Thai Corner Restaurant @ Subang USJ Taipan

Thai Corner, a Thai food restaurant which has been around for more than a decade and previously known as Thai Bali has certainly established itself as a Thai restaurant of choice and still commands a fair share of customers despite heavy competition  from the many other eateries within the USJ Taipan square.  

TB also appeals to all types as can be seen by the clientele from the young and trendy to the corporate suits; catering for a wide variety of palettes with their surprising and tasty ingredients. Its menu contains a choice of traditional Thai food as well as mixtures of Balinese food as the name of the restaurant suggests. (they are still using the old and worn out signage)

The restaurant is nicely decorated in Thai fashion and is divided into sections with an al fresco section for a nice chat with friends or maybe a  spot to have a puff on and before a meal. The interior of the restaurant is fuss-free and there is ample space between the shared dark wood furniture which adds something different to the atmosphere. The  interesting artifacts on the walls and the soft and natural colors make it a warm place to dine in.

Tom yam prawn & sotong @ RM 15.00 (s) ~  We were served the Tom Yam soup which was a consommé with a mix of seafood, mushrooms and of course, the prawns and sotong that was fresh and decently sized mixed with other exotic flavours from herbs and spices like lemon grass, tamarind, ginger, shallots, and of course the ubiquitous bird’s eye chillies. This is one of my favourite Thai dishes that features a lots of offal in a burning hot broth as it has all the elements that I like – spicy and sour. A Thai meal is never complete without a bowl of this fiery hot soup! 

The tomyam with its reddish and non-creamy stock is guaranteed to catapult your senses with its oomph. Prawns are perfect for tom yam goong because they give it a nice sweet seafood flavour.

Kerabu boneless chicken feet @ RM 9.00 (s) ~ Besides the tom yam, their Kerabu was also worth trying. It has a slight tinge of sourish and spicy taste mix with crunchy chicken feet skins and a fair amount of onion rings. This is definitely a  good appetizer of my choice to kick start my meal! 

Thai fish cake (Tod Man Pla) @ RM 14.50 ~  Light starter bite-sized springy pieces of fish cakes fused with the aromatic kaffir lime leaves and chopped sized green beans blends well with other complementary cuisines before an authentic Thai meal. The dipping sauce which consists of pickled cucumber, shredded onions and chillies goes really well with this less oily muncher and is certainly a must order! 

Sambal belacan ~ Chilli’s, roasted belacan and other ingredients are usually ground into a paste with lime juices incorporated into this condiment making it a subtle and fiery dipping. This definitely does not belong to the Thais, Nyonyas maybe? It was good nonetheless! 

Thai spicy chicken with basil leaves @ RM 11.50 (s) ~  A favourite dish of many  that is sweetly aromatic and has a subtly exotic taste. Doused in a sweetish and a little spicy gravy, the slices of chicken were packed with an explosive myriad of flavours; and textures from fried garlic, chopped bird’s eye chillies and the aroma from the basil leaves making it so good to go with a fluffy bowl of Jasmine rice. 

Thai spicy beef with basil leaves @ RM 12.50 (s) ~ The every piece of tender beef soaked in the robust and tasty gravy is simply divine and is begging all the way to be devoured. 

Kailan with salted fish @ RM 10.00 (s) ~ The young, sweet and crunchy shoots of kai lan  is accompanied by pieces of fishy and yet very aromatic salted fish which  was lip-smackingly delicious. This was a crowd-pleaser.

With its commitment to authenticity and fast and warm service, TB has indeed carved its niche amongst the Thai food lovers with fragrant and fresh ingredients, delivering great food at very reasonable prices. By forking out a minimal amount of money It’s not hard to see why this restaurant is doing so steadily and It’s definitely worth a visit if you are somewhere around the vicinity. 

  • Restoran Thai Corner (Thai Bali/Thai Fine Dining & Balinese Cafe)
  • No. 37, Jalan USJ 10/1e
  • UEP Subang Jaya
  • 47620 Subang Jaya.
  • Tel – 603-5636 6282
  • Business hours – 1030-1430/1800-2230 (daily)
  • e-mail –
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N03°02.899  E101°35.016
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