Weld Quay Restaurant (海乾饭店) @ Pengkalan Weld, Penang

Today is our last day in Penang so we make sure we have one last round of nice food before hitting the road. I decided on WQR as I found that the food served here is pretty good and the price is rather reasonable. I kinda like the setup too. This restaurant used to operate in a single shop but expanded due to the heavy flow of customers. Now they’ve separated the cooking and dining area altogether. Parking can be a hassle but I realized a lotsa customers parked just right in front of the shop, illegally! There is a public parking just before the restaurant and it charges only RM 2.00. So, the choice is yours!

Imagine parking your right car in front of the shop, being inconsiderate and obstructing traffic? FYI, this is only a 2 lane road! Well, just pay and walk a little! Here you can see the kitchen on the right and the dining on the left of WQR.

My Penang friends prefer to call this place 浓树下 (under the thick tree) instead of  海乾饭店. Just look at the thick tree trunk! Feng Shui or preserving nature? 

This section is where you place your order. They have all kinds of fish, prawns and vegetables for your selection. 

The 1st section of the restaurant greets you with an open dining, high ceiling and cemented floor. Nothing fancy. No air-conditioners. Just ceiling fans! Reminiscence the good ol’ days at my grandma’s house.

2nd section that has a huge fish pond and also where the washroom (blue door) is located. Who wants to six next to the washroom anyway? Tell me about it when the place is packed!! So, make reservation ok!

3rd section and my favorite whenever I visit WQR. They normally reserve the last table for me which is just next to a “huge fan/air-cond” look alike! Today I took the 1st table instead as it was raining pretty hard and there were water trickling by the sides of the roof! It was cooling though. I always have the feeling of having a meal in a badly bombed building whenever I dine here!

Tidbits on the house. 1st time for many on the table having tidbits with curry as dipping, not to mention Indian stalls of course! Different and interesting.

Pork Rib King (排骨王) @ RM 15.00 ~ Nicely deep fried and coated with yummy-licious gravy. Tender and juicy! Well recommended! Bones are nowhere to be seen! 

Stir-fry bean curd with minced meat (肉碎豆腐) @ RM 10.00 ~ This dish was disappointing. Tasted bland and the bean curd is sourish! The manager “bull-ed” us into believing her that they used sour plum on it! That’s obviously a sign of spoilt bean curd! 

Stir-fry Sambal Petai (炒臭豆) @ RM 10.00 ~ The sambal is good and so are the crunchy petai, that is if you can bear the gassy smell of course! Eat when hot to cut down the odor! 

Stir-fry Flowering Garlic Chives with Mixed Vegetables (韮菜花炒杂) @ RM 7.00 ~ Fresh young cauliflower stir-fried to perfection. Nicely done as this dish can be quite tricky to cook especially if the cauliflower’s are old hence it could turn out inedible! 

Claypot Curry Fish (煲仔咖喱鱼) @ RM 13.00 ~ Cat ordered this dish with black promphet (黑鲳) which went well with the curry. Fish was fresh and the curry was tasty. Not too spicy. Even the kids can have a little sip but I still prefer the “7 star grouper” (七星斑) which I ordered during my previous visit. 

Boiled Seaweed Soup (滚紫菜汤) @ RM 20.00 ~ Generous amount of fish balls and seaweed put to boil in this bowl of soup. I’m not so much of a fan therefore I’m not giving my rating. They claimed it was ok though.

This lunch treat from Tai came to RM 85.00 inclusive of rice. Rice must be free I guess as I don’t seemed to be able to find the charges for it in the bill. Reasonable I must say as the whole lunch was less than RM 100 for 6 adults and 3 kids. Worth giving it a shot again despite the failed bean curd! Thx Tai!

  • Weld Quay Restaurant (海乾饭店)
  • No. 21, Pengkalan Weld
  • 10300 Penang. (opposite jetty)
  • Mobile – 012-474 5566 (Khor Joon See)
  • Business Hours – 1130-2200
  • Closed – Wednesdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05°24.877  E100°20.521

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6 Responses to Weld Quay Restaurant (海乾饭店) @ Pengkalan Weld, Penang

  1. kanannie says:

    Does this restaurant serve black pepper crab? Do you have any recommendations for a good black pepper crab restaurant in Penang? Thanks!

    • Sumptuous® says:

      @kanannie ~ I’ve not tried bpc here at weld quay but have tasted good ones at Hai Boey Seafood. here’s the link – . Hope this helps!

      • kanannie says:

        Thanks for the recommendation! Is there one closer to Georgetown? We don’t have a car while we are here and taxis seem to be a pain.

      • Sumptuous® says:

        Most of the seafood restaurants in town are tourist trap, so don’t even bother. Teluk Kumbar is worth a go. Are you local?

      • kanannie says:

        That’s sad to hear about the nearby seafood spots in Penang. We are visiting from overseas and were hoping to try bpc before leaving.

      • Sumptuous® says:

        If you have problem hailing a cab in Penang which is a norm, download an app to you mobile call My Teksi. That’ll help getting yourself a cab at ease.

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