Extra Super Tanker (文华轩大饭店) @ The Club, Bukit Utama

Uncle R called and invited us to bring the kids to his club for a swim and we thought it was a good idea since we have not met for a while. It’s always good to spend time catching up.

After a great time at the pool we adjourned to lunch at Extra Super Tanker located at The Club @ Bukit Utama. The restaurant looks like any normal restaurant with an above average decor and ambience. If you are wondering why this eatery uses Extra Super Tanker as a name, it is because the owner whom is also the head chef finds it rather unique and would be easily remembered. A wide variety of fresh seafood is available and favorite dishes are cooked to perfection with the chef’s own personal touch. The dishes that we ordered however were anything less than ordinary and some are the signature dishes which requires advance ordering.

EST has a spacious dining hall that may accommodate a capacity of easily 400-500 pax with a few private VVIP rooms installed. A very good place to hold weddings and functions. 

Tidbits (小吃) @ RM 3.00/plate ~ How often were you served acar for tidbits? Well, they do here!

Mixed BBQ Platter (烧腊盘) @ RM 65.00 ~ Nicely caramelized BBQ pork is succulent and juicy  with neither too much lean nor fats and the charred bits was a delight to bite. While the bbq pork  was mouthwatering, the roast pork wasn’t weak either. The juicy meat with the crackling pork skin was perfect and broke with a snap when you bite it, satisfying even just by listening to it. It was one of the better siew yoke I’ve tasted. The least flavorful was the roast duck. It was a little dry and the crisp from the skin was absent, including the earthy and robust flavors. Certainly way overpriced for this “little” serving but the dish on the whole was enjoyable! 

Stir-fry Green Dragon vegetable (有机青龙菜) @ RM 25.00 ~ This organic vege is making its way into the higher scale Chinese restaurants. Stir-fry in a simple way, this organic vege resembled the spring onions, moderate but flavorful. 

Served in a claypot sitting nicely on top of a burner, this bubbling hot dish is also accompanied by a plate of Tong Ho (茼蒿/garland chrysanthemum)

Signature pork ribs (海上排骨) @ RM 30.00 ~ Cooked in a broth made of fermented beancurd (foo yue), this dish is rather unique and delicious. On my first whiff, I thought it smelt creamy, like milk, but upon tasting it, it was obvious that no milk was added and the texture and flavour had been derived entirely from the beancurd.  The pork literally falls off the bones, really tender and very tasty.  

Fermented bean curd flavoured pork ribs soup with foo chook, some say it wasn’t as creamy as their outlet in Damansara Kim. All the same as it was awesome. Just look at the bowl of soupy goodness. It could be a meal by itself. 

Thousand layer crispy bean curd (千层豆腐) @ RM 26.00 ~ Layers of beancurd with bits of ham in between. A mother of a ham sandwich, using tofu instead of bread. Yummy. 

The layers of flavorful and bouncy ham did the trick. Not any normal beancurd but a Thousand Layer Crispy Beancurd. Well actually its more like 5 layers with 2 layers of ham and 3 layers of bean curd. True to its description, the outer layer is crispy while the inside is soft and melt in your mouth. Fabulous tau foo dish that requires advance ordering.

Steamed river Patin (蒸河巴丁鱼) @ RM 66.00 ~ The white flesh is springy and sweet with the superior grade soy sauce complimenting it well. It is not easy to throw out the muddy smell and convince non-patin lovers to claw and fight with the rest of the table diners but somehow, ETS’s  patin does it in style. No muddy smell of the river combined with the crunchy fresh flesh proves that the kitchen folks knows exactly what they are doing. This was a definite joy to devour.  

Overall it was a rather satisfying meal with the pork ribs and beancurd being the two dishes that really stood out and worth trying but for the same amount paid (RM 254.00) I am pretty sure we could enjoy a better feast at another moderate restaurant. Nevertheless, a big thank you for uncle R & aunt S for the invitation and this lovely treat! 

  • Restaurant Extra Super Tanker (文华轩大饭店) 
  • No. 1, Club Drive
  • Bukit Utama
  • Bandar Utama
  • 47800 Petaling Jaya
  • Selangor.
  • Tel – 603-7726 8877
  • Mobile – 6012-257 4823 (Steven/Manager)
  • Business hours – 
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°09.092  E101°36.144
  • Location map

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6 Responses to Extra Super Tanker (文华轩大饭店) @ The Club, Bukit Utama

  1. Giselle says:

    I’m hungry after looking at your lovely pics, especially that plate of BBQ platter! Heard this place is pretty expensive yes? Anyway, hope you have a great year ahead! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

  2. Sumptuous® says:

    Hey Gis, The bbq platter is tasty indeed but way too expensive. I have better ones at more affordable prices to recommend. Buzz me for more info!

  3. lee says:

    can i get the wedding dinner packages?

  4. Angel goh says:

    Thanks so much for your review 🙂
    very helpful description with pleasant visuals.

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