Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人家) @ Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

As the year draws to a close, Cat called for an impromptu pre-reunion dinner and named Pantai Seafood (same management as Unique Seafood (PJ)) as the venue. She was lucky to be able to get a table for springing this last minute surprise as this place is always packed with seafood lovers! She has eaten here several times and the dishes were always consistently of high quality  with an overwhelming array of  fresh seafood choices on the menu to be chosen from. 

PSR is currently offering a gastronomic ensemble of Cantonese cuisine sets to usher in the mighty dragon lunar New Year with a sumptuous menu specially created for this auspicious occasion ranging from a set for 6 pax (RM338++), (the one we ordered), and of course the full-course 10 pax sets priced from about RM498++ onwards, escalating to a grand sum of RM1,188++

Situated in a vicinity surrounded by wooden housing and light industrial, PSR can be a challenge to those who are not familiar with this part of area. Anyway, I have provided the coordinates and the location map, so just follow them and you’ll get there without hassle! 

With a large family of all ages, a comfortable, spacious and relaxing environment is important. PSR certainly offers comfort, with a large ground housing different sections, the upper deck and lower deck or the main indoor and outdoor area.

There are these cascading tanks (unique’s signature display) with a wide array of seafood to choose from for a freshly cooked meal. Everything from super expensive Alaskan snow crabs and abalone to the not as pricey tiger prawns, snappers, mud crabs and geoduck can be found in the aquariums that line the shelves. It ain’t gonna get any fresher than this.

Prosperous Salmon “Yee Sang” (三文鱼捞生)  ~ Yee Sang or raw fish salad is a perennial dish during the Lunar New Year celebration. It symbolizes bringing an abundance of prosperity and opulence to all diners. Everyone at the table would grab their chopsticks and start to toss the yee sang whilst spewing out all the good sayings in Chinese wishing everyone good fortune and best of health.

Toss your way to good fortune and abundance of wealth. The yee sang was not too wet and tasted decent, but other than that, there was nothing exceptional about it. I was already on my tenth or eleventh yee sang tossing! 

Braised superior shark’s fin (双蟹红烧翅) ~ Decorated with crab roe, the shark’s fin soup is laden with Chinese wine and is best eaten piping hot. The soup has a rich consistency that is thick without being gluey. The tufts of crab meat are plump and plentiful, and the soup has an overall taste that is simply divine, especially with some pickled chillies and vinegar added in. 

Stewed abalone whelks with mushrooms (冬菇豆根芋结贵妃鲍) ~ Using top quality mushrooms and fresh bok choy this vegetable dish is soaked in flavorful thickened oyster sauce.  The mushrooms are  almost overshadowing the other ingredients thrown into the mix like whelks (looks similar as sliced abalone) and bean curd sheets along with some Shirataki noodles. Flavorful! 

Steamed estuary grouper with soy sauce (清蒸龙鱼) ~ Though it won’t win any awards, but this fish (龙胆) certainly tastes fresh with the evidently good texture. This was intriguing at the very least fish is prized for it’s thick, chewy skin. Top part of the grouper is nicer, which contains meat and collagen (near the skin). It had a refreshingly light flavour of soy sauce, fried garlic and parsley. I found the meat a bit tough and quite frankly even though the dish itself is very tasty and goes well with a bowl of rice, there really is no special reason why you’ll need a Giant Grouper to make this dish. I can imagine the whole fish being steamed and served in a bathtub which would probably feed a whole wedding reception. Obviously that is not going to happen. They must have served us with a juvenile! 

Blanched live tiger prawns with Chinese wine (白灼活草虾) ~ Super fresh swimming prawns were steamed with Chinese wine and the outcome was fantastic. Absolutely gorgeous would be the correct adjective to describe the prawns. The head has been slightly ‘punctured’ possibly to release the sweet, umami juices from within? Raise it to your mouth and suck out the soup of hot brains, squeezing it like a toothpaste tube. Unwrap the shell revealing the succulent pink inner, savouring the sweetness,  crunchiness and freshness with each conquer. Amazing but serving was too small which they could’ve thrown in more in the spirit of the holidays, generosity would be much appreciated. Some got two, most got one! 

