Wing Hiong Bah Kut Teh @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Ceased Operation)

Having tasted many Bak Kut Teh before this, I can conclusively categorize this dish into two groups. One is the original Klang version which features thick broth and strong scent of herbs and spices. The other type is a bit more watered-down and doesn’t have that thick flavoursome taste which is known as the southern or the Teo Chew style BKT.

For me, colour does not matter so much but there must be a balance of a meaty broth with a tinge of herbal taste or else it just won’t be bak kut teh for me. I definitely don’t fall in the category of the clear bak kut teh soup type.

For most people who’re accustomed to bak kut teh in dark broth and stronger herbal flavour ala Klang style but more diluted, you will be glad as Wing Hiong serves exactly that! Afterall, there’s where they originated 27 seven years back. 

Arriving slightly earlier than dinner hour, this place was thankfully still rather vacant. The same could not be said an hour later, when the place was swarmed by BKT lovers for dinner. Almost full house at the end of our meal.

The interior is air-conditioned and comfortable enough to sit through the entire meal without the sweaty feeling you get from eating in a regular coffee shop.

I need this two companion to go with my hearty bowl of bkt! Where’s my dark soy sauce btw?

A great way to accompany the Bak Kut Teh is with a pot of to wash away the sinful fats. Best for a BKT meal is ‘Tit Kuan Yin’ for its ‘fat/oil-removal’ characteristic but we had the Pu Er instead for a very reasonable rate @ RM 1.00/pax.  

You get presented with a bubbling hot cauldron of the most carnivorous of picks; The  3 layered-meat, button mushrooms, bean curd puffs and beancurd sheets. The first thing I tasted was the broth. After having the first sip and I could easily conclude that Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh lives up to my expectations.

Soup was a good, punctuated with rich taste of herbs and spices and thankfully without the thirst-inducing effect hours later. The meat was tender and nicely cook and they did not skimp on the portions. Proven to be a worthy endeavour indeed.

The pork belly was soft, nicely cooked, tender and the meat reverberates when you chew on it. As for the daring ones, the layer of fat was aromatic and slightly springy, much to everyone’s delight. I must say that their soup literally floored us with their rich taste of herbs and spices. We kept requesting the waiter to give us additional soup which they do so willingly noticing that we really hooked to the taste.

Essential for BKT,  the yao tiao (deep fried crullers) @ RM 1.50/bowl soaks up to the soup nicely and goes well with the rice. Though not too oily, the skin was not crispy, dull and not impressive by a far margin. It was the same during my previous visits! Seriously needs improvement! 

Blanched Chinese lettuce @ RM 8.00 (L) ~ Vege was fresh with a good crunch but the usage of oyster sauce was way too much giving it an overly sweet taste which is not to my liking. Could have been better in the sauce department. 

The dinner cost us RM78.70 for 5a/3c. Reasonably priced considering the generous portions and the fact that some of us had 2 plates of rice! I should also note that the pork used was very fresh too. Overall was good except for some hits and misses here and there but most importantly, we did not suffer one of those after-meal-MSG-thirst effect. Worth a try when you crave for a good pot of meat in bubbling hot soup! 

  • Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh
  • No. 157, Jalan Radin Bagus
  • Zone J5
  • Bandar Seri Petaling
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-9057 5877
  • Business hours – 1000-2200 (mon-fri)/0830-2230 (sat,sun & ph)
  • GPS Coordinates

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