Peter Pork Noodle @ Mayflower/Money’s Corner Beverage Station, Brickfields

What constitutes a really good bowl of pork noodles that makes you come back for more? Peter’s Pork Noodle possibly is one of the best exemplar of pork noodle dish there is in Klang Valley, a very familiar name to the aficionados!. Its popularity and reputation, at least, precede it. 

I woke up having the urge for a bowl and thought..Peter’s pork noodle,  sounds good coz it’s been such a long while since we last visited them, not after they’ve moved from Peking hotel to this two new locations, one at Money’s corner and the other at Yit Sieang restaurant, both at the heart of Brickfields.

Pork noodle with egg @ RM 5.00 (s) ~ A generous scoop of lard or fried shallots oil is almost necessary. Slices of liver were sweet and the bits of pork were tender. The addition of pickled green chilies elevated the taste, simple yet flavoursome.  The broth was amazingly rich in natural sweetness from the many hours pork bones simmered stock and with an additional egg added on, it completes the ensemble. 

Pork noodle @ RM 4.50 (small) ~ This non-egg version did not deviate too much from the former. Same ingredients were used. And again, the tender pork slices outshone the rest. The soup was rich and every sip oozed the sweet and savoury essence of the adorable animal. The amount of pork included in the dish was staggering. Dig into the dish and you’ll most probably find more pork than the noodles itself. I hope they will maintain this fantastic ratio with the price of this lovely animal increses by the day. Babitarians will be happy to know that it also comes with a huge amount of crunchy intestines and fried lard bits. 

One would just need to lookout for this Mayflower sign which is almost impossible to miss when you make your rounds looking for Peter’s in Brickfields. Money’s corner is just below this eye catching sign. You’ll reach a big parking space before the entrance. An hourly rate of RM 3.00 is charged if you chose to park here. I normally  park nearby and walk across unless there’s absolutely no empty spots available. 

Peter’s pork noodle is lined amongst the  last few stalls if you come in through the main entrance. They last one being the famous Indian curry rice which used to operated at the Peking hotel too. I’ll blog about their mouth watering dishes the next round. 

80kg of pork daily; nothing less! 

A discovery worth waking up for and highly recommended.  Why wait? Head down to Brickfields for a bowl of mouth watering pork noodles at Peter’s today.

  • Peter Pork Noodle @ Mayflower/Money’s Corner Beverage Station, Brickfields
  • 144A, Jalan Vivekananda 
  • 50470 Kuala Lumpur,
  • Mobile – 013-3363 953
  • Business hours – 0700-1430
  • Closed – Alternate Mondays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°07.843  E101°41.200
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2 Responses to Peter Pork Noodle @ Mayflower/Money’s Corner Beverage Station, Brickfields

  1. pegasuskl says:

    AhSumpt…dun just give GPS coordinates mahh..i ain’t see no Mayflower signs in Brickfields this at the main road, small road, yellow brick road ..?

    • Sumptuous® says:

      Ah Peg ~ I’ve included the address which I left out. Apologies! Mayflower is at the back of the Brickfields main road, right across CIMB bank if not mistaken. Anyway, follow the coordinates la. That makes your life so much easier! Enjoy!

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