Mei Mei Fish Head Noodle & Pan Mee Stall @ Bandar Seri Petaling (Relocated to Jalan Lazat 1, Happy Garden)

Pan Mee (flat flour noodle) can be found anywhere nowadays with some operating in proper premises, some very popular but with “seriously” bad attitudes and even some just by sidewalks. I would say that some stalls at the roadside prepares better pan mee’s, just like this particular one that we discovered operating even during the Chinese New Year festival where mostly all eateries were closed.

roadside stall but rather clean. It was packed with pan mee/fish head noodle lovers when we got there. This picture was taken when everyone left but this “empty” situation only lasted for less than 5 minutes. It was packed again right after that!

Pan Mee @ RM 4.30 ~ We only manage to order the remaining last 3 bowls as it was all sold out. FYI, it was only 1030! Dough was hand kneaded and torn into smaller pieces thus made it smooth. Soup base was sweet and full of flavour with mook yee (Chinese blackwood fungus/earwood), sliced mushroom and choy sum (Chinese cabbage) instead of the normal shue jai choy (potato leaves). I prefer my anchovies to be served separately instead of being soaked into the soup. I shall notify them in my next visit. 

Fish Head Mee Hoon @ RM 6.50 ~ Served with mee hoon, fish head is deep fried, fresh and garnished with scallion. The soup was “extremely” salty and the “overly” usage of xiao hing wine filled the air! Got a little tipsy after downing the soup! ;( It was way much better during the previous visit coz we were early then. Guess the soup gets saltier when it’s at the “running out stage”! 

I must say that the cooking standard dropped today (fish head mee hoon) but the pan mee remained as tasty. As usual, the usage of MSG is minimal or close to none as I did not feel any thirst afterwards. Worth trying if you are around the vicinity! 

  • Mei Mei Fish Head Noodle & Pan Mee
  • Jalan Radin Anum (In front of Maybank/opposite Shell petrol kiosk)
  • Business Hours – 0730-1030 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 04.185 E101′ 41.423
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