Pork Noodle (南華醫猪肉粉) @ Jalan Tan Sri Lam Wah Ee, Penang

Whenever I’m in  Penang, I never fail to visit this small little shack during breakfast that serve very simple yet fulfilling pork noodle.  This place used to sell only pork noodle but today I found an additional stall that offers another all time Penangnites favorite, the Penang Curry Mee.

Mee Siam @ RM 2.50 ~ While I was busy looking for a table, “the gang” ordered this plate of fried mee siam. My purpose here is the pork noodle but it never stopped me from tasting it. The sambal that came along was really a good blend with the mee siam. I can’t stop after having the 1st bite despite it being a little cold. 

Penang Curry Mee (槟城咖喱面) @ RM 3.50 ~Since there’s a new stall in place selling Penang Curry Mee, we did not hesitate and went on with ordering a bowl to try. As most of you know, the broth is milky, whitish compared to the reddish KL version. Slices of cuttle fish, prawns, bean curd puffs and some Vietnamese mint leaves made this bowl of Penang delicacy.

As we knew the milky looked broth won’t give us any kick, we mixed the whole spoon of chili paste into the curry and this is how it turned out to be. The result? Everyone who tried sweats! That’s how fiery hot it was! 

Toast (烧面包)@ RM 1.20 per set ~ Simple addition. Kaya and the rich butter complimented each other well on the “fresh from the toaster” bread.

Penang Lobak (槟城五香卷) @ RM 4.20 ~ The skin is still crispy when we ate it and the aroma of the five spice powder is evident. God know’s how many rolls were there on this plate. We just wallop everything. 1st time I have this for breakfast! 

Penang Pork Noodle (槟城猪肉粉) @ RM 2.50 ~ The main reason I came back over and over again. Strands of flat rice noodle is silky smooth. Fish balls are bouncy and the one thing I like most in this bowl of noodle is the pig liver (豬肝). I’ve never came across any that cook to this texture thus far! The price is unbelievable too! 

Almond Tea (杏仁茶) @ RM 1.30 ~ Lastly, my never missed cup of hot almond tea. Nothing great but I just love it! 

Locating this stall can be a little tricky but all that is needed is to look out for Hospital Lam Wah Ee. This stall is directly across the hospital and next to a workshop. You may park near the stall if you know the place well or park at the hospital and walk over.

  • Lam Wah Ee Pork Noodle (南華醫猪肉粉)     
  • Jalan Tan Sri Lam Wah Ee
  • 11600 Georgetown  
  • Penang.
  • Business Hours – 0630-1430
  • Closed –  Sundays        
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N05°23.582  E100°18.253


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