Penang Village @ Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre

As my old friends from Adelaide has been to KL numerous time, there’s nowhere else we can show them. Thus, we brought them to the last day of the Putrajaya Flower Festival, something which would surely peek their interest. Arriving at noon, the place was already packed and parking spots was scarce. It was a headache looking for one but we still managed to find one after many, many circles! 

Sweats dripping, throats thirsting, tummies rumbling and tired feet needed a rest after spending awhile under the hot sun admiring flowers, we adjourned to Alamanda since it’s the nearest point from where we were. As there were not many choices of restaurants, we decided on Penang Village, a safer bet for the kids and my Aussie friends.

Only a few tables were occupied during our visit to this clean and comfy restaurant. Be warned that you have to walk a fair bit to the toilet as there’s none in the outlet.

Penang Fish ball Soup @ RM 10.90 ~ This is for T. Chicken soup served with stuffed chiken fish balls, seaweed and glass noodle. Everything tasted a little bland. 

Penang Curry Mee @ RM 9.90 ~ I had this and the soup was thick with strong aroma of coconut milk. Yellow mee & beehoon served  with chicken fillet, prawns, cockles & & bean curd puffs. Gunther seemed to enjoy it but I found it to be mediocre only. Honestly, Penang style was never like this. Looked more nyonya instead! 

Belacan Fried Rice @ RM 14.90 ~ Shrimp paste fried rice served with kerabu mango, shrimp paste chicken & fish cracker. Nice rice texture but lacked of wok hei. Guess you won’t find any of it from outlets like this. Chicken is crispy and flavorful. I liked the kerabu though. 

This mediocre lunch costs us RM 43.55 inclusive of a bottle of Eau Claire mineral water (RM 3.90) and a 10% service charge. (RM 3.96) To be honest, if it’s not for convenient sake, I would not have consider dining here as the food served is nowhere near the actual  ones you may get on the streets of Penang. Admittedly, the staffs were very helpful, accommodating and friendly as they allowed wifey’s takeout from Burger King for E & Inge.  Kudos to them! 

  • Penang Village 
  • Lot G89, Ground floor
  • Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre
  • Jalan Alamanda
  • Precint 1
  • 62000 Putrajaya
  • Tel – 603-8888 4268
  • Business Hours – 1000-2200
  • email –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N02′ 56.379  E101′ 42.697
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