Xin Xiang Gang @ Lukut, Port Dickson

After a good swim at the resort pool, we were truly hungry and set out for dinner. We did some searching nearby the resort but decided to go to Lukut town itself where there are more choice to offer in terms of restaurants. We’ve tried Soon Huat the previous time and heard that this place Xin Xiang Gang is worth a try by a friend who is a local. We reached XXG slightly over 6.00 pm and there was already a small crowd. I was told that this place is seriously packed during dinner. XXG is a restaurant (more like a road side  shack built under zinc roof)  that serves typical chu char dishes. Common seafood is available too. This place also offers other dishes from stalls operated by various traders.

IMG_0963The crowd is building up even before dinner time at this eatery…

IMG_0975The place had a rather run-down facade and the interior was a simple set-up of tables with plastic chairs and walls decorated with a mish-mash of posters. The set-up bespoke the fact that you were there for the food and not the atmosphere.

IMG_0969Our order was taken promptly once we were seated.  While waiting I noticed a Malay lady (Cik Junedi) firing up the charcoal stove and getting ready for business. Without hesitation, I placed order for 10 sticks of the chicken sate.

IMG_0970The heat is on…

IMG_0979Choice of Sate Ayam, Kambing & Daging @ RM 0.60/0.80/0.80/stick ~

IMG_0984Ketupat @ RM 1.00/pc ~ This is basically the starchy carbohydrate to accompany and complete your meal of satay with peanut sauce. Ketupat is also served with cubed pieces of red onion and cucumber to dip in the peanut sauce and accent the flavour of the satay.

IMG_0999Cik Junedi was seen fanning away at the coals and creating spectacular shows of erupting flames as she sizzles the satay. The aroma alone was enough to draw the crowd. Sticks of satay were grilled in view of customers. It did not take long for Junedi to walk around taking orders and very soon our sticks of satays were served and ready to be devoured.

IMG_1019Sate Ayam @ RM 0.60 ~ This was good and we hardly detected any chicken fats on it.  Delicious, moist, meaty and not at all burnt tasting despite the charred marks. The flavour of the marinade was rich, the spices full-bodied without overwhelming the tongue. Best of all, the marinade didn’t mask the flavour of the chicken. It was a lovely balance. The peanut sauce on the other hand was a little different from those in KL in terms of color but was fulfilling all the same. 

IMG_1039Marmite Spare Ribs @ RM 12.00 ~ Another dish that is bursting with flavour. Full of wok-hei and the ribs were deboned, served in a nice bite size and made easier to savour.  Devoid of any porky smell these were aromatic and had the right amount of sweetness and some crunch from the sesame seeds.

IMG_1035Homemade Hot Plate Bean curd @ RM 6.00 ~ Sizzling pan with cubes of soft, silky homemade tofu are cooked with minced meat and thickened gravy with egg. This was good and makes you ask for more rice.

IMG_1040Steamed Tilapia in Soy Sauce @ RM 25.00 ~ Fresh fish, no ‘fishy’ smell and was steamed just timely to maintain the softness of the fish meat. Sauce of the fish are well concocted. What more can I ask for from a nicely steamed fish? Just yummy!   

IMG_1028In addition to satay, the other item that is available here is the ikan panggang, which is a common and popular dish you will find, particularly in coastal and riverine areas. 

Customers can choose from an array of fish such as pomfret, stingray  seabass, red snapper and grouper to name a few, as well as others seafood cuttlefish, prawns and shellfish.  

IMG_1048Grilled Stingray @ RM 15.00 ~ Served on banana leaf, the portion above may look skimpy, but that’s only because we ordered the smallest portion. Come to think of it, most of the grilled seafood stalls these days sell their stingray from RM 12.00 onwards. We seldom see anything cheaper than that and it’s definitely not cheap to have it here either despite the fact that Lukut being a small town. Smaller place means cheaper price, no?

The stingray here is soft, tender and fresh, and comes with a vast amount of that empowering sambal chilli paste ala tom yam flavor! Honestly, we didn’t enjoy the taste of the sambal a bit. It was a pity to have the sambal spoiling the fresh stingray. 

IMG_1030Grilled seafood stall opens daily except on Wednesdays from 1700 to 2300.

Ikan bakar comes with tom yam flavoured sambal mixed with onion and chilli. Most customers find this sauce spicy and delicious but we felt otherwise.

Overall dining experience was good except for the grilled stringray which fell under the so-so catergory, but the rest certainly deserve praises. Definitely a recommended place to have a simple yet delicious dinner which also comes with a fairly reasonable price.

Finding this place is no big task as XXG is located just across Giant Hypermart  on the main road of Lukut town. 

I will certainly come back but to another competitor of XXG, Fatt Kee Restaurant, which is just a few doors away. The crowd over at FK was pretty overwhelming and that caught my attention. Do take note that FK’s is off on Wednesdays. (012-627 5766/662 5949)

  • Restoran Xin Xiang Gang
  • Lot 4682 , No. 10, Jalan Seremban
  • 71010 Kuala Lukut
  • Port Dickson
  • Negeri Sembilan.
  • Mobile – 012-3322 919
  • Business hours – 1700-2330
  • Closed – Mondays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N02°33.743  E101°48.842
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12 Responses to Xin Xiang Gang @ Lukut, Port Dickson

  1. Alex says:

    Satay! Satay! My tummy is screaming for them! When are we going for some buddy? I like the pics!

  2. Chun Wei says:

    Ikan bakar tom yam style? Sounds interesting to me. I’m bringing my parents to PD over the weekend. I wanna try this place. Thx Sumptuous!

  3. Susan Hew says:

    I always like dining at this kinda eatery. Reminds me of my childhood days when I visit my grandparents in Pahang. Will keep this place in mind! Thx for sharing Sumptuous!

  4. Selina says:

    I stumbled upon your post while searching for places to eat in PD as I’ll be going this saturday. Great blog with great pictures! I’m already a follower! Thx!

  5. Rachel says:

    Boneless marmite ribs! Best for lazy people like me! Yumz! Btw, call me if there’s any makan trip okie!

  6. Julianna says:

    My, my… everything looks delicious! I hate reading your blog, especially at this hours! Now, I’m hungry! 😉

  7. Diane says:

    Another good place to add to my list! Thx Sumptuous!

  8. John Liew says:

    Food looks good! I searched for this place and there’s nothing much on it. Hats off to you!

  9. Jason G says:

    How’s the sate here compared to the one you brought me to at kesas?

  10. Samantha says:

    Good timing! I’ll be going to PD on wednesday.

  11. KC Wong says:

    This place sounds interesting bro! How come you went without me?

  12. Betty Chew says:

    I heard of this place from a friend and tried looking for it during my last trip but no luck. Thx for the coordinates. I’ll get there this time!

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