Yee Sang Fatt Seafood Restaurant (易生发海鮮飯店) @ Jalan Gajah, Pudu

Cat was hosting Tai and Jamie, our dear friends from Penang and we decided to treat them to dinner at Yee Sang Fatt which she visited once and claimed that their food is good. I called Ah Fatt (the boss) to make a reservation for 12 pax. As I was late for 10 mins, Ah Fatt called to confirm if I was coming, otherwise he’ll have to release the table to other waiting customers! Business is tat good here! 

This was only 7pm and we were lucky to have pre-booked earlier, otherwise we’ll have to queue for a table! Forever packed! 

Signature Deep Fried Beancurd (招牌油炸豆腐) @ RM 12.00 ~ Deep fried beancurd with stuffed minced fish paste. A great appetizer. 

Clams in Superior Broth (招牌上汤啦啦@ RM 25.00 ~ Another signature dish which is a must order when you patron this place. Clams are fresh and not overly cooked. Not muddy and almost all have the flesh attached. Spicy broth laden with Chinese wine and excessive usage of bird’s eye chillies and shredded ginger compliments the dish well.

Deep Fried Brinjal (油炸茄子) @ RM 15.00 ~ Brinjals deep fried with dried shrimps and sprinkled with scallions. Crispy, tasty and good.
Sambal Sotong @ (sambal 鲜鱿) @ RM 40.00 ~ Spicy and crunchy squids came with a few tiny little prawns, ocra and long beans. Tasty but way overpriced for the measly serving! 
Signature Steamed Fish Head (招牌清蒸松魚頭) @ RM 28.00 ~ Soong fish (松魚頭)
head is used and steamed in superior soy sauce sprinkled with deep fried garlic and scallions. Fresh and delightful! 
Marmite Spare Ribs (妈蜜排骨) @ RM 20.00 ~ The aroma of Marmite was evident and it caramelized every inch of the spare ribs. Meat is juicy and succulent. Slightly different from the ones I normally had coz they use bird’s eye chilies with it. A little spicy for kids. 
Buddha Yam Ring @ (佛钵) RM 25.00 ~ The color of the yam ring was somewhat different from the ones we normally had. Looks crispy but not really. The cashew nuts were nowhere in sight! Definitely tasted much better ones. Won’t recommend! 
The bill came to RM 183.80 inclusive of 10 plain white rice (RM 1.20/each) and a pot of Liu Bao Chinese tea (RM 8.00/8 pax). This was supposed to be a very enjoyable dinner but was marred by the presence of honey bees! Poor E got stung on the finger and so did Tai & Cat! The adults were more resilient to pain but it was too much for E to bear. We have to spend another RM 75.00 on medication in Pantai Medical Centre just to make sure the wound doesn’t swell and keep the fever at bay! Such a spoiler but nevertheless, the food is good and the price is quite reasonable. Definitely worth coming back and hopefully the bees found themselves a new dwelling place by then! 

  • Yee Sang Fatt  Seafood Restaurant (易生发海鮮飯店)
  • No. 30, Jalan Gajah
  • 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 6012-268 5638 (Ah Fatt) / 6012-371 8187 (Ah Foong)
  • Business Hours – 1730-2345
  • Closed – Every Tuesday fortnight
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03°13.240  E101°71.718
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