Skewers BBQ & Grill @ Subang Avenue (Ceased Operation)

We got ourselves yet another good deal from Groupon and this time it is at Skewers which is located in Subang Avenue, pretty new shopping mall, at least to me. In fact, if it’s not for this dinner, I’d probably wouldn’t know the existence this mall. We planned for an early dinner to avoid the crowd as this is a pub cum restaurant and we definitely weren’t keen to take in the 2nd hand smoke from the bar-goers! We were lucky to step in with a zero crowd.

Skewers is fairly conspicuous as it’s located right in front at the left corner of Subang Avenue Mall entrance. 

The grill section behind the glass cubical along with the bar greets you as you walk in. “C” shaped banquette can accommodate up to 7 adults while beer goers can opt for the high tables and bar stools. 

The canteen table and benches which I normally refer to is another option for diners.

The chill out section. Good for lying back, hugging some pillows and  enjoying a cold mug of beer while watching football matches.

Alfresco dining. Good for group events but not for me unless it’s raining. With our climate.. you know what I mean..

Fresh garden salad ~ Served with black olive rings, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar dressing. A little dry when served, hence we requested for more dressing. A bowl of the balsamic vinegar was delivered. 

Mashed potato ~ Creamy mashed potatoes with skin bits topped with brown gravy. I prefer the more refined version and definitely without the skin bits! Presentation wasn’t very appetizing. 

Large meat & seafood platter ~ This platter is good for 4 adults with assorted meats consisting of Hickory smoked BBQ wings, Skewer’s special garlic buttered prawns, Terriyaki chicken, Bangers on skewers and the Minty lamb. Very aromatic, especially the Bangers on skewers. 

Bangers on skewers ~ Juicy chicken sausages grilled over medium fire for a smoky finish with sliced capsicum and onions. Very tasty but got quite salty once you have more than a skewer but I still like it nonetheless! À la carte order at RM 17.00

Terriyaki chicken ~ Boneless chicken pieces dipped in terriyaki marinade, fiery wasabi, seasoned and bbq to perfection. Dash of sesame seeds and a pineapple cube  acts as the pinnacle to this skewer of chunky chicken meat. I found it a little dry and was only so so to me. À la carte order @ RM 17.00

Skewer’s special garlic buttered prawns ~ Fresh prawns coated with a special marinade made out of fresh herbs, garlic and butter spices. Sweet and seriously delicious!  À la carte order @ RM 23.00

Minty lamb ~ Juicy lamb pieces marinade with minty yoghurt & cooked over medium fire for a perfect grilled finish. The absence of a strong lamb smell and a good mouthfeel on the lamb pieces is skillful! À la carte @ RM 24.00

Hickory smoked bbq wings ~ Tender chicken wings smothered in Skewer’s classic bbq sauce. Flavorful, succulent zest and certainly smoked to perfection. À la carte order @ RM 15.00

This very fulfilling and “filling meal” cost us only RM 96.00 with the Groupon voucher instead of RM 273.80 for the 2 sets of Large Meat and Seafood Platter we ordered. Definitely a steal! I was tempted to order the Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger which won praises from many. I’m glad I gave it a pass coz we, 5a/3c did not really touch the 2nd platter as we already full by then. We were considered lucky they allowed us to take-away the “hardly touched” platter after some persuasion as the coupon stated “dine-in” only. Staffs are helpful especially the attentive foreign waitress that served our table. Will certainly come back for the burger since Skewers is famed for it! 

  • Skewers bbq & grill
  • SG-01, Subang Avenue
  • Persiaran Kemajuan SS16
  • Subang Jaya
  • Tel – 603-5632 1368
  • Mobile – 012-2345 463/Ken Lau
  • Business Hours – 1200-0100 (weekdays)/1200-0200 (weekends)
  • website –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°04.954  E101°35.324

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