Hai Boey Seafood (海尾海鲜) @ Teluk Kumbar, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Time does flies. I can still remember clearly that around the same time last year, we celebrated Jaime’s birthday at Hen Key restaurant in Balakong, during her visit to KL. This year we came to celebrate with her in Penang instead and made prior reservation to dine at this popular seafood restaurant in Teluk Kumbar, Hai Boey Seafood.

Indoor seatings, sea facing seatings, mini playground for children, tanks of live sea beings and an open styled kitchen, all at Hai Boey Seafood!

Tai’s personal collection! Kept only for occasions like tonite, Jaime’s b’day! Let’s get tipsy!

Stir-fry French Bean with Dried Shrimps (贵豆苗虾米) @ RM 18.00 ~ Both the beans and the dried shrimps are crunchy and nice. Simple yet good! 

Japanese Style Deep Fried Brinjal (日式茄子) @ RM 24.00 ~ This is one of the “signature” dish at HBS. Stuffed with minced meat, prawn, slices of carrots and bits of brinjal, nicely batter and deep fried on skewers. Tasty and well recommended! Beware of the sharp skewers though as they are hardly noticeable! 

DongPo Meat (东波肉) @ RM 25.00 ~ Braised pork belly is succulent with a sinful layer of accompanying fats! Tender with a gelatinous texture. Gravy is good with rice and the buns that came with it! 

Braised Bean curd with Mushroom (白玉菇豆腐) @ RM 18.00 ~ Bean curds topped with seaweed and Innoki/straw mushrooms (草菇), braised. A different way of preparation. Not too bad! 

Sour & Spicy Clams (酸辣花甲) @ RM 20.00 ~ This clams are more known as Kepah that comes with a thicker shell than the normal clams. Hardly taste the vinegar which brings out the sourish taste. The chili padi’s did not kick in as well but the clams are fresh! Still prefer the one I had in Ocean Batu Maung. Unforgettable! 

Baked Red Snapper in Claypot (生煲红枣魚) @ RM 66.50 ~ Snapper is solidly fresh! Baked to perfection and the gravy is just as nice! 

Stir-fry Emperor Noodle (炒皇帝面) @ RM 20.00 ~ This was a bummer! Dry and tasted bland overall! Generous with the prawns though! 

Sweet & Sour Crab (辣子肉蟹) @ RM 55.00 ~ Meat crab is used to prepare this dish. The thick sweet & sour sauce complimented the crab pretty nicely. Addictive and went well with the buns! 

Signature Black Pepper Crab (美式黑胡椒仁蟹) @ RM 40.00 ~ Spice up your tongue with this hot & peppery signature dish! Crabs are fresh but roes are minimal due to its size. Be prepared to have the fiery hot taste lingering in your taste bud after having a good time cracking and savoring them! Recommended! 

Young and enterprising owner cum chef Mr. Tan preparing Jaime’s cake together with Tai, our good friend cum local tour guide!

The gang were delighted to have their picture taken with this charming “auntie killer” Taiwanese celebrity chef Chen Hong aka Ah Hung (陳鴻). All Smiles!! 🙂

Locally breed rock oysters. Didn’t know we have oysters cultivated here. Apparently, it’s cultivated in Taiping. The shells are so much bigger compared to the imported ones. Price is dearer too! Too bad I had no room left for a dozen or two! I loved them! Next visit I promise I’ll slurp them up!

This simple birthday bash for Jamie came to only RM 301.50 with Chinese tea and rice thrown in. Don’t think we can find this kinda pricing back in KL, especially with a crowd of 9a/3c!! Let’a hope the “birthday girl” had a good time!

Well, if you want good & cheap seafood with a sunset dining experience, cooling sea breeze, HBS is the place! Who knows, you might be lucky to bump into Jacky Chan too!!

  • Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant (海尾海鲜)
  • 29, MK-9, Pasir Belanda
  • Teluk Kumbar
  • 119200 Penang
  • Business Hours – 1730-2300
  • Tel – 604-649 3746
  • Mobile – 013-488 1114/019-479 1114
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05°16.975  E100°13.081
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