Francis Western Food @ Poly Cafe Garden, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang

I’ve been a pretty regular visitor to Penang, but honestly, this is my very very 1st time having western food on this lovely island. I prefer roaming around tasting hawker fare instead but since my nephew has been “insisting’ that I try out Francis Western Food, I relented. Western food in Penang… hmmm….

Francis Western Food operates in this coffee shop by the name of Poly Cafe Garden which is located along the main road of Pulau Tikus. Food is cooked at the entrance of the shop and most diners will walk their way up the 1st floor to enjoy their bits. Clean compared to ground floor.

Toasted Garlic Bread @ RM 3.00 ~ Cheap eh? Dream on people! You’ll only get 3 pcs for the price. What you see comes with the following 3 bowls of pumpkin soups! Crispy and garlic spread is generous.

Pumpkin Soup @ RM 4.50 ~ Rather sweet and a bit too starchy for me. Should give a little more for that price!

Mashed Potato @ RM 4.50 ~ Presentation-OUT! Not buttery enough and a little expensive for this small serving.

Baked Fish In Black Pepper Sauce @ RM 12.50 ~ Nick ordered this and I sampled a bit. The texture of the fish is too soft and the sauce just can’t get along with it! IMO, fish is never a wise choice to order from western food stalls.

Deep Fried Chicken Chop @ RM 8.00 ~ Ordered this for E and it turned out pretty good. Chicken is perfectly deep fried and laced with Francis’s homemade mushroom sauce.

Baked Chicken with BBQ Sauce @ RM 12.50 ~ This is for T. She did not like the accompanying sauce which was sourish mainly due to the tomato slices I bet. A little too filing for her! She took ½ of the serving and the rest ended up in my belly again!

Strands of ham found inside the Baked Chicken in BBQ sauce. No wonder so bloody fillling! Well worth the price though!

Baked Fish with Mango Sauce @ RM 17.00 ~ This was today’s special which Jamie & Tai shared. Again, I taxed a little so that I may tell you guys how it tasted! Guinea pig me! Some might like it but definitely not for me coz the mango sauce tasted funny on the fish. J&T seemed to enjoy every bit of it and have the plate cleaned!  

Baked Chicken Wrapped with Bacon @ RM 17.00 ~ Lyonn had this and I found it a tad salty. Chicken was tender and juicy though.

Deep Fried Pork Cordon Bleu @ RM 13.50 ~ Mine came at last! The name kinda indulged me to go for it!

Rich and creamy sauce oozes out the minute I layed my knife on it. 

Slices of bacons & tomatoes tucked neatly in the chicken.

And yes, this piece of deep fried banana and another piece of deep fried peach came with my chick Cordon Bleu. Boy I can barely stand up after eating this and sampling the rest!

Chef’s Pasta @ RM 13.00 ~ Another special of the day. Macaroni and shredded cheese in black pepper dressing.

This is Francis Cheah, the man behind all the above food I’ve mentioned. Used to work in a 5-star hotel in Singapore before moving back to Penang. He’s a St. John’s Institution boy too! Nice and chatty guy!

Everything in inclusive of drinks came to RM 122.oo which I consider very reasonable. Portion served is generous except the soup and the mashed potato. Honestly, I expected more since I heard so much praises of this place but one thing I must agree is that the preparation of the sauces were slightly different from what you may get at the normal western food stalls. A little creative I must say. Well, maybe I still prefer the local favorites compared to western food where I can easily find back in KL. Nevertheless, a an enjoyable meal with no regrets! 

  • Francis Western Food          
  • c/o Poly Garden Cafe
  • 306K Jalan Burmah
  • Pulau Tikus
  • 10350 Penang      
  • Mobile – 012-493 0554 (Francis Cheah)  
  • Business Hours – 1700-2200
  • Closed – Mondays    
  • GPS Coordinate
  • N05°25.952  E100°18.640                                                                                                                                                                            


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2 Responses to Francis Western Food @ Poly Cafe Garden, Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang

  1. Not A Chef says:

    im sorry but i cant help but mention that the Deep Fried Pork Cordon Bleu doesnt mean that its cooked with the cognac of the same name but is rather the style of which the meat is prepared in….with cheese, wrapped in bacon or ham and then coated or sumthing like that.

    • Sumptuous® says:

      @ Not A Chef ~ Thx for highlighting but I’m aware it’s only a term used. Juz pulling my readers’ legs! Well, in order to avoid any further confucion, I’ve edited that line. 😉

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