Choy Kee Kedai Makan (财记饭店) @ Sungkai, Perak

It has been a taxing drive from Penang as it was raining so heavily that I can hardly see the road. The more you concentrate, the more tired you are. I’m feeling sleepy and I needed a break! Since it’s closed to dinner, we pull by Restoran Choy Kee as our last stop for food before heading home.

It was still drizzling upon reaching CK and the crowd has not surface yet! Good! I can have my food served the soonest possible! This place is normally packed to the brim during lunch and dinner.

A pot of hot Chinese tea (香片)  for RM 5.00

Stir-fry bean sprout with salted fish (咸鱼炒豆芽) @ RM 10.00 ~ Bean sprouts are short, fat and crunchy! Typical Ipoh grown bean sprouts! Aroma of salted fish is overwhelming. Simple and good! 

Steamed Herbal Chicken (汽草药鸡) @ RM 18.00 (s) ~ Perfectly steamed and the chicken meat fell off the bone without much trouble. Herbal-ish gravy was great! 

Signature Homemade Bean curd (招牌自制豆腐) @ RM 14.00 ~ The oil look-alike kinda put me off when this dish was placed on the table. Luckily it turned out to be some sort of tasty gravy. Bean curd is smooth and the crunchy dried shrimp and preserved vege topping is tasty!

Signature Braised Pig Trotter (招牌炖猪蹄) @ RM 33.00 ~ I never fail to order this all time favorite whenever I visit CK. It was only selling at RM 25.00 then! The collagen a.k.a. “FATS” that accompany the perfectly braised meat has never fell short of satisfaction! I can wallop the whole thing all by myself including the nicely concocted gravy! Wanna have a silky smooth skin? Eat this! 

The inner part with the tender meat of the Signature Braised Pig Trotter (招牌炖猪蹄).

Teochew Boiled Soup (滾潮州汤) @ RM 14.00 ~ This order didn’t really turn out as what we expected. We thought we’ll be served with the typical Teochew soup that comes with fish balls that layered with seaweeds but instead we had this Teochew Pepper Pork Belly Soup (潮州胡椒猪肚汤) laden with pepper, pork belly and fish balls! Boy this was hot and none of the kids have the ability to savour it! Only ¼ ended in the adult’s belly! Such a waste! 

Total meal came out to exactly RM 100 with 6 plain rice (RM6) and a pot of Chinese tea. The meal was good and too bad they didn’t have the famous ikan Terubuk that I always liked. Guess I’ll have to come back again for that. For those of you who are traveling north you might want to swing by CK and try them out. The town centre is located off the old Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh trunk road. To get here using the Plus North-South h’way, look out for the Sungkai exit. Follow straight till you reach a traffic light where you make a right turn. At about 1km, turn left at the second traffic lights and proceed till see two rows of pre-war shophouses which is where CK is located.  Bon appetite!

  • Kedai Makan Choy Kee  (财记饭店)  
  • 35, Jalan Besar,
  • 35600 Sungkai, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
  • Tel – 605-438 6287
  • Mobile – 019-336 9609
  • Business Hours –  1000-2100
  • Closed – Thursdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°59.854  E101°18.475

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