Sing Pao Dim Sum (新包店点心) @ Jalan Klang Lama

It’s labour day and the stage is set for Yum Cha session and it seemed like the best option as it was the least filling for a morning session meal. We headed to Sing Pao, a 24 hours dim sum restaurant which Cat has been selling very hard and I can’t wait to taste it for myself.

Located along the busy Jalan Klang Lama, finding SP is no difficult task as it’s just a few doors away from Public Bank and the famous Kim Lian Kee fried hokkien mee. 

We were early and by the time we’re seated and the trolleys begin rolling by, everything looks unbelievably good and I want it all. Steamed spare ribs? Yes please! Steamed pork bun? Gimme gimme! Pretty soon, our table is loaded with steamer baskets.

The owner of the outlet advised me to keep my order minimal, or else the dim sums would turn cold before consumption.

Char siew bao (叉烧包) @ RM 1.70 per/pc ~  char siew bao (steamed buns with roasted lean pork filling). The steamed buns were fluffy, complete with well-marinated pork filling. No one shied away from the quintessential Char Siew Bao (barbequed pork bun) as it was very flavourful. Unlike the normal dyed red, diced chunky meat version, the flaky meat filling was finely minced and well-marinated with a sweet/savoury soya sauce mixture. Bun-wise, warm and fluffy. A second order of this was placed. It was that good. 

Steamed spare ribs @ RM 4.20 ~ Marinated spareribs cut into bite-size pieces steamed is topped with a few slices of chili which looked so enticing. Enjoy it with your hands. Forget table manners, just sink your teeth into it and lick the sauce off your fingers. The taste is heavenly! Portions are generous too with around 8 pieces of ribs and yet not too hefty so you have space to lap up the other offerings. Delightful! 

Fried lobak gao @ RM 2.50 ~ The pan-fried carrot cake is done very well here. Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Everything works together and this dish is sublime. 

Fried Taro Nest (芋角) @ RM 3.40 ~ Popularly known as Wu Gok, it’s very well stuffed and nicely fried. It’s delicious! A dish that will not go wrong in flavor and taste in most of the dim sum places as long as it’s prepared the right way and served hot! Crispy! 

Sin Jook Guen (鲜竹卷) @ RM 3.20 ~ A very thin wrapper made of dried bean curd skin, rolled around a meat filling into a cylindrical shape. The roll is steamed, which gives it a characteristic, wrinkled appearance. Fillings are made primarily of lean pork, mushrooms and bamboo shoots bathed in a shiny sauce with succulent meat peeking from within. Simply irresistible! 

Ma Lai Gao (马来糕) @ RM 1.30 ~ Though not my favorite but I still tear off a piece to try. Fluffy and not overly sweet. Just like sponge cake. 

Lor Mai Kai (糯米鸡) @ RM 3.50 ~ The LMK here is steamed to a good balance of being moist and soft which consists of the glutinous rice, chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage. They are all parked under a stainless steel bowl  steamed altogether so the oils and flavors are crammed together and not even a trace of flavor is lost. Savouriness was well-controlled, with a touch of sweetness to boost. Yum! 

Har Gao (虾饺) @ RM 4.20 ~ The dumplings were expectedly firm in texture and the ingredients used were fresh.The prawns were nice and crunchy but it could have been better if the skin is thinner.

Siew Mai (烧卖) @ RM 3.20 ~ A staple, the Siew Mai With fish roe topping was firm, with fresh shrimp and pork filling. Rather ordinary, albeit the generous stuffings. Then again, how do we define an extraordinary Siew Mai with all the above good stuffs mentioned? 

There were some hits and misses in this dim sum session but given the reasonably priced dim sums and service, this is not a bad place to spend your weekend yum cha session with friends and family. With a bill summing up to RM 58.00 inclusive a pot of hot Chinese tea I was more than happy with Cat’s recommendation on this place. 

  • Restoran Sing Pao Dim Sum (新包店点心)
  • Batu 4½, Jalan Klang Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel –
  • Business hours – 24 hours
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°05.386  E101°40.448
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19 Responses to Sing Pao Dim Sum (新包店点心) @ Jalan Klang Lama

  1. pegasuskl says:

    AhSumpt…you are back !! Loverrvelyyy pictures – as usual….

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Haha…i just realised how mongkang i am….your post is dated 1st May…and i thought it was new.. 🙂

  3. the dim sums looked plump and juicy… noted this down to try when I m in old klang road… have been missing your posts… 😀

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