Restaurant US Rangers @ Bandar Makhota Cheras

Today is a special day for me and wifey. Years sailed through so swiftly that we could hardly believe we’re celebrating our 16th anniversary! As today is a working day, we didn’t plan to go on a trip to celebrate but arranged to have a simple dinner instead. I made reservation at this western restaurant in Bandar Makhota Cheras, a restaurant which is relatively unknown to many, not heard of perhaps, except for those who live in the vicinity. 

Restaurant US Rangers has been operating in the vicinity for almost 5 years but with  practically zero advertisement while keeping a low profile, not many are aware of its presence. I happen to stumble upon it by chance a few years back after visiting a client around the area. After trying out some of its steaks, I was impressed and USR soon became my regular joint for a good western meal.  The chef who is also the owner, Mr. Steven Sim has almost 20 years of experience in the field and has worked with various renowned steak houses before venturing on his own. Business is encouraging partly due to the good food prepared but most importantly, the price is reasonable. The “Boss” is friendly and approachable making you feel at ease when dining here.

Cheese baked oyster @ RM 7.oo/pc ~ I requested my oysters to be prepared in 2 ways, baked and fresh. This baked version never fell short of my satisfaction. The  generous amount of parmesan cheese as topping is perfectly baked with nice amount of charred parts to give me a good crisp from the cheese. Splendid! 

After enjoying a good munching of the baked cheese layer, I digged into the juicy and fresh 50 cent sized oyster and gave it an immediate gulp down. Sluurps! 

Fresh rock oyster @ RM 5.00/pc ~ It didn’t take long for my  favorite  fresh oysters to arrive nicely buried under the cube ices. Squeezed in the lemons, sprinkled a few drops of tobasco sauce and I had these highly calcified bivalve molluscs glided smoothly down my throat! As usual, I finished off by drinking the concoction of lemon+tobasco+oyster juice that gave me a unique sourish, pepperish and sea-salty taste! Helps to increase the levels of sex hormones too! 😉 Awesome! 

Signature smoked duck @ RM 20.80 ~ The very first time I sampled this was when Chef Steven brought it to my table and asked me for my opinion. My reaction was, ah? duck? Doesn’t sound too western, does it? I fell in love with it after the very first bite! Skin was crispy, not burnt and the meat was just magnificent, filled with smokey flavor. Not in the menu but definitely not to be missed! 

Juicy, succulent smoked duck meat.

Lamb rack combo @ RM 35.80 ~ Again, I made a special request from chef Steven for T’s dish and he willingly obliged. The way of preparation which I requested has never been done in USR. Either grilled or deep-fried but NO combo! We sampled T’s lamb and everyone preferred the grilled version as it was juicier than the deep-fried version. The latter was dryer but made crispier by the bread crumbs. A hint of an Indian spice on both the grilled and deep-fried version somewhat made it different but we were too westernized to appreciate them. It just can’t go IMHO. Psychologically, it tells us that this is no nasi kayu restaurant! Nevertheless, T cleaned up the plate despite the foreign taste and more so, the serving being rather big! 

Australian Wagyu steak @ RM 230.00/300g (full serving) ~  My long-awaited all time favorite is finally here! Perfectly grilled, this Australian wagyu fillet with the aromatic charred edges is accompanied by a baked potato, corn, served with cauliflower and broccoli. I usually go for a marble score of 6 that has just the right amount of fats which offers a real exquisite texture. Prepared medium rare, this juicy steak with a heavenly bite certainly add more satisfaction to my dining experience tonight! 

Australian Wagyu steak @ RM 120/200g (medium serving) ~ E’s steak is the same as mine but a little smaller in size. He attacked the steak and cleaned up in a short span of time. He even asked for mine as this was his favorite too! Should have ordered the 300g for him instead! He gave it a two thumbs up!

Braised lamb shank @ RM 27.80 ~ Wifey certainly has a real affection for lamb, especially the rack but opted for this today. By using simple root veg and a flavoured butter, braised in slow fire, all its flavor are locked in the meat thus giving it  a very good taste and moist. I would’ve preferred it to be more tender but it was ok for wifey. The gamey lamb smell was rather empowering at first but was soon put aside after we used the garlic olive oil provided and the creamy mashed potato and steamed greens complemented this dish perfectly. 

Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (2010) @ RM 80.00/bottle ~ A celebration would fall short without a bottle of red, that’s for sure hence, I ordered this to try.  The wine was not among the best I have tasted. Yes, it’s a cheap wine, an easy drinking, medium-bodied wine with aromas of strawberries and ripe fruit follow on a succulent palate of berry fruits and ripe tannins but there were none of the harsh tannins (the element that gives many red wines a mouth puckering effect) and the fruit was presented right up front, the finish is long and clingy. Those up front flavors were of black cherries and red berries with a pleasing under-flavor of oak. This wine displayed a vibrant ruby red color and the aromas are mirrored in the flavor and were enhanced by a near perfect acid balance. What we have to say about this wine is simple and to the point; either you’ll love it or otherwise. I wasn’t charmed by this one but well, I did not expect too much out of it. Let’s be honest – if it is not closed with cork, it’s not a real wine! 

Banana boat @ RM 6.80 ~ For dessert, the kids had this banana boat with a Chinese twist that was complimented by the Dimocarpus longans instead of marshmallows and chocolate chips. The 3 scoops of chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sauce certainly put a smile to their face. 

All this glorious food left us full with satisfaction and to enjoy it with my family made it more meaningful. I hope many more will come to discover this little underrated western joint and come to love it as I do.

  • Restaurant US Rangers 
  • No. 46-48, Ground floor,
  • Jalan Temenggung 1/9
  • Bandar Makhota Cheras
  • 43200, Cheras Selangor.
  • Tel – 603-9019 0146
  • Mobile – 012-604 5028 (Chef Steven Sim)
  • Business Hours – 1230-0000 (daily)
  • Closed – Never 
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°03.030  E101°47.384
  • Location map

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17 Responses to Restaurant US Rangers @ Bandar Makhota Cheras

  1. Choi Yen says:

    Not only u & wifey for the celebration? 😛

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Happy Anniversary AhSumpt & Wifey. And to many more anniversaries to come..

  3. Mia says:

    Wagyu… sluurps! Marble score of 6 is certainly a good choice! happy anniversary!

  4. Asha says:

    The smoked duck really looked appetizing! Must go and try one of these days! When are you free? 😉 happy anniversary!

  5. Jaymee says:

    16 years! Congrats! Oysters at sun & surf sounds good. This weekend I’ll make myself free! Will liaise with Paris and keep you posted!

  6. Mark says:

    Wow, so fast 16 years! I still remember attending your wedding! Gosh, we are getting old! How come T ate Indian lamb rack at western restaurant? Oysters.. i need some! Catch up mate and my regards to your lovely wife! Cheers!

  7. Sara says:

    Happy anniversary sumptuous! good posting and nice pix! Must go and eat the wagyu!

  8. Sumptuous® says:

    Thx Paris! S&S this sunday sounds good! On then!

  9. Sumptuous® says:

    Thx Paris! S&S this sunday is good! On then!

  10. kong says:

    Happy Anniversary.. already is a frequent guest.. sure will come again wif family

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