The Forum Chinese Cuisine (富临阁) @ Island Plaza, Penang

Whenever we visit Penang, Tai & Jamie never fail to bring us around for good food. They are so hospitable and such nice people. We are thankful to have friends like them.

Today, Tai insisted to buy us lunch and he suggested somewhere out-of-town as there’s no water supply in major part of town from 0700-1900 due to Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) conducting major waterworks project at its main water treatment plant. 

We came to this restaurant which is in Island Plaza, a once popular mall which I have not patron for at least the last 5 years! Things changed. Most of the tenants left and even the cineplex is gone! Well, let’s hope the food is good at this surviving restaurant.

According to Tai, this restaurant use to have a few partners whom are  Hongkies and Malaysians and was famous for being notoriously expensive! Due to that, business suffered and the partners went separate ways. The new management revamped their menu together with its pricing to be more competitive and to attract more customers in order to stay in business.

BBQ Pork Bun (叉烧包) @ RM 4.80 (3pcs) ~ Good! Fluffy bun and tasty fillings! Had 2 baskets! A 9/10!

Pork Dumpling (烧卖) @ RM 5.80 ~ This was just as good! Worth the price! A 9/10!

Mini Egg Tart (蛋挞) @ RM 4.80 ~ Small as it may seem but I’ve always like egg tarts this size. Crust is crispy and filling was smooth and nice!  A 9/10!

Shrimp Rice Roll (蝦肠粉) @ RM 4.80 ~ Skin is smooth and the prawns are crunchy! Good! An 8/10!

Ee-Fu Noodle (伊府面) @ RM 15.00 (small) ~ Flat noodles or better known as yi noodle (伊面) is used and braised together with button mushrooms, bean sprouts and crab meat. This dish is off the menu, so you may have to request if you like to give it a try! A 6/10!

Fried Noodle with Seafood (炒海鮮面) @ RM 12.00 ~ Honestly, I prefer this to the  Eu-Fu noodle (伊府面). The texture of the noodle so springy. Taste a little like stir-fried rice cake strips (炒粿条)too. This too is an off menu item. An 8/10!

Place is clean, comfortable setup but a little dated especially the plaster ceiling where a lots of water stains can be easily seen. Well, acceptable and this restaurant is good for family gathering in addition to organizing functions. 

This simple lunch came to RM 82.20 inclusive of a pot of Chinese tea for seven (RM 14.00) and a 10% service charge at (RM 7.47) Guess the new management did make amendments to their pricing by making it so affordable. Btw, they gave us a further 10% discount (RM 6.74) from the total bill. I have no idea why but looks like they are encouraging us to come back and visit them more often! Good work and won’t mind to drop by for some nice dim sum again in this comfy environment restaurant.  

  • The Forum Chinese Cuisine (富临阁)
  • 03-01, 3rd floor Island Plaza
  • 118, Jalan Tanjong Tokong
  • 10470 Penang.
  • Tel – 604-899 0098
  • Business Hours – 1130-1500/1830-2200 (Mon-Sats) 
  • 0930-1500/1830-2200 (Sundays & Public Holidays)
  • Website –
  • GPS Coordinates
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