Egg Foo Yung (芙蓉煎蛋) @ RM 10.00 ~ Very egg-intensive and lacking any big add-on ingredients, the egg Foo Yung is best described as a fluffy omelet. Most versions we’ve seen usually add on extra things like chinese sausage, carrots, watercress, and onions to name a few, but it simply focused on light fluffy texture broken up every now and then with a few small pieces of shrimp. Definitely recommended for fans of the incredible, editable egg, but some might find it a bit too monotonous in terms of taste and consistency but it’s always E’s all time favorite! 

Fried vermicelli with X.O. sauce @ RM 18.00 ~ Fried with enough heat (wok hei, or breath of the wok), hence the rice vermicelli remain solid, not soggy, but with a smoky aroma imparted from the high heat. The X.O. sauce plays a big part by adding a lot of depth to this dish.  At a first glance, it looked boring but never judge a dish by the way it looks. Perhaps the unattractiveness of the dish is meant to fool you into lowering your expectations to rock bottom. But when you actually taste it, it is marvelous, packed with flavours, screaming for your undivided attention albeit the slightly mundane appearance. This outstanding yet simple dish is served with generous amount of fresh prawns and bean sprouts. A must order! 

Prosperous steamed rice with waxed meat (新春腊味饭) ~ By now if you are still not full, then it’s time to stuff yourself with this delicious fried glutinous rice with waxed meat. Even though glutinous rice was used, it was nothing like those sticky, clumpy rice that we were expecting. Instead, this was perfectly fried with each morsel evenly coated, fluffy and brilliantly tasty. Very very tasty but my only gripe is the waxed meat were a tad  salty. Still a pleasure to devour nonetheless! 

Chilled sea coconut with longan (龙眼海低椰) ~ We ended the meal with this dessert that came in the form of sweet Honey Sea Coconut  and longans. Not overly sweet and the  fact that it is served cold certainly gave us a refreshing feeling. A perfect choice to wash it all down after a good meal! A 7/10!

This RM 420.00 (crispy cracker x 2 @ 6.00, 8 x plain water @ RM 4.80, svc charge 5% – 18.92/ 6% gov-22.70) meal was rather a pleasant one with satisfactory service and comfortable dining ambience. Okay, probably because we were there early, hence the noise level was not of tormenting yet but still, no major complaints, except the servings were a little dainty  for a table of 9 pax (6a/3c). We were no where near full if we had not ordered the additional egg Foo Yung and the fried vermicelli. A better proportionate in the servings would definitely make this meal more enjoyable! Nevertheless, all of us were glad to be able to spend some wonderful time together in welcoming the year of the water Dragon. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  • Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人家)
  • Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
  • Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara
  • 47400 Petaling Jaya
  • Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  • Tel – 603-7725 5099/1099
  • Business Hours – 1145-1430/1800-2300
  • Website –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°07.527  E101°36.519
  • Location map

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18 Responses to Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人家) @ Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

  1. Choi Yen says:

    Didn’t try their top 10 dishes?

  2. Mark says:

    Where have you been mate? Long time no updates? Tried this place. One word, expensive but must agree that the seafood and especially the mee hoon is nice!

  3. Zara says:

    Must agree with Mark. This place is very expensive but always packed! Must be only poor people like us who are complaining! Nice pics! Missed your makan updates and please don’t go MIA again…!

  4. Paris says:

    Wah… finally sumptuous is back! Haven’t been to this outlet but have tried the one in Cheras. The waxed meat rice… my God! Salivating!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Portion very small oh.. each have less than 2 prawns is pitiful! Don’t hold on too tight to your “FAT” wallet! 😉

  6. Malcom says:

    Came here a few days before CNY and couldn’t get a table! Freaking packed with seafood lovers! Are the other outlets just as good or better? Love the pics bro!

    • Sumptuous® says:

      This place is very popular for certain reasons. I’ve tried the Cheras & PJ outlet. Well, not much difference to me. Price the same and so as the freshness of the seafood!

  7. Giselle says:

    Lovely shots and good review sumptuous. Like the mee hoon. Simple and delicious! Golf next sat?

  8. one of my favorite hang out places with family… we love their Braised Ee Mee with seafood and salted egg yolk squid plus Kailan two ways… I have so much pics of this place but never got around to post them… hehe!

  9. Sumptuous® says:

    All seemed tasty CFD! Don’t keep those pics.. post them so I can salivate a bit!

  10. Johnb910 says:

    Maintain the excellent job mate. This web blog publish shows how well you comprehend and know this subject. ffkbekagbbcf

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