Bone & Pot (有骨气) Steamboat Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

I have been wanting to visit this outlet with a catchy name (有骨气/Yau Guat Hei in Chinese) ever since I saw its banner promoting “soupless steamboat”.. “dry steamboat”.. 1st in Malaysia… really?? Soupless, Dry and 1st of its kind?? Where would the steam come from when it’s soupless and dry, we wonder?? Maybe they should call it ”steamless boat” instead?? Anyway, our curiousity got the better of us, so, me and wifey decided to check out the offer see what’s the hoo-haa all about!

A view from outside the restaurant. See the advertisement on the banner?? Chilli party summore!

Simple and clean sums up the interior. The yellow lighting makes it cozy. Gadgets used were those of the typical steamboat outlets. I saw gas cylinders parked under the tables!

Now you know what I meant by typical? still using gas burner?? Arrghh… Where are those built-in induction cookers? Not only one may adjust the temperature of the boiling soup individually, it’s also more hygienic to have your own pot of soup, don’t you think?

Menu is vast with quite a number of selections to pick and choose from. Broth itself came in 5-6 different flavours.

Sauces at your disposal. Fried garlic,belacan chilli, more belacan, belacan with dried shrimps and lastly a jar of mustard too. I would normally opt for the belacan with dried shrimps but the dried shrimps here were not blended properly therefore it kinda hurt your gums when you chew on it. It’s hard! Told the manager and he assured us he’ll look into it and have them improved!

Deep Fried Yee Mee @ RM 2.00 ~ Ordered this out of the “steamboat” tradition sake. You’d normally have this or the mee hoon, wouldn’t you?

Fresh Beef Slices @ RM 14.90 ~ This is a must for all of our steamboat excursions. Simply dip it into the boiling broth for a swift moment and eat it right away. Amazing! Not many places serve this though! 

Fresh Lamb Slices @ RM 14.90 ~ Comparatively, this was better than the beef slices. The marble pattern says it all! Cooking procedure as above! Undercook is the best! Again, this is not available at most steamboat outlets as not many of our coutrymen enjoy it! 

Fish Ball @ RM 4.50 ~ Nothing extraordinary. Uncle Lim’s anytime better! 

3 Assorted Handmade Meat Balls @ RM 12.90 ~ Namely pork, prawn and squid ball. The pork ball was great and so was the prawn. The squid lacks a little flavor though. 

Siew Mai with Sotong & Fish Egg @ RM 8.90 ~ Looks good don’t they?? Tasted crap ok! The skin was so sticky and the sotong was way too gluey after we took them for a dips in our hot broth! Can give it a miss! 

Fresh Tong Hou(garland chrysanthemum) @ RM 5.50 ~ Nice and not easily available in our markets as mostly taken by restaurants. A little pricey for its small portion though.

Signature Pork Bone Broth (½ portion) & Pepper Pork Broth (½ portion) @ RM 13.00 ~ The combo soup base we had for the night. It was good till the last drop.

Signature Pork Bone Broth @ RM 12.00 ~ Lived up to its signature claim as this was really good. Big piece of pork bone and long hours of preparation thus made the broth sweet, milky and naturally rich with the pork bone flavor. MSG level is low too! 

Pepper Pork Broth @ RM 10.00 ~ Another option we went for. “Super” pepperish and portion of pig stomach is minimal. Great if you can take the heat! 

Chinese Jasmine Tea @ RM 1.50/pax I certainly need this, especially after every Chinese meal! This pot is meant for 2 and the charges are reasonable! 

For RM 82.60 (inclusive of 5% svc tax), you may get more value if you opt for the set meals. (RM19.80/pax) or (RM13.80/pax) after 2130. Will come back for sure, to check out the “soupless steamboat” (RM 9.90) which we were supposed to but they only serve them during lunch hours (1200-1500). Overall “steaming” experience wasn’t that bad but the price is on the high side. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to enjoy a good pot of hot steamboat, especially during those rainy nights like tonight!

  • Bone & Pot (有骨气) Steamboat Restaurant
  • No. 41, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7
  • Off, Jalan Kuchai Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-7981 1006
  • Business Hour – 1700-0100 (Daily/Public Holidays)
  •                              1200-1500 (Chilli party session)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 05.344  E101′ 41.195
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