Chuan Kee Hakka Restaurant (泉記客家釀豆腐) @ Pudu Ulu, Cheras

Chuan Kee (泉記) is one of the few familiar household name amongst the Hakka’s, especially those who reside in Cheras or near Pudu Ulu. This restaurant has been around since way back in the 80′s. During those days when my late FIL was around, we used to frequent this restaurant as he loved the food here very much. It’s been more than 4 years since I last visited this place and tonight MIL suggested we dine here. Well, maybe she wants to reminisce those good ol’ days… Anyway, we got here before the crowd, hence getting a table is no issue. We were shown to our table at the back section of the restaurant which is fully air-conditioned and our order was taken promptly by the courteous owner.

Claypot Stew Lamb Brisket (羊腩煲)@ RM 18.00 ~ The strong aroma filled the air before this delicious pot of stew was placed on our table. Without much delay, we sank our teeth and savour the tender lamb that’s cooked to perfection and we finished every last drop of the gravy in no time! One word to describe this dish..Superb!!

Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish (咸鱼花腩煲) @ RM 14.00 (small) ~ Again, the aroma of the salted fish filled the air even before this pot of salivating dish touches on our shore. We can’t hold on to out lust on the juicy and succulent lean meat with accompanying fats and swept the claypot clean in a blink of eye! It was that good! 
 Braised Pork Belly with Yam (芋头扣肉)@ RM 14.00 ~ Another Hakka specialty which is supposed to be good but turned out to be a huge disappointment! Pork slices were tough thus made it less enjoyable! Yam wasn’t bad though.
 Steamed Tilapia (清蒸金鳳魚) @ RM 30.00 ~ I had a problem figuring out the position of  its head when this ginger-laden fish was presented on our table. This poor fish looked like it’s been badly bashed up! Undeniably fresh but the set back was it wasn’t served with the usual burner tray thus making it less hot and the presentation certainly did not impress me! Look counts, don’t they?? 
Stir Fry Romaine Lettuce  (清炒油麦) @ RM 10.00 ~ Crunchy is the word! 

Steamed Egg Custard (蒸三黃蛋) @ RM 10.00 ~ A clever combination of 3 different kind of eggs, namely, chicken egg, salted egg and century egg. Silky smooth and the soy sauce with a dash of sesame seed oil and pepper perfected it! 

Yong Tau Foo @ (客家酿豆腐) RM 15.00 (15pcs) ~ What makes the YTF’s here special from others is that it’s stuffed not only with fish paste but also with minced salted fish and some blended toasted squid. I personally like the crispy deep fried stuff! 

This delicious meal for 10 pax came out to … well you wouldn’t believe it.. only a RM 130!! (10 plain white rice @ RM 7.00 & a pot of King of Tea (茶王) @ RM 12.00) What else can we ask for..? Apart from the braised pork with yam and the bruised fish, every other dish was commendable and this place definitely warrants a return! Come early, especially during weekends and lunches to avoid the heavy crowd and  for a  RM 2.00 fee you can have your car parked safely at an open parking ground further down the road. 

  • Chuan Kee Hakka Restaurant  (泉記客家釀豆腐)
  • No. 14, Jalan Pudu Ulu
  • Batu 3, Cheras
  • 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-9284 4530
  • Business Hours – 1130-1500/1800-2130 (daily)
  • Closed – Every Fri & Sat on the third week of the month and Kuan Yin festivals.
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N03′ 07.199  E101′ 43.825
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