JoJo Little Kitchen (板面专卖店) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

It was only 1540, way before dinner time and our tummies were already growling. I suggested we take a ride out to look for food around the residential. It was raining horrendously after we made a few circles and yet we haven’t found anything to satisfy our hunger. We finally spotted this pan mee stall after awhile and decided to check it out since this outlet is new here and MIL haven’t tried before. I’ve tried a few times at the HQ (Kuchai Lama) and that was quite awhile ago. If my memory serves me correctly, it was rather ok.  

This is the 10th outlet (according) to the signage. Business must be good for it to mushroom in such a short span of time. 

It was relatively empty when we got there and rows of “newly opened flower stands” adorned this newly opened outlet. Deco is similar to the rest except this outlet is  more spacious. Divided into 2 sections, air-conditioned and non. Menu is extensive with more than 15 types of pan mee, 18 to be precise. The snack section offers dishes like fried pork, fried fish cakes,  curry chicken, just to name a few if you are not interested in the pan mees!

Three different types of chilies of your choice. A green sourish type, a sambal version and their “signature” chili flakes. 

My favorite! Not spicy for me, nice though and the presence of dried shrimps are very visible, especially its crispy shells. A little on the sweet side. Honestly, I make better ones.. really ok!

Chili Pan Mee/dry (辣椒板面/干捞)@ RM 6.50 ~ I went for this version of the pan mee which came with a poached egg, fried anchovies, minced meat, potato leaves and some chili flakes with thin noodles. The anchovies were a little floppy which was a bit of a downer but overall, Ok la. Edible. 

I added an additional 2 spoonful of chili flakes for extra kick onto my bowl, stirred it up nicely and this is how it turned out to be.  The runny egg yolk helped smoothen up the texture of the noodles but you must try to finish it up as soon as you can coz once the poached egg turned cold, it can be fishy! yucks..

Pan Mee (板面/清汤) ~ Wifey and MIL ordered the hand peeled version. Both the wonton pan mee & the century egg dumpling  pan mee is the same except for the ingredients in the wontons. The dough was not thin enough. We’ve came across thinner and silkier ones and sadly, the broth is ladened with MSG as we got pretty thirsty after the meal.

Wonton Pan Mee (云吞板面/清汤) @ RM 6.00 ~ Wontons are wee too small. Filling is ordinary. Nothing exceptional. Pretty pricey for that serving. 

Century Egg Dumpling Pan Mee (皮蛋饺板面/清汤) @ RM 7.50 ~ The flavor of the century egg burst into my mouth the minute I chewed on it. Nice but not wrapped in wontons though. I was surprised wifey ordered this as she’s not a century egg fan but she wanted something different. Adventurous her! 

These doughs costs us RM 22.50 with a can of Coke (RM 2.50). Rather expensive for bowls of doughs don’t you think? You pay for the environment alright. Overall, the standard dropped since my last few visits at the Kuchai Lama outlet. IMHO, maybe the lack of quality control, which is  a normal franchising issue and hiring of foreign workers as chefs contributes to the degrading quality of the food. Sad but seems like its a norm at most eateries nowadays. Well, so much for a bowl of dough! 

  • J0Jo Little Kitchen (板面专卖店)
  • 35, Jalan Puteri 1/6
  • Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • 47100 Puchong Selangor
  • Mobile – 017-5100 332 (Eric)
  • Business Hours – 1000-2200 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N03°01.606  E101°37.064
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6 Responses to JoJo Little Kitchen (板面专卖店) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

  1. pegasuskl says:

    Alamak…and u have to ‘taruh’ the foreigners ! and pass me some homemade sambal !

  2. Sumptuous® says:

    IMHO wat.. Honestly, I will never return to eateries where foreign workers stands as chefs. Would you? I’m not being bias here but I truly believe the masters should be doing the cooking instead of sitting back relaxing and delegating them to the foreign workers. Get complacent after become famous these buggers are! Homemade sambal awaits Peg!

  3. Yu Dik Head says:

    Some disagreement with your view.

    It is the best pan mee i have ever tried in KL. Unless you can recommend or list me one other place that can serve better – definitely i will try your recommndation and confirm if you have given a fair view.

    Overall store cleanliness above my mark, cosy environment, decent “foreign” staff.
    Price reasonable – as compare to some dessert store sell RM 6 per bowl of ice?

    Highly recommended – Herbal Chicken Pan Mee (♠♠♠♠♠ 4.7 out of 5)

  4. Sumptuous® says:

    It’s all about personal preference. Nothing personal. Herbal chicken pan mee noted!

  5. Lim says:

    Rather disappointed as I ordered hot Green Tea and when asked for Hot water refill I was told need to pay RM0.80 for the hot water..
    It should be free as you are serving Tea bag type of Green Tea.

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