CEGGO Pan Mee/House of Ceggo Food Station @ Bandar Puteri Puchong (Ceased Operation)

There has been numerous establishments that offer various discounts in websites such as (everyday.com/Groupon) to attract and generate more business. Many have benefited from this, be it the retailer or customers alike. Wifey joined the bandwagon and purchased a coupon from everyday.com for CEGGO, a pan mee outlet selling some special hand kneaded noodles which won many praises from customer who’d visited the restaurant. 

CEGGO.. sounds more Italian to me than a pan mee outlet. Well, maybe they have pastas with bitter gourd soup? No offense though. Just a thought coz nowadays it’s all about creativity! 

CEGGO has a simple setup, clean and air-conditioned. The beverage counter is located right at the entrance which is also the designated smoking area.

Chili Sauce ~ According to some of the patrons of  CEGGO, this sauce will cause one to “develop a withdrawal symptom after missing it for a couple of days” but is somewhat ordinary to me. On the other hand, I must say it’s not bad and definitely gave me a burning sensation after trying it! 

Ma lat Pan Mee (麻辣板面) @ RM 7.80 ~ I was supposed to have this when wifey purchased the coupon but I changed my mind after flipping through the menu. MIL took care of this bowl of super spicy, “pretty salty” but nicely textured flat rolled (粗面) pan mee that came with minced meat, fried anchovies, wood ear  (木耳) and a few pieces of deep-fried bean curd skin. It turned a little bitter towards the end and I realized it happened to all the Ma lat cooking. Must be the extra chillies! 

Signature Tomato Pan Mee (招牌蕃茄板面) @ 7.80 ~ When wifey mentioned that she wanted to try tomato pan mee, I stared at her and wished her luck! Well, since this is special and one of its kind, I guess there’s no harm trying. Broth was not overly thick and neither was it too diluted. Sourish but on the good side and chunks of smashed tomatoes were visible. Broccoli was replaced with choy sum and the peeled version gave a good mouthfeel to this bowl of signature noodle! 

Fried Pan Mee (炒板面) @ RM 7.80 ~ This was the reason I deserted my  Malat pan mee. I don’t know why but I felt the urge for this after finding it in the menu. Did it taste good? Well, if you like char koay teow (炒果条), then you’ll like this, only this uses flat rolled (粗面) noodle instead of the silky smooth flat rice noodles (果条). Anchovies in place of cockles with additional wood ear, slices of carrots and not forgetting the crunchy lards!

Mango Sago @ RM 5.00 ~ Shaved iced with many sagos, mango syrup and generous pieces of sweet mangoes. Perfect! Especially after having the Ma lat pan mee and their chili sauce! 

All I had to foot out from my pocket today was RM 14.40 for the above including 2 glasses of Chinese tea (0.80 x 2). This is excluding the coupon worth RM 7.60 for 2 bowls of either tomato or malat pan mee. Definitely a steal, especially for the signature tomato pan mee! I’ll come back since I’ve not tried all the pan mee (around 20 different types) and just so you know, besides pan mee they do serve simple western food and some local favorites too! 

  • Restaurant Tian Pin Garden (CEGGO)
  • No. 56, Jalan Puteri 2/4
  • Bandar Puteri
  • 47100 Puchong Selangor
  • Tel – 603-7981 9822 (Danau Desa outlet)
  • Business Hours – 1030-2030 (daily)
  • Closed – Every Mondays forthnightly
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N03°01.306  E101°37.031
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2 Responses to CEGGO Pan Mee/House of Ceggo Food Station @ Bandar Puteri Puchong (Ceased Operation)

  1. taufulou says:

    aikss..didnt know that they have an outlet now in bandar puteri . .

    love their tomato pan mee.. at their main branch . .in taman desa there..

  2. Sumptuous® says:

    Bok, This outlet is definitely a better option in terms of parking availability. Taste wise? You update me after visiting since you’ve tried the danau outlet!

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