  3. Sherine says:

    Hi Sumptuous! Must agree with you with the mamak’s over their teh tarik. Forever very sweet! Mee goreng looks yum!

  4. Suzanne says:

    I always avoid mamaks. Their food can be tasty but very greasy. Bad for “body beautiful”! lol

  5. Keith Leong says:

    Hey Sumptuous! It’s been awhile you last blogged and I missed them! Where have you been? I was at the neighboring Chinese coffee shop and the food is..yucks! I blame you for delaying this post! ;(

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