Restaurant 88 (风味饭店) @ Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

After allowing Guenther and Inge, our friends from abroad a lengthy rest in their hotel room, we are ready to bring them out for dinner and enjoy some nice and delicious food. We chose Restaurant 88 (风味饭店), a place where we’ve dine before, a place which is clean and presentable at least coz many non air-condition restaurants out there are dirty, especially their tables and those once blue, now grey color plastic chairs might just scare our friends off! 

Marmite Spare Ribs (妈蜜排骨) @ RM 20.00 ~ They loved it and so were we. Meat was succulent and the coating of Marmite and honey is fantastic. They didn’t know that Marmite can be used this way. They were amazed! 

Claypot Stew Lamb Brisket (煲仔羊腩) @ RM 22.00 ~ Lamb was cleverly stewed. Hardly any effort needed to undress the meat off its bones. The tofu skin was a little hard though. 

Steamed 3 Eggs (蒸三王蛋) @ RM 10.00 ~ A nice combo of Chicken egg, Salted egg and Century egg  produced this plate of tasty dish. Not as smooth as some I’ve tasted. So so only! 
Stir-fry Chinese cabbage with garlic (蒜米炒奶百) @ RM 12.00 ~ Crunchy with good wok hei imparted in it. 

Buddha’s Yam Ring (佛钵) @ RM 20.00 ~ The yam ring was crispy but the filling were a little bland. However, our guest enjoyed them as they’ve yet to taste others. The Buddha’ yam ring with sweet and sour pork  as filling is many times nicer! 

We had a good time catching up after this reasonable meal which costs us only RM 99.00 inclusive of rice (RM9) and a pot of Chinese tea (湘片/RM6). Our guests were definitely impressed by the different flavor they’ve tasted today and  found in Chinese cooking. Glad they had a good time!

  • Restoran 88 (风味饭店)
    No. 15, Jalan Batalong, Continental Park
    Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
    58200 Kuala Lumpur
    Mobile – 012-315 1335 (Peh Ai Lee)
    Business Hours – 1100 – 1500 / 1700-2330 (daily)
    Closed – Fortnight of Wednesdays
    GPS Coordinates
    N03°05.331  E101°40.757
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2 Responses to Restaurant 88 (风味饭店) @ Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

  1. Anonymous says:

    Expensive & the food taste is getting worst at this restaurant. Definitely not a good choice of food.

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