Master Choo Kitchen (朱師父香港點心茶餐廳) @ 1st Avenue, Penang

Wifey was eager to check out this new shopping mall after we drove past it a day earlier while we were scouting for good food in town. 1st Avenue is pretty new judging by only a handful of tenants operating there. After walking around in an almost vacant mall, the kids were hungry and as we were glancing through the mall’s directory, Master Choo Kitchen caught our eye.

The outlet has a mixture of oriental and western settings which looked a little odd to me. Stalls with bankett seats are a little too tight for comfort and the green  sofa sets are definitely not suitable for dining purpose. IMO, they are good for sitting back while enjoying a cuppa.

Since Two & Lily is joining us, we chose the VIP area which is the only place in the outlet that can accommodate the six of us. 

Must say that the menu is pretty extensive. All items looked good so it took us awhile to make up our mind.

Presentable utensils used.

Pork Chicken Rice @ RM 8.30 (Item 816) ~ This was for E. Something different for a change I thought. Chicken and pork mixture. Texture of the meat is succulent and the taste was quite good except being  a little salty. The rice was pretty soggy too!

Tom Yam Vegetable Toufu Noodle @ RM 6.90 (Item 808) ~ Lily went for this as she’s a vegetarian. I tasted the soup and found it a little too sweet for my liking and definitely lack of the fiery and sourish tom yam ummph! She likes it though. 

Hong Kong Milk Tea @ RM 3.30 (Item 902) ~ This is for Lily too. She said it was alright but nothing great after I sipped a little. 

Dai You Bin Fish Noodle @ RM 6.50 (Item 506) ~ Two’s choice. The fish cake is nicely fried, sweet and good. No idea what kinda fish this is though. Anyone of you heard of this “dai you bin” fish or is it the name of a fish in the 1st place?? The texture of the fried yee mee is crispy and soaked in the tasty prepared gravy. Well executed!

Braised Chicken Drumstick with Shanghainese Noodle @ RM 8.90 (Item 502) ~ T’s tasty looking bowl of noodle. Noodle is thick and the braised chicken drumstick garnished with fried onions and scallion blends in just well . Broth is good too!

Shanghai Soup Dumpling (上海小隴寶) @ RM 5.30 (Item 113) ~ Skin was thick and the whole thing was bland! Stay away!

Master Choo’s “Siew Mai” (燒賣) @ RM 3.00 (Item 101) ~ Tasted ok but certainly the smallest 燒賣 I’ve ever came across. Super pathetic! 

Crispy Egg Tart @ RM 3.20 (Item 001) ~ Credit to this. It was good! Crispy crust and smooth fillings which is not overly sweet nor oily. 

Totaled @ RM 51.05 with a 5% service charge (RM 4.64). Two’s treat! Reasonably priced and the food is pretty good too. Won’t mind coming back if we are shopping in 1st Avenue again.

  • 1st Master Choo Kitchen (朱師父香港點心茶餐廳) 
  • Lot 3-12, 1st Avenue
  • 182 Jalan Magazine
  • 10300 Penang
  • Tel – 604-2616 826
  • Business Hours – 1000-2200 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
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  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Nikel Khor says:
    August 14, 2011 at 23:39
    LIKE this and your pics!

    Sumptuous® says:
    August 16, 2011 at 08:53
    Thx Nikel!

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