Tea Memory Restaurant (茶之风味(冷气)海鲜饭店) @ Jalan Klang Lama (Ceased Operation)

I’ve been driving past this restaurant many times and wonder what it sells?? The name suggested a tea house (茶馆) but I do see promotion banners with pictures of food hanging in front of the place.  Well, tea or food?  The best way is to find out is to pay a visit and kill our curiosity once and for all! 

This restaurant is located directly across Restaurant Talipon in Jalan Klang Lama. Parking is not an issue but can be crowded during dinner hours.

No frills, clean and air-conditioned outlet with a private room for 1-2 tables. 

Soy Sauce Steamed Red Snapper  @ (清蒸紅棗魚) RM 25.00 ~ Boy, this fish is freaking UGLY don’t you think??!!, but tastes pretty sweet and fresh. Hope they’ll do something with the presentation! 

Stir-fry Kangkong in Claypot (煲仔蕹菜) @ RM 8.00 ~ Highly recommended by the captain but tastes really mediocre. 

Sweet & Sour Pork (咕噜肉) @ RM 15.00 ~ Meat nicely battered and deep-fried. Flour is thin and the meat was rather small in size. Tasty enough. A 7/10!

Mini Wok Bean curd (煲仔豆腐) @ RM 10.00 ~ Pretty standard at most restaurants. Can’t go any wrong unless the chef is damn lousy! More for my kids and they always like it!  

Dinner at this “tea house” cost only RM 66.50 with 3b plain rice (RM 4.50), 1s plain rice (RM 1.00) and 1 pot of Xiang Pien Chinese tea for 2 (RM 3.00). Reasonable I must say. Service is attentive and friendly. Will come back to try the Nyonya Styled steamed fish which is highly recommended by the lady boss! 

  • Tea Memory Restaurant (茶之风味(冷气)海鲜饭店)
  • No. 23, Kuchai Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-7982 2872
  • Mobile – 016-225 9816 (Chef Alan Chua)
  • Business Hours – 1100-1400/1700-2200
  • Closed – Alt Wednesday
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 05.449  E101′ 40.904

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