New Dragon Pearl Restaurant (新龙珠饭店) @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Ceased Operation)

Dragon Pearl restaurant has been operating in Bandar Seri Petaling for quite some years and a pretty regular food joint for the residents living in the vicinity. Since the previous owners have migrated to Australia, they sold the business, hence the word “new” was incorporated into their signage. I’ve been here when they first opened their doors years back and found their food pretty savory and their prices being reasonable too. I’m back again today to find out if the quality of the food is better than the former.

Home cook pig trotter @ RM 12.00/set (家乡猪手) ~ Fat and lean pork run together perfectly provided they are well-cooked.  The home cooked pig trotter here at NDP was  carefully prepared with a smooth skin which gives a good mouthfeel while the lean meat was tender enough to slide well down the throat. The savoury braising gravy was very flavorful but was rather starchy for my liking. It’ll be great if they tone it down a little by diluting it. Nevertheless, no qualms! 

Marmite ribs @ RM 18.00 (M)/(妈蜜骨/中) ~  The sticky, caramelized marmite sauce has a strong flavor but in a very good manner, not bitter, but the spare ribs were kinda tough though resulting in most of its flesh sticking to the bones. Nevertheless, an interesting try. 

Special clay pot fish head @ RM 25.00/½ fish head (招牌神奇煲鱼头/半片)I couldn’t really describe this dish in terms of flavor. All I knew was, it’s boiled with chunks of deep fried grouper, cabbages, beancurd skin and plenty of sliced gingers all put together. I akin this to some kinda fish soup? Although I’m not into fish soups but I must admit that the taste was sweet and I was lucky enough not to come across any fishy smell that can seriously make me lose my appetite! For whatever reason, the gang loved it! 

Stir-fry brinjal in preserved shrimp sauce @ RM 8.00 (招牌咸虾茄子/小) ~  Looked ordinary but after tasting the very first piece you just can’t stop yourself from having the second one! The preserved shrimp sauce (咸虾酱) is totally invisible to the naked eyes but the usually empowering sauce is nicely imparted into the brinjals with supple flesh and crunchy green beans which is not too oily and near perfection. It only begs for you to mix it with the rice and savour it.  Must order! 

Stir-fry long green bean @ RM 12.00 (s)/(干扁四季豆/小) ~ This was very ordinary, but the minced meats complimented the normally tasteless long beans nicely. 

Stir-fry HK Nai Bak (L) @ RM 18.00 (清炒奶白/大) ~ A very simple to prepare dish no doubt but to dish out a plate that filled with good wok-hei while retaining the crunchiness and flavor of the mini veggies can be a task. Here, they got it all right. 

Pepper salted squid @ RM 30.00/seasonal price (盐椒鲜鱿/时价) ~  I’m not a calamari fan due to the fact that it is often served flat and tasteless. However, the pepper-salted squid  here gave me a different perception on this dish.  Deep fried with a great salt-n-pepper coating to a perfectly crisp uniformity while retaining the chewiness of the squids requires certain degree of skills. Pepperish, but certainly in a very good way. Served with chopped green scallions, chillies and a bit of browned chopped garlic thus giving additional flavors. It can be served with mayonnaise but it’s just as good on its own. Whichever way, they are all winners. Slightly pricey for its size but the great taste made up to it. 

Jelly pudding (大菜糕) ~ On the house dessert to chill out the system after all the scrumptious food. 

I would say that this new chef on the helm fared slightly better from the previous one and for only RM 142.00 inclusive of rice and drinks, there’s basically no way I would not do a revisit. Afterall, I’ve yet to try out many signature dishes that lined the walls. I’ll be back, without doubt! 

  • Restoran New Dragon Pearl (新龙珠饭店)
  • No. 17, Jalan 1/149J
  • Bandar Seri Petaling
  • 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-9056 3437
  • Mobile – 012-693 9861 (Micheal Fan/阿丽)
  • Mobile – 012-685 1740/012-207 4138 (Kenny Lee)
  • Business hours – 1100-2300 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.083  E101°51.562

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