Peter’s Pork Noodle & Penang Char Koay Teow @ Restoran Yit Sieang Brickfields (日祥茶餐室)

THERE is more than meets the eye in Brickfileds and when it comes to good food as you will be spoilt for choice because there are many reputable food outlets in this area. One of them being the legendary Peter’s Pork Noodle.

After having  it just few days ago, we decided to move on to another of their outlet which is located at Restotan Yit Seang (opposite YMCA & Ipoh Old Town),  which also specializes in pork noodle, only this time, I tried other stuffs or to be more specific – Char Koay Teow and the Chicken Rice.

Camera 360Typical old-styled koiptiam but its rather clean, spacious and airy. These old shop houses also come with a very long and spacious backyard. 

Camera 360This is the famous Peter’s Pork Noodle but not manned by the famous man, but instead.. “a” Mary. FYI, make sure you repeat your order with her as she mixed mine up a few good times and refused to admit! %#@$^!! I chose to stay calm and just pay for what was served. 

Camera 360Pork Noodle with Egg (猪肉粉加鸡蛋) @ RM 5.00 ~ Specifically told Mary w/o egg and this came. All 3 bowls of them! As wifey disliked her pork noodles with egg, she passed her mine. T wouldn’t mind so she happily finished hers. Notice the double yolk? Ingredients were not overly cooked,  maintaining the good mouthfeel and its nice texture.

Camera 360My murky broth from the 2 poached eggs. Though it made the hor fun super silky, they too have my tummy bloated the entire day! Burrrrp!

Pork Noodle (猪肉粉) @ RM 4.50 ~ The smooth strands slid down wifey’s throat like water down a luge slide. Though rice noodles are characteristically bland, the robust pork bone stock added a rich flavour to them. The taste of the pork noodle here does not defer even a little to the out outlet which is just down the road.

Camera 360Chicken Rice @ RM 5.00 (白切鸡饭) ~ E looked unimpressed the minute this plate of chicken rice was presented to him. I wasn’t convince too. True enough, the chicken thigh was way too soft and the rice was soggy. They gravy just worsened it. I’ll give this a pass in my next visit. 

There is a good reason why this stall has been around for decades. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the noodles. Even before tasting, we could smell the wonderful charred aroma of the Char Kway Teow!

Char Kway Teow (炒粿条) @ RM 4.50/5.00/5.50 ~ Although this famous stall is considered one of the best char koay teow in the Brickfields area, I thought it was just average. Perhaps we caught the chef on an off day; the dish was dry and didn’t have that breath of the wok. I also felt that the noodles were a little bland. The whole plate of noodles just lacked that distinctive taste. The fried lard cubes were delightfully crispy and also lots of beansprouts, which gave a crunchy, refreshing contrast to the dish. Even with all those, it did not help. 

IMG_8198Taken as a whole, I would still return to this place to try out other things on the menu, just to fill my curiosity. Maybe the wonton noodles and the Yong Tau Foo?

Restoran Yit Sieang (日祥茶餐室)
Jalan Tun Sambathan 4, Brickfields,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours – 0700-1500
Closed – fortnightly of Fridays (1st & 3rd week)
GPS Coordinates
N03°07.962  E101°41.460

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