Lou Gang Restaurant (老港家郷小廚) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong/Ceased Operation

I’ve been driving past this restaurant quite a number of times without giving it much thought as it looked grand and intimidatingly expensive. After learning that they were having an offer for a 6 course meal through Everyday.com, we took the opportunity to try it out.

The name Lou Gang (老港) which translates to “old port” was originated from Pasir Panjang in Negeri Sembilan, or popularly known as Port Dickson. This restaurant is quite hidden and would require some effort to locate, but to those who are familiar with Bandar Puteri, it’s just at the back row of  Tenji and Hotel 99, two large establishments that one could hardly miss.

The outlet is filled with nicely decorated tables and dressed chairs which resembles  those of certain Chinese restaurant in 5-star hotels. A row of banquette seats are lined along the wall for couples or those who come in smaller groups. Blown up pictures of Lou Gang town of yesteryear double up as wallpaper with details on each of the pictures. Even though the outlet is fully air-conditioned we could hardly feel the cooling effect because of the open concept design. Nevertheless, it was pleasant and comfortable. 

Dry scallop in bean curd soup (干具豆腐羹/中) @ RM 25.00 (m) ~ We seriously did not enjoy this bowl of “super” starchy bean curd soup at all. Only ¼ was touched! Mediocre at best. 

Steamed cod fish in soya sauce (清蒸酱油银雪鱼/小) @ 45.00/300g (s) ~ The two pieces of cod fish were “thinly” cut and good only for my kids but is fresh enough and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of soya sauce and steamed to perfection, bringing out the natural flavours of the fish. 

Luóhàn zhāi (罗汉斋/小) @ RM 10.00 (s) ~ This dish reads as “special mixed vegetable” in their online promotion page and also in the menu but was actually the famous Buddha’s delight or more known as Luóhàn zhai when served, so, just take note that they have this dish. Prepared using various types of vegetables consisting of beancurd sticks (腐竹), sliced carrots (胡萝卜), snow peas (荷兰豆), arrowhead mushroom (慈菇), broccoli (西兰花), napa cabbage (大白菜), cauliflower (菜花), braised wheat gluten (面筋) and baby corn (玉米笋), nicely cooked with carefully mixed seasonings until crisp-tender. Simple yet flavorful and filled with wok-hei.

Claypot chicken with yam (阳城土鸡煲/大) @ RM 30.00 (l) ~ I’ve always found dishes cooked with yam to be very filling, be it chicken, vege or any sort for that matter. The chef here is very clever to have utilized some curry leaves in this dish, a fond ingredient with most of their signature dishes. The curry leaves certainly helped in enhancing the flavor and also balanced up the “fulfilling factor”, especially from the yam, and the rich and creamy gravy. Chicken was nicely cooked, tender, smooth and effortless to have the meat detached from the bones. Nice, but I still found it too filling! 

Garlic flavored soy sauce prawn (秘制蒜皇铁板虾/小) @ RM 20.00/200g (s) ~ Sizzling hot, amazingly aromatic and the gravy was awesome! Not overly salty, perfectly adjusted with a small dosage of honey used, BUT, the prawns were way overcooked! 

Crispy lotus pancake (皮脆锅饼) @ RM 20.00 (m) ~ Not too sweet but not as crispy as it claimed to be. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was forgotten after preparation. We actually waited for quite a while before reminding them over about this dessert. Definitely overpriced for 12 slices. Symbolizes happy ending? Hmm.. 

Overall I consider the meal satisfying despite some misses here and there. Afterall, I only  foot out RM 58.80 instead of RM 150.00, thus saving around RM 91.00 bucks! Seriously no complaints as the service is commendable and the serving time was quick, but I still need to dig into my pocket for my pot of Chinese tea (Iron Kuan Yin/铁观音 @ RM 7.00), 4 plain white rice @ RM 4.80 and lastly a 5% service charge @ RM 3.53. I’ll probably come back “IF” they are throwing another promotion featuring other dishes apart from what I’ve tasted today. 

  • Lao Gang Restaurant (老港家郷小廚)
  • G-48, Jalan Puteri 1/8
  • Bandar Puteri,
  • 47100 Puchong,
  • Selangor.
  • Tel – 603 – 8051 3126
  • Mobile – 016-349 8886 (Chef Patrick Teh)/016-284 8882 (Chef Bryan Ong)
  • Business hours – 1100-1500 (lunch)/1730-2300 (dinner)/2130 (last order)
  • Closed – Never/CNY exempted
  • email – laogangrestaurant@hotmail.com
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°01.582  E101°37.186

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6 Responses to Lou Gang Restaurant (老港家郷小廚) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong/Ceased Operation

  1. Suzanne says:

    The restaurant does looked grand from outside and the promo is really too good to resist, but based on your review, you weren’t too satisfy aren’t you? Anyway, I can trust your reviews coz I’ve been to a few restaurants which you recommended and they are really good! Nice pix sumptuous and I’m glad to be a follower of your blog!

  2. Sara says:

    Wow! I love cod fish! What other stuffs do they sell there and how’s the crowd?

    • Sumptuous® says:

      Seriously, their menu is pretty extensive. The have almost all the dishes you can name in a tai chow place but with xtras of course. Their promo on the ala cart menu is reasonable priced, something like below RM10. Drop by if you are near that vicinity.

  3. pegasuskl says:

    Claypoy chicken with yam makes my mouth water and my tummy growl..me want, me want !

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