OK Seafood Porridge & Chicken Rice (OK 海鲜靓粥) @ SK

Good food requires a visit to the hidden back lanes or alleys to enjoy. OK Seafood Porridge & Chicken Rice, have been my go-to chicken rice stall and pepper pork soup for several years and I’ve yet to find another that compares in taste or enjoyment thus far in Seri Kembangan.

Here’s what the sell…

Hidden in one of the many look-alike lorongs in Seri Kembangan (behind the wet market) is OK Seafood Porridge & Chicken Rice, a humble little shack with a very good Poached Chicken rice, Pepperish Pork Soup and Seafood Porridge.

At most times, the wait wasn’t long, perhaps fifteen minutes max, but with the loud reception, merry-go-round fellow diners waiting their turns on cheap plastic stools and tables, that wait time is almost non-existent!

IMG_1296Pepper Pork Soup/辣汤@ RM 6.00/single serving ~ A must order whenever we dine in, let’s bathe with sweat during the meal; especially while sipping your hot soup. The soup was really spicy, not like chili spicy, but more like hot and burning sensation from the loaded pepper and ginger, at times chilli padi, all depending on how spicy you want it to be. (choice of mild, medium and very spicy when order) The clear soup is laden with various porcine goodness such as pork meat, liver and also sprigs of Chinese parsley. The use of claypot just top the hot and burning sensation with more heat and temperature increase. Intense, but in a really enjoyable way. 

IMG_1297If you don’t fancy the offal, you could always ask to change for pork belly and/ or kampong chicken! As for us, we had everything mixed in!

IMG_1288Poached Village Chicken/白切菜园鸡 @ RM 52.00/whole ~ The true hero of this place has to be the poached chicken. It ticks all the boxes in terms of cooking, moistness, yellowish gelatinous skin with its bouncy texture, and it is completely deboned right down to the wings. Garnished with bits of fried shallot and Chinese parsley but not before being drizzled lightly with a delectable soy sauce-based concoction. Every bite of the chicken is just pure satisfaction tasting the smooth tender tasty meat, oozing with flavourful juices. Eaten with their fragrant rice and excellent chilli sauce, this is certainly one of the best chicken rice I’ve ever tasted.

Other than serving  chickens in whole, they do cater for individual portion which starts at RM 5.00 to RM 6.00 a plate depending on which portion of the chicken you order. 

IMG_1290Chicken liver @ RM 1.00 ~ I am a big fan of chicken liver and this plate of  chook spare part was divine. Perfectly cooked moist liver and there’s something in the accompanying sauce which made everything tasted great. We asked for the recipe but was politely told to go to hell!

IMG_8827Beansprout @ RM 2.00 ~ The bean sprouts were quite normal in a way. They were juicy but not impressing me. It can be better and I believe you can easily find some places that will superior this without any problem.

Homemade chili sauce ~  Chilli sauce and dark soy sauce is a good condiment and a very important componet to the chicken.  Their chilli sauce is a perfect combination of chillies, garlic and lime, topped with ground ginger. 

Plain Porridge in Claypot @ RM 2.00 ~ Apart from chicken rice, porridge is also a hot favorite here. Besides serving plain porridge @ RM 2.00/claypot, other varieties such as paddy frog, sliced goby fish, fresh prawns and three styled eggs porridge are also available at different prices.

Very friendly stall owners. As we’re regulars, they often throw in some goodies to our orders.

If you’re looking for a plate of memorable chicken rice, lat tong or maybe congee and you’re happened to be in SK, OK is definitely a worthy a choice. Parking is no issue as there’s an ample one right across the stall. RM2 per entry, free if the unlicensed old lady decided to take a day off!

  • OK Seafood Porridge & Chicken Rice (OK 海鲜靓粥)
  • 1212, Jalan SK 10/8
  • 43300 Seri Kembangan
  • Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  • Mobile – 016-8315 140
  • Business hours – 0730-2130
  • Closed – Every Monday fortnight
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03° 26.340  E101°42.787
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