SENJYU Sushi @ e@curve

The last time we visited Senjyu Sushi was when they were operating in Sunway Pyramid but I heard they’ve closed down the outlet since. Senjyu is actually part of the Sakae chain where Sakae sushi was created to be a cheaper alternative to Senjyu. It was quite awhile ago but I still remember they have some house specialty, some uniqueness where you hardly find in other sushi joints, by infusing touches of Western elements into fine Japanese cuisine. I vividly remember we ordered foie gras, wagyu and they were damn good but certainly came with a big price tag. We haven’t return ever since but after seeing their promotion through Groupon, yes Groupon again, we did a revisit but this time at their e-curve outlet. (formerly known as Cineleisure)

As there were 8 of us and the table settings can’t accommodate all of us on the same table, we were ushered to a section, something like a private room. A closed up corner to be precise.

Sakura Chirasi Don Zen @ RM 38.00 ~ This was one of the offer we bought which came with a piece of each of salmon, tuna, butterfish, sweet shrimp, 2 pieces of Japanese omelette and salmon roe topped on thinly compressed sushi rice. More like a cold dish to me as all the stuffs were cold. I cleaned all except the octopus as I found it extremely chewy. Miso soup and a bowl of salad came with it. Not very impressive and luckily I only have to pay RM 12.00 for it. Seriously not worth if not on offer. 

Ten-Jyu @ RM 18.00 ~ Another option on the offer was this deep fried buttered prawns and fish with thinly compressed sushi rice served with miso soup and salad. This was definitely a better option compared to the former. The deep frying give a good crisp to the prawn & fish.

Lobster Salada @ RM 22.00 ~ Lobster salad and fresh vegetables served with house dressing. Refreshing! 

Zaru Soba @ RM 14.00 ~ Cold buckwheat noodles layered with a bed of ice served with a quail egg on wasabi, chopped scallions and seaweed. Dipped into a properly made sauce or soba tsuyu, with plenty of spicy condiments, there’s nothing more refreshing to eat on a hot afternoon. 

Kappa @ RM 3.00 ~ Japanese cucumber on sushi. Mom liked the simplicity of it. 

Rainbow Maki @ RM 16.00 ~ This exciting maki is topped with river eel, salmon, tuna, butterfish, flying fish roe and caviar and each different flavour somehow formed a medley with each other, enabling every piece to taste remarkable. Good and reasonably priced. 

Trio salmon @ RM 14.00 ~ Shrimp roe, flying fish roe and caviar rolled with salmon. Another good stuff! 

Wagyu Saikoro Steak @ RM 68.00 ~ Wagyu steak, Japanese style served on hot plate is my favorite and not to be missed. Renowned worldwide for its marbling characteristics, which lends the meat a soft and succulent texture that melts marvelously in the mouth. Awesome! 

Totaled @ RM 193.90 which includes 8 ocha @ RM 16.00, 6% government tax @ RM 15.78 and 10% service charge @ RM 26.30 after deducting  RM 111.20 off the Groupon vouchers. Price is certainly on the high side and won’t consider returning any time soon as I’ll be broke in no time if I keep patronizing this place!  Till then, sayonara! 

  • SENJYU Sushi @ e@curve
  • Lot G2 & G3 ground floor
  • No.2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
  • 47800 Petaling Jaya
  • Selangor Darul Ehsan
  • Tel – 603-7727 9028
  • Mobile – 6012-505 1204 (Kidd Leong/Restaurant Manager)
  • Business hours – 1200-2230 (Sun-Thurs)/1200-0000 (Fri, Sat & eve of PH)
  • website –
  • e-mail –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°15.748  E101°61.176
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  1. Zara says:

    SENJYU spells expensive! Wagyu! sluurps! Nice pix!

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