Hawker Fare @ Restoran Swee Hing (瑞兴茶餐室), Bandar Seri Petaling

Most people if not all have heard of Restoran Swee Hing in Overseas Union Garden. The name is synonymous with the famous wanton noodle which sells like hot cake on a normal day. However, good days never last as RSH was forced to move out after the building owner decided to turn the existing coffee shop into an office block. What seemed like a sad turn of events turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as their business improved tremendously after they relocated to their new premise in Bandar Seri Petaling.  (behind Ipoh Chicken Rice)

Seremban Siew Pao (芙蓉烧包) @ RM 1.30/pc ~ Always warm from the oven, this baked version of the steamed bun has a crispy exterior and filled with juicy and flavorful fillings. There’s a choice of pork or chicken, both selling at the same price. 

Curry Mee (咖喱麵) @ RM 5.00 ~  The taste of the soup was rich of coconut milk taste and aromatic. A spoonful of soup lends a swift spice on the tongue. I usually let the heat to calm down, just warm enough, before I head into the bowl in full throttle. This bowl of wonder came with long beans, tofu pok, bloody cockles and some sliced chicken. Taste wise I must agree it was above average, anytime better than those sold in normal hawker centers.

Pan Mee (板麺) @ 5.00 ~ Crispy anchovies, flavorful broth but with an aftermath of hankering thirst. MSG ladened!  Despite the hand-pulled noodles here is pretty smooth with some degree of elasticity and yield some toothsome bite, it’s still a far cry from those I had in Seri Kembangan. 

Pork Noodle (猪肉粉) @ RM 5.00 ~ There’s nothing commendable about this pork noodle. The broth is insipid and the pork balls have this very strong porky smell. Need I say more?

Duck Egg Char Koay Teow (鸭蛋炒粿条) @ RM 5.50 ~ I am without doubt impressed with the robust flavours and tastes presented in this dish. Just the right amount of fish sauce, not too salty, with a good dash of pepper to tickle the tastebuds. Duck egg was aromatic (only when eaten hot) and the ingredients to the kway teow ratio was also thoughtfully done. There was also a very generous serving of deep fried lard, probably the best part of the entire dish. 

Dry Curry Noodle (干咖喱麵)@ RM 5.00 ~ A thick thick layer of coconut milk sitting on top of the noodle was very evident and seductive. The richness of coconut milk is so potent that after a quick mix, everything becomes smooth and delicious.

Fishball Noodle (鱼丸粉) @ RM 5.00 ~ The fish balls are somewhat different from what you would normally have in Klang Valley, where the latter is usually firm and bouncy. Here, they are made to taste softer so if you are expecting the same you will be disappointed. Broth on the other hand is also less flavorful. In fact, it tasted bland! 

Wonton Noodle (云吞面) @ RM 5.50 ~  Business is brisk with this stall and you can see the big pile of wontan noodle ready to be cooked, so you could estimate the amount of customers in one day alone. I think that’s roughly triple the amount of a usual hawker would sell..

IMHO, there’s nothing fantastic about their wontan noodle except the noodle having this better texture than most of the stalls out there. The char siew was nothing to shout about as most of the parts are quite lean. I prefer mine with more fats and charred bits but since I was told they only have this cut when I ordered, I don’t have much choice do I?  The dry curry was a bad choice as it was overwhelmed only with curry powder taste! 

  • Restoran Swee Hing (瑞兴茶餐室)
  • No. 28, Jalan 14/149L, Zone P
  • Bandar Seri Petaling
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Business hours – 0700 – 1500/1700-2300
  • Closed – Wednesdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.260  E101°40.925
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9 Responses to Hawker Fare @ Restoran Swee Hing (瑞兴茶餐室), Bandar Seri Petaling

  1. Beatrice says:

    Hey SUmptuous! Long time no hear… So, u didn’t enjoy the wanton mee here eh? Well, to be honest, I kinda like it when they were operating in OUG, but it tastes different here. It must be me!

  2. Mark says:

    Didn’t know they’ve moved here. Glad you blogged about them. I like the wanton noodle!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Siew pao… I’m salivating! Is this better than the one at Imbi?

  4. chris wong says:

    How can I invite you to my restaurant?

  5. Diane says:

    The CKT looks good but sinful! I need to shake off some fats after tasting it! Nice review Sumptuous!

  6. Jackson says:

    Oh, I’ve been to this coffee shop. You’re absolutely right on the curry. Solid!

  7. Chiam says:

    Duck egg char koay teow! I seldom see stalls frying them here in KL. First tried in bukit mertajam. Tasty but very oily. Must check this out!

  8. Sherine says:

    Hey.. I just went this morning after reading your review. I tried the curry and requested for extra spoon of the curry milk. Wonderful! One of my colleague tried and fishball noodle and agreed that it wasn’t good. Another colleague tried the nyonya nasi lemak and that cost him a bomb! I was the lucky one. hehe!

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