Sushi Village @ Taman Cheras

I was invited to lunch by Cat to this newly opened sushi restaurant in Taman Yulek, Cheras. She claimed that the sushi’s here are fresh and the price is pretty reasonable. 

Sushi Village is run by a few partners who were previously from HSL, the electrical appliances shop. One of them learnt this trade in Japan after quitting HSL and voila, this sushi joint was born! 

Menu offers the usual selection of sushi and sashimi but more items will be added later.

I wonder if those are the name of Sushi Village in Japanese..??? 誰??

Sake Nigiri (salmon sushi) @ RM 5.80 ~ Salmon looked a bit dry and it tasted just like how it looked! Not something I was expecting. Even E can tell it tasted different from usual! A 4/10!

Sake Sashimi @ RM 9.90 ~ Same ol’ salmon used. Sweetness suggests its freshness but just a little too dry and not moist enough. Should have tried the maguro sashimi instead! A 4/10!

Ebiten Ebikko Maki (prawn tempura roll) @ RM 8.90 ~ This was good and it’s on a”BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” promo!! An 8/10!
  Ebikko Gunkan (flying fish roe sushi) @ RM 3.50 ~ Common stuff. How bad can it be? A 7/10!

Chuka Kurage Gunkan (seasoned jellyfish sushi) @ RM 3.50 ~ 1st time trying this. Tasted bland to me but jellyfish is crunchy! Once is enough! A 4/10!

Kappa Maki @ RM 2.90 ~ Cucumber roll for mom. Nothing special but she likes it. What can I say??! A 5/10!

Gyuu Don @ RM 12.90 ~This was good! Beef was juicy and tender, not overly done. Portion is generous too! No regrets! A 9/10!

Chicken Terriyaki Don @ RM 9.90 ~ This was for E. A safer bet compared to beef, just in case it turned out rubbery! Mistake! Tasted absolutely normal. Guess chicken is never their forte! A 5/10! 

Una Don @ RM 19.90 ~ This was for T and it’s definitely way overpriced! Most other sushi outlets charge the same but offer more with stuffs like cawamushi, miso soup and a even bottle of Yakult thrown in!!  An 8/10 for its taste!


Neat, simple and comfy setup. Staffs are courteous too!

This Japanese lunch came out to RM 109.30 inclusive of a 5% service charge and 6 green tea (RM 9.00). A total of 10% discount was given when Cat presented a voucher which she obtained during the last visit. Reasonably priced overall except for the Una Don. Wouldn’t mind coming back again to sample others with wifey and hopefully I can get some better salmon sashimi the next time! Till then..Ganbatte!

  • Sushi Village
  • No.12, Jalan Lobak
  • Taman Cheras
  • 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 017-911 1931 (Peter Lee)
  • Business Hour – 1200-2130 (daily)
  • E-mail –
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 06.089  E101′ 44.497
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