Maa Roy Thai @ Abu Siti Lane, Penang

We kept asking ourselves whether we are visiting Penang or some other states in the country this time around coz we should be savoring all the delicious street food which they are famous for, but instead, we kept walking into restaurants, something most local won’t do. Today, we again decided to walk into another restaurant which specializes in authentic Thai cuisine.

Maa Roy Thai operates in and old shop located in the Abu Siti Lane. Parking is scarce especially during the busy lunch hours, but we were lucky enough to get one right in front of the establishment which is reserved solely for their customers. 

Very dated deco but is clean and comfortable. Terrazzo flooring and “money can’t buy no more” 4 inches walls tiles are still being kept to tip top condition at this restaurant.

Miang Kham @ RM 10.00 ~ This is the very first time I try this appetizer. Roasted peanuts, dried shrimps, shallots, lemongrass,  ginger, roasted coconut and the fiery hot chili padi to be eaten with the betel leave wrapped in cone form and tamarind sauce with sesame seeds as dipping. Additional plate of cucumber and the aromatic sambal belacan dipping is part of this order. Different and a “classic” starter! An 8/10!

Lemongrass  Juice @ RM 2.50 ~ Serioulsy lacked of lemongrass taste. Could have been better since this is a common drink in most Thai restaurants. A 2/10!

Stri-fry Kai Lan with Salted Fish @ RM 8.00 ~ Crunchy Kai Lan and the aromatic salted fish perfectly stir-fried to everyone’s liking! Yummy! A 9/10!

Tom Yam Seafood (clear) @ RM 12.00 ~ The sourish soup with good amount of lime juice used and it’s fresh seafood makes it irresistible! Very good! A 10/10!

Tom Yam Seafood (red) @ RM 12.00 ~ The soup is  a little thick. With the usage of coconut milk makes it less sourish as well. We all agreed that the clear version is better! Maybe we all like it sourish and hot! Nevertheless, this is considered good! An 8/10!

Pandan Chicken @ RM 10.50 (4 pcs) ~ Very well marinated and perfectly deep fried. The chicken is juicy and not too oily. Reasonably priced! Good! An 8/10!

Thai Otak Otak in Coconut @ RM 22.00 ~ Seafood Otak-Otak in coconut features fresh fish, prawn & crab meat all cooked together with thai chili paste and coconut milk. Nice! An 8/10!

Steamed Fish with Lemongrass @ RM 35.00 ~ Fresh white siakap (barramundi) steamed in rich lemongrass and lime gravy served on a device that utilizes charcoal to heat and bring out the flavor of all the ingredients. Meat was sweet and the soup base was absolutely wonderful! A 10/10!

Additional lemongrass soup just in case you don’t have enough! Very sour but nice!

Tub Tim Krob @ RM 3.90 ~ Well, a must have after a heavy Thai meal. Sweet and refreshing! An 8/10!

A very satisfying meal for just only RM 140.40. Absolutely delicious and reasonable dining experience. There were just less than 3 tables throughout the entire nite. Hopefully their business can sustain to wait for my return. Will come back for more!

  • Maa Roy Thai Restaurant
  • No. 6A, Abu Siti Lane
  • Georgetown, 10400
  • Penang.
  • Tel – 604-227 6816
  • Mobile – 6016-406 7809
  • Business Hours – 1130-1500/1800-2200 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 25.209 E100′ 19.503
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