Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人家) @ Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

This Mother’s Day we pampered mom to an evening of indulgence with a vast variety of fresh seafood at Pantai Seafood. Mom will definitely be spoilt for choices as the fresh seafood here is in abundance, all swimming lively in their respective tanks!

The place is packed and sometimes I wonder if its the freshness of the seafood is drawing the crowd of the charges are really that reasonable? However, everyone seems to have their faces deep in the food and dinner starts early here. Barely 7.00pm and they they place is almost filled with hungry pangs. 

Braised shark fin with crabmeat @ RM 12.00/casserole ~  We started off with the Shark’s cartilage soup which had a thick broth, laced with the white crab meat and visible strands of shark fin. The secret truth is that shark fin alone has no taste at all. It needs many other ingredients to be cooked with. I usually have some drops of vinegar and pickled chilies to enhance the taste to this divine soup. For the Chinese gourmet, the esteem and the nobility of the shark fin remains indisputable. Afterall, what a bowl of shark fin represents is elaboration in the mouth and ostentation on the table.

Poached tiger prawns @ RM 40.00/½kg ~  The prawns were executed well, really fresh and by steaming them on high heat have rendered their shells really crunchy while the prawns inside remained sweet, juicy and bouncy. This is a must-try item as the freshness of the prawn itself would have you going for seconds.

Steamed egg in 3 variety eggs  @ RM 12.00 (s) ~ The steamed egg with preserved and salted eggs was nothing extraordinary but definitely not bad. Silky and served with chopped scallions drenched in a light viscous sauce. Adults and children alike are partial to it. The ratio of the eggs was heavier on preserved and salted egg, just the way we had expected from this simple steamed egg.

Steamed red snapper in superior soy sauce @ RM 70.00 ~ The snapper is fresh and the meat is succulent and easily lifted by hungry chopsticks. I do confess I like my superior soy-base gravy nudging its flavours in my fish. It’s the perfect dish to showcase the freshness of the fish and cooking prowess.  Sounds simple but only the freshest of fish can pull this off.  And we weren’t disappointed.  I was slurping up the gravy along with the succulent flesh in no time. The scallions really helped enhancing the fish. As far as we’re concerned this is “thumps up” and we didn’t have to pay through our nose for it. 

Sweet & sour crab @ RM 55.00/1kg ~ Crabs do not really appeal to lazy people like me. It’s a dish that requires a lot of effort, but offers very little return (in terms of meat). However, the gorgeous ribbons of egg interlace the rich tomato-based sauce really entices me. The hint of spicyness from the chilli and the fragrance tomato puree together with the juicy crab roes won us over instantly.  The crab shell has been smashed in all the right places, making it such a bliss to eat.

Bun roll @ RM 3.00 ~ Fluffy casserole went well with the gravy from the sweet and sour crab.

Seafood fried noodle @ RM 12.00 ~ This plate of noodle arrives in a little anemic-form. Here, within the brownish strands, pieces of prawns and squids are squirreled away and the umami flavours of the seafood had totally seeped into the strands of the egg noodles.  However most of my table agreed that this was nothing spectacular, just mediocre. 

Stir-fry lotus root & mushroom @ RM 22.00 ~ The colourful combination of ingredients for this dish immediately caught our attention. The lotus root with celery was delectably crunchy, especially with the addition of leek and french peas which was lightly sauteed and then starched. Some almond flakes sprinkled on top for some textural contrast. How all these crunchy yet usually bland ingredients can be rendered flavourful bears testament the skill of the chef.

Deep fried pork ribs in marmite sauce @ RM 29.00 ~ This is no doubt one of the stand-out dish for the night which is nicely glazed with Marmite (a condiment that one either loves or loathes) that tickles the tastebuds with its heady, sweet-briny umami  flavors, deep-fried and is delectably moist while remaining crispy. Not life-changing but certainly gave us a run for our money! 

Japanese snail kung pao style @ RM 19.00/½kg ~ This was GOOD. Crunchy mock snail’s meat cooked in a tasty ‘Kung Pao’ style. Worthy a try! 

Bean curd with assorted seafood @ RM 22.00 ~ Bean curd absorbs all the flavorful aroma from of the gravy while the seafood were served fresh and bountiful. 

Pantai Seafood restaurant’s forte is seafood and they really lived up to it with quality ingredients and expert cooking. For that feast, our bill came up to  RM 340.00 (Chinese tea @ 13.50/9 pax, tibits @ 7.00/2 plates, towel @ RM 3.60/p pkts, Coca-cola @  RM 3.00/can and a 5% +6%)   Reasonably priced? Agree! For seafood this good, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be and I was quite impressed with the waiting time as they were almost packed when we arrived around 6+, dinner time and yet they managed to serve most of the dishes within 10 minutes.

All things considered, PSR is a good place for reasonable priced food or when you’re craving for seafood after days of Chinese road side chu char, or maybe too tired of home cooked food!

    • Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人家)
    • Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
    • Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara
    • 47400 Petaling Jaya
    • Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    • Tel – 603-7725 5099/1099
    • Business Hours – 1145-1430/1800-2300
    • Website –
    • GPS Coordinates
    • N03°07.527  E101°36.519
    • Location map


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