One Plus Seafood Restaurant (1 + 壹饭店) @ Bandar Puteri Puchong (Ceased Operation)

This weekend we went to Puchong to do a pre mid-autumn festival dinner with MIL along with Aunt Sara & Uncle Randy. We suggested One Plus Seafood Restaurant (1 + 壹饭店)  as we’ve tried this place once and found the food to be pretty ok and reasonably priced.

Roadside dining and alfresco. A long stainless steel display table laden with ice and fresh seafood greets us. Pick your choice.

Air-conditioned interior in a simple and comfortable manner.

Steamed Taipan Fish with Soysauce (酱油蒸大班鱼) @ RM 30.00 ~ Fish is fresh. Sauce is good. This Taipan fish looked a little similar to the tilapia (非洲鱼) but tastes much better minus the muddy smell. 

Squid with Salted Egg (咸蛋鲜鱿) @ RM 15.00 ~ Deep fried squid batter with salted egg yolk. Crispy and a good finger food! 

Homemade Beancurd in Soysauce with Minced Meat (自制酱油豆腐) @  RM 20.00/medium ~ The texture of the bean curd is so nice to munch and the accompanying minced meat and deep fried crunchy dried shrimps perfected it. 

Buddha’s Yam Ring with Sweet & Sour Pork (佛钵咕嚕肉) @ RM 25.00 ~ This yam ring came in many versions but wifey wanted to try this instead of the common kung-pao (宫保) style. No regrets though as the yam ring is fluffly and crispy. The sweet and sour pork is just as nice with a good mouthfeel.

Egg Fuyong (福永福) @ RM 15.00 ~ Ordered this for uncle R as he’s fond of it. Common stuff so how bad can it be? A little pricey though.

Stir-fry Kangkong Belacan (马来风光) @ RM 8.00 ~ Good wok hei (镬气) imparted in it but the overpowering belachan makes it a little salty. Kangkong is crunchy and perfectly cooked.

Clams in Superior Broth (上汤啦啦) @ RM 18.90 ~ Fresh clams with a “so so only” broth! Nothing superior though! Tasted much better ones and the price is a little odd too!  

Stir-fry Kai-Lan with garlic (芥兰炒蒜米) @ RM 16.00 ~ Stems are tough, leaves are dry. We had it returned. The boss took it back without hesitation and politely apologized.

The whole meal came to less than RM 150.00 inclusive of plain white rice and a pot of hot Chinese tea. Affordable yes? I thought so too! Check it out if you are around the neighborhood but remember to make reservation after if you are coming after 7pm coz the place can be packed by then!

  • One Plus Seafood Restaurant (1 + 壹饭店)
  • No. 22A, Jalan Puteri 2/4
  • Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
  • Mobile – 016-601 3228 (Alan)/019-661 1300 (Chong)
  • Business Hours – 1100-2300 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°01.304  E101°36.974


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