Beef Noodle @ Eam Huat Cafe (牛肉果条/炎发茶室)

I stumbled upon this beef noodle coffee shop by chance during my previous visit to Penang after having lunch at Weld Quay Restaurant which is just around the corner. As I was walking pass, the aromatic soup stimulated my smelling sense. I was drawn into the shop and was greeted by an old man mending the stall. He asked if I wanted to order and I told him I just had lunch and told him I’ll be back with my gang for a bowl the next day. I was a little bold to ask him for a spoon of his flavorful soup. He happily scooped some to a little bowl and passed it to me. The soup was great and so tempting that I have half my mind ordering a bowl and stuff it into my already bloated tummy. Well, the greedy idea very quickly got off my mind. 

EHC is very clean and tidy but the foul smell from the nearby drain is so annoying. I did notify them about it and they promised they’ll do something about it. That was during my 1st visit. Today during my 2nd visit the smell wasn’t that strong anymore and that makes my lunch more pleasant.

The stall where all the good stuffs are prepared.

EHC sells every part that is edible from a cow. They even have the cow’s “dicky” on the menu. Interesting! Besides noodles, they have rice to go with the beef’s too.

This is Mr. Kang Chew Eam, the founder of this famous beef noodle stall. He has been in the business for more that 40 years. He used to operate at a nearby stall before moving into this premise. Apparently his son, grandson and even his granddaughter is in the same trade. They are operating at Sri Weld Food Court along Lebuh Pantai and 2828 Lucky Strike Restaurant along Jalan Perak respectively but they don’t sell all the parts from the cow like EHC does.

An aromatic bowl of beef noodle is being prepared. Guess this bowl if for E.

Specially made sauce that goes really well with the beef’s.

Beef Koay Teow in Herbal Soup (十全大補牛肉果条) @ RM 8.00 ~ I personally prefer this version to the clear broth version. Flat rice noodle is silky with juicy, springy beef balls and tender cooked to perfection beef slices made this bowl so enjoyable to eat. I had additional pork lards too! If you like bak kut teh, you’ll like this! 

Beef Koay Teow Soup (牛肉果条) @ RM 6.00 ~ Wifey, T & E had a bowl each. Everything the same as mine except the broth. This version of the broth is just as flavorful. 

Beef Brisket Koay Teow Soup (牛腩果条) @ RM 6.00 ~ Cat had this and she told me she had better ones back in KL.

A lovely lunch which cost a little but satisfy many. Beef lovers do check this place out before old Kang calls it a day! To come here, look out for Victoria Inn just behind Beach street, where the 1st Ghee Hiang outlet is. There’s a lane before VI and this coffee shop is just down the lane.

  • Beef Noodle (牛肉果条) @ Eam Huat Cafe  (炎发茶室)
  • No. 19, Lebuh Pantai
  • 10300 Penang
  • Mobile – 016-421 4435
  • Business Hours – 0930-1730 (even on Public Holidays)
  • Closed – Sundays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05°24.883  E100°20.499
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