Soon Lei Kedai Makanan & Minuman (顺利茶餐室) @ Jalan Klang Lama

After my previous visit here which was relatively a super rush one, I vowed I’ll come back again with more time to spend. I did so today as Soon Lei is having a set meal promotion @ RM 150 that is good for 10-12pax, hence, I invited my makan-gang for lunch to make up the numbers in order to enjoy the promotion.

Claypot X.O. fish head noodle (瓦煲X.O.鱼头米/大) @ RM 22.00/large ~ Chunks of fresh fish head, deep-fried with crisp edge mixed with thick vermicelli filled this clay pot. Meat was firm yet smooth and flavorful. Tomatoes, salted vegetables, yam and ginger slices blended well in producing the creamy bubbling hot soup. The distinctive aroma of Chinese wine enhanced the well-balanced flavor of sour, tangy and sweet soup of this clay pot of fish head noodle. Simply amazing and the gang loved it! 

Mongolian styled fried rice (蒙古式炒饭) @ RM 6.00 ~ The aroma of the curry leaves were distinctive and also gave an additional level of spiciness to this plate of fried rice. Minced bbq pork, prawns and bird’s eyes chillies enhances the flavor and the burning sensation kicked in after a few spoonful. The rice was a little lumpy as a result of freshly cooked rice being used. That was the little minus point  but was nice overall! 

Claypot rat-tail noodle (瓦煲老鼠粉/大) @ RM 15.00/large ~ Again, this was good but slightly different from the famous Jalan Sultan version. Less minced meat but were enough to satisfy us. The biggest difference is, no raw egg cracked on top of the minced meat thus resulting in producing a less silky smooth texture from the rat-tail noodles. Nevertheless, the minced meat was flavorful and compliments well with the noodles. The gravy that accompanies the dish in which the ingredients are cooked ensures an irresistibly smoky flavour. Needless to say, the aroma wafting from the clay pot is as exquisitely smoldering as can be, and it’s enough to perk your taste buds in anticipation of this wonder. Scallions, sliced red chillies and deep-fried onions topped as garnishing. 

Stir-fry pig intestine with dried shrimps (虾米生肠猪肚) @ RM 14.00 ~ The intestine was very  clean as there was no sign of any unfavorable intestinal smell, cooked to perfection as it was extremely chewy with nice texture and full of flavor. The combination of garlic, dried shrimp and bird’s-eye chillies added an interesting crunch and kick to the taste. Sinfully good and certainly a zesty appetizer guaranteed to wake up the taste buds! 

Taiwanese style stir-fry glass noodle with winter melon (台湾式炒冬瓜冬粉) @ RM 7.50 ~ The glass noodles was cleverly cooked, not broken into pieces and the decently sized prawns was crunchy. The sweetness of the winter melon is flavorsome even after battered deep-fried. Everything just came so well together. A unique dish where it was snapped up within a short moment of time!

Guinness chicken wings (黑啤鸡翼) @ RM 3.50/pc ~  Chicken wings, deep-fried and glazed with rich Guinness stout beer, giving it a crispy skin with tender and juicy meat. The stout flavor is not too empowering, just a slight tinge for its presence to be felt. 

Stir-fry mantis shrimp with salted egg (咸蛋虾蛄) @ RM 14.00 ~ Shelled and coated in batter, the deep-fried mantis prawns are so easy to eat. Crispy on the outside, while maintaining a delightfully crunchy yet juicy meaty texture with a touch of moist  on the inside. Having to taste the saltiness and powdery refreshing flavour of the salted egg yolk can be so appetizing. You will basically find salted egg yolk bits on every piece of mantis prawn. Took a bite of it and burstful flavours of egg yolk mixed with curry leaves and bird’s-eye chillies filled my mouth. Expectantly, we cleaned the whole plate in record time. 

Fried Hakka yam abacus (客家算盘子) @ RM 12.00 ~ This stir-fried Hakka classic dish with a lot of bite came with garlic, minced meat, black fungus, dried shrimps, shredded squids, scallions, dried bean curds, shallots, celery and garnished with spring onions and red chillies. The saltiness level was adjusted well this round compared to my previous visit. Tasty and the gang loves it.

Jiangnan noodles (江南生面) @ RM 10.00 ~ This was aromatic and extremely tasty! The gravy and the noodle goes along very well and the prawns are fresh with a reasonable size for the price paid. It also come with squids, century eggs and some mix vegetables. Slices of pickled gingers were also given to compliment the century egg, as some would like it. Worthy of a try as not many restaurants serve this dish. 

For only RM 150.00 (Jiangnan noodles excluded) and with  free flow of either Chinese tea, winter melon (冬瓜), sugarcane (竹蔗) or Loh Han Guo (罗汉果/Siraitia Grosvenorr), what could we possibly asked for?  Mrs. Lee (lady boss) even ensured me that a further discount could be arranged if we come in more than four tables. Guess that’ll have to wait for my grand birthday! (大寿) 😉

Anyway, this simple yet fulfilling lunch has certainly left everyone with a smiley face and a tummy full of good impression! Overall, I would say they served pretty decent food here in general and is highly recommended. The restaurant is packed during lunch time and it was a clear evidence for their popularity in the area. 

  • Kedai Makanan & Minuman Soon Lei (顺利茶餐室)
  • G7, Block KP1
  • Jalan 3/115C
  • Taman Kuchai Jaya
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 016-273 5369 (Mrs. Lee)
  • Business hours – 0815-1630 (Mon-Sat)/0815-1500 (Sundays)
  • Closed – never
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.461  E101°40.003
  • Location map
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2 Responses to Soon Lei Kedai Makanan & Minuman (顺利茶餐室) @ Jalan Klang Lama

  1. Paris says:

    The dishes looked super awesome and the prices is unbelievable! When are you organizing another round? This time you should invite your makan gang 2.0! Enough of hinting and the pics are awesome!! 🙂

